Friday, April 29, 2011

Let's Get It On

My surfacing and I have this mutual habit
When we have anything to celebrate
We always do it by eating.
If it's my good news, I will treat him and vice versa

We will go to any fine restaurant
Go for nice western food because our mothers cook so well
There's no point of eating malay food outside when we get the best at home

So recently surfacing receive outstanding for his KPI again
He decided to celebrate it at Tony Roma's
I'm overjoyed because it's free food for me...

So we took a day off and went to Roma's around 11am
and had this wonderful fulfilling lunch

Appertizer - Roma's sampler
Look at the platter...
buffalo wings, keish, half onion load with salsa,
sour cream and Bleu cheeseee dressing...

The Roma's signature sauces
Original, Carolina Honeys, Blue Ridge Smokies and Red Hots
aku campur je semua sauce ni bagi umphhhh

My main course - Bountiful Beef Ribs (Roma Rack)
loaded with mashed potatoes and fresh veggies
Nampak macam kecik but seriously fulfilling
I'm having a hard time to finish off the mashed potatoes

Surfacing's main course - Filet Medallions & Beef Short Ribs
Served with potato jacket and baked beans
To be honest, I hate baked beans and will never eat it.
But Tony Roma's baked beans an exception cause it taste like chillis.
Sedap pulak.
(Shana, I don't think you will like it though..hahaha)

For drinks we just order 1 juice sebab bottomless kan
hamik kau 6x refill air...ngee

We also watched "Love & Other drugs"
Actually we wanted to watch Limitless but the review kinda sucks

Surfacing :
You know, we never watch this kind of movie together

Are u serious? Let me think when was the last time...
What about the curious case of benjamin button? That's a love story for me...

No, it's different genre. This is drama.

What about our first movie date? A knight's tale?

Not that too. Let's watch this and see what i mean.

After 2 hours

I think it's best if we just download this kind of movie lah.

Censorship murdered this film.
What a shame.
So go watch on DVD.

I guess we both agree that "Thor" in 3d at Maxx
is much more exciting and worth it.
Explaining why I already bought the ticket last monday via e-payment
so that we get the ultimate middle seat this Saturday.

Whatever it is, Thank you my dear surfacing for the treat.
I really had a great time with you.
Congrats again my dear :)
Whole lotta love.

Heath Ledger - Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You (10 things I hate about you)

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Dinner 8.35pm

Ummi tengah letak goreng pisang kat pinggan and aku ternampak sesuatu

aku: (sambil tergelak-gelak dan tunjuk baju ummi pakai)...ummi beli baju ni ke?

Ummi: ha...matno bagi aritu baju dia taknak pakai da...kain sedap ni...
selesa aku nak buat keje.

Matno tu abang ipar aku...
Ummi aku memang sangat comel lah
Even aku pun takde lagi baju camni...
aku pun cuma ada satu je t-shirt marvel
itu pun aku pakai sekali sekala je sebab sayang nak pakai

Ummi siap pakai kemeja marvel ha...wolverine lagi
Buat baju rumah je untuk masak malam-malam...
ngeee...kecewa tak?

Ummi aku memang comel.

Spin Doctors - Two Princes

Monday, April 25, 2011


My username at MIRC32 was "sicgirl".

Channel yang mesti join masa chat:
#mmu, #slipknot, #deftones, #underground #UiTM #SOAD
and lain-lain tak ingat dah

Eh, MIRC ada lagi ke orang pakai sekarang ha?


Deep Purple - Hush

Friday, April 22, 2011


I've been through a lot to find the right facial regime for my face
The first time my skin breakout was when I'm in form 3
Before that,
I never ever care to wash my face everyday at least before I sleep

So being a clueless 15-year old who freaked out about zits
I made a huge mistake by trusting the TV commercial
Instead of seeing a doctor or pharmacist,
I bought clean and clear product as easy as 1,2,3 face wash.

and the next thing I knew,
my face was covered with this horrendous bacteria called acne
and my smooth as baby butt skin became the surface of a planet called the moon

From that moment on,
I've used every skin product there are in the drugstore
Nivea, dove, Biore, clearasil bla bla bla
It's been on and off okay and getting worse
I even tried serious skin care and proactive as advertised in smart shop
Do you still remember "Rancangan ini dibayar siarannya" thingy?
until now I still don't understand why you wanna put that impression
I mean of course you pay to advertise on TV right?

Anywho, all the product just lasted the most for 6 months
and then, it's become comfortable for my skin.
So the zits back on to party like a rock star
(Oh please don't hate me Brian Posehn)

Year 2009,
my skin became very sensitive.
Not just zits, but I suffered itchiness and redness.
Something like rashes and it's beyond terrible
I can't stand it anymore so I made the first move to see dermatologist

This was how bad it gets (June 2009)

I was given a few cream- pimple cream, whole face and face wash
and I had to take antibiotic for 6 months twice a day
after 3 months, it's really showing results
My skin looked better and the pimples gone
but of course the scars still there
But I had to stop my medication because of the following reasons:

1. It's damn expensive...I spend average rm250 -300/month

2. The antibiotic caused my hands darkening, dry chapped lips and eyes a bit yellowish

3. I've read in the internet that after 6 months, you must stop taking antibiotic
to protect your liver and It scares the hell out of me because I have a medical
history concerning my liver.

So I stopped after I achieved this result.

6 months after treatment (December 2009)
The pimples and redness gone, the scars remained.

Then I tried new product such as Sendayu Tinggi
It didn't work for my skin type
I also went to this famous skin specialist for a free facial trial
My skin went crazy again after the facial treatment

Early June 2010- redness and itchy

I knew that I have to see dermatologist again
but the question is...who?
Lucky me, I found out from a blogger...
(I try to remember her name or google her blog but
I can't find it. Whoever you are, Thank you!)

She told me to go to either Ting Skin Clinic or Chang Skin Clinic
I went for Chang because Ting is so famous.
I can't event get an appointment for a consultation

At first my skin rebelled against the medication (2nd week of June 2010)

The doctor asked me to take a blood test cause I have to take this
strong medication called ROaccutance
He also gave me face wash, cleanser milk, pimple cream,
whole face cream and moisturizer
The cost was not too bad except for the ROaccutance
that cost me 90 ringgit for 10 pills!

3rd week of June 2010 - slowly healed

A few days after that, I had this feeling to Google on the RO pill
To my horror,
I found out that the pills is quite strong and it give certain
effect to the patient on long term consumption
(Individual results may vary)

So I stopped immediately.

3 months after treatment : September 2010

After I stopped taking the pills, I've started taking supplement.
According to my doctor,
the reason why I still have acne at this age is not because of hormones anymore.

It is because of my liver and blood circulation
My scarred liver from the old disease fails to handle the increase work
in my body system.
It weakening some function such as blood filtration.
So, the high amount of toxin that are not filtered properly led to breakouts.

March 2011- Still got zits but my skin is much better compared to last year

So I have to do liver cleansing and blood purifying
Not by surgery or such, but by taking the right supplement and balance diet.

I'm trying my best now to eat more veggies and take detox supplement such as
milk thistle and neem extract (bitreen).
So far it's been good and showing positive result.
I still get pimples especially during the time of the month
but at least it's not that bad.

The scars won't go away,
I probably have to do laser when I have the money.

I still use the facial regime from Chang Skin Clinic
because it's suitable for my sensitive skin and affordable.

I recently bought sunblock from Clinique
and I'm so happy because finally I have found the perfect sunblock
that didn't burn my face and cause more pimples.

I will share more info about the supplement and detox tips.
This is definitely not for you who has baby butt egg shell skin,
But it's for whoever out there who share the same experience
just like mine :)

Cheer up and keep healthy!

Holly Brook (Skylar Grey) - Like Blood Like Honey

This Year

Have you ever visit the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia?

It's located at the National Mosque area.
The first time I went was to recce the area for an event with lady boss
I really don't know about the existence of this Museum until she told me

The map to the museum

My jaw literally drop when I see the building itself; the Islamic architecture...
It is breathtakingly beautiful especially the Kufi art.
Everything at the museum is elegantly designed
The white paint, the glass structure, the inverted dome

The museum restaurant

look at the classy glass wall tiles or whatever they called it...
shine on me crazy diamond....

So my lady boss decided to treat me a birthday lunch at the restaurant museum
I'm so excited because it's a middle eastern restaurant cuisine
I really love the ambiance

I'm the happiest bride in the world if i can get the glass tiles design
at the restaurants' wall for my pelamin
Dream on je la kan

So we ordered
actually nothing much to order because it's a lunch set
Here's the menu

So you can choose 1 main course only
whether you wanna eat beef, lamb, chicken or fish.
aku yang suka lamb ni of course went for Mandi Lahm (roast lamb)

Hairine went for Samak Saiadiah...
sounds so interesting right?
It's deep fried fish in pungent sauce

and we were like what the heck is pungent sauce?
So we asked Eriko and she's having a hard time to explain it in BM
rupanya masam masam pedas manis daaa...
Sebenarnya rasa macam kari ikan pun ada...
tapi versi arab...

This is the appertizer...
bread macam kebab tu
letak condiments veggies such as tomato, capsicum
olive and pickles.

pickles dia bukan macam dalam burger tu ye...
kena gigit sikit2 sebab masam gile
I had two of this bread because it's kinda nice plus memang lapar

Shish Tawook (skewered boneless chicken)

Samak Saiadiah (Deep fried fish with pungent sauce)

When the main course arrived i was like eh sikitnya nasik
but the roast lamb was generous
the white sauce tasted like yogurt + i don't know what but it's really good

Mandi Lahm (Roast lamb)

After a while i knew why they served small portion of rice
because it's so damn fulfilling!
Maybe because we had soup and appertizer

Oh BTW the soup was tasteless...
It's this weird tasting whole grain soup...
macam gandum ayam pun ada

So overall I gave 3/5 rating for the lunch set
but 5/5 because my lady boss belanja...heheeee

Would i go again?
I will if someone treat me :)
However I do recommend if you want a quiet dining with your loved ones
and enjoy the cozy ambiance

Contact :
03-2270 5188 / 5152

my officemate: rozz, eni, hairine and big boss, Encik Razak

Before we left, we visited the museum shop
This is a must visit place if you go to the museum
Sells wide variety of Islamic craft, clothes, books, painting
you name it!

Even the fridge magnet looks so tastefully done with the kufi design
I probably will go here again to buy something for wedding hantaran

I hope it's not too late for me to say
congratulation my sweet eni benny on your pregnancy :)

Muse - New Born

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Shana shared me the link to
and I can't stop reading it!

It's really a pain reading it now because it is damn funny and I have to restrain myself
from smiling or else it will be obvious that I'm surfing the net than doing my work

This is my personal favourite: customer service

"Is there a large mammal standing on your phone right now such as
a mountain goat or cheetah?"


Disagree - Crumbs

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


aku minat gila dengan David Duchovny masa darjah 6
sampai simpan gambar dia dalam wallet.

Simon and Garfunkel - The Boxer (Live)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Common People

This photo was taken by en Sabri using his new iPad
I'm not a fan of iPad but i'm in love with this apps.

I had a dream a few days ago that i just bought an iPhone
There's this video apps that can transform you into a moving zombie
stop motion thingy
and surfacing really likes it.

Apparently there is the zombie apps on iphone.
Not moving but still the concept is there.
wow, I'm so outdated even my dream was kinda lame.

Grand Funk Railroad - Heartbreaker

Rayyan El Mustafa

Rayyan - 1 month

Remember Rayyan the premature baby?
Rayyan is my surfacing's nephew ....
sekarang sangat sihat dan padat.

Rayyan - 6 months

He's really a doll!
dengan mata bulat, badan padat, kepala botak
cute gile macam nak gigit je daging peha dia
serious bulat!

yang kelaka surfacing bagi nama gelaran "Jinak-jinak" kat dia
tak pepasal je dari nama rayyan, aku pon dah panggil "jinak" atau "jinab"
sungguh kena dengan badan padat dia tu

Si jinab ni pulak jenis yang layan je kalau orang layan dia
gomol la cemana pun dia takkan nangis
kadang-kadang dia ni macam takde emotion bila orang agah
senyap je wat muka baby doll dia
tapi sekali dia macam excited sangat abis kuar suara rugrats siap jerit lagi

I really love how surfacing bond with Rayyan
dia memang natural la dengan baby
even aku dulu masa dia baru lahir aku takut nak dukung sebab kecik sangat
especially nak pegang bahagian tengkuk dia kan
tapi surfacing selamba je

aku tunggu umur 2 bulan baru berani dukung...
memang fail la depan bakal mak mertua kan...

rayyan with nyang...moyang dia lah..
ni opah surfacing
masih kuat lagi...
umur dia maybe dah 80 kot
bersih sangat orangnya...
rindu nenek bila jumpa opah...

kadang-kadang memang aku sengaja singgah dengan muka tak malu
sebab nak main sama jinab ni...
even surfacing pun ada time tengah keluar dia cam
"eh rindu laa jinab-jinab"

us with jinab-jinab

how I wish my own son nanti will look like jinab-jinab yang cute gile ni
nak putih camni, bulat camni...boleh ka?

Elton John - Benny and The Jets

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Real Love - Fara & Taufik

The beautiful bride

Fara@ika is my best friend from primary school lagi
we've known each other from kindergarten
During secondary school, we went to school together
walked from Batu 9 to sekolah perimbun

come to think of it... it's that damn adventurous la fara
Imagine we have to climb a hill from batu 9 (back route)
to get to this taman - cross the highway - walk at this taman with so many dogs around
Finally arrived at school sweating like crazy
patutla kita takde kene ngorat kan...

but during form 4-5,
kita tumpang makcik dia - the disciplinary teacher
lega takyah jalan dah...hahahah
Those were the good old days la babe

She got married last december with the love of her life - taufik
I didn't get a chance to post pictures of the wedding...
so here we go

The Solemnization -18 december 2010

Nikah was on saturday and I thought it's in the morning
rupanya petang pukul 5
I can only stay until 6pm so tak dapat la tunggu until the akad moment
So sorry my dear

The hantaran from her nicely done by zombie purple..heheh
I feel really bad tak dapat bantu the night before

The beautiful tunang orang tunggu saat ijabkabul...

Kami yang menunggu ika siap
semua kena pakai baju pastel colour

Dah turun ke bawah nak join lelaki yang nak akad
sempat menyelit bergambor before keluar

I love the white dais! suci dalam debu gitu...
Mampukah aku DIY nanti?

gambar seterusnya ambil dari fb fara sebab aku amik dari luar semua blur...
hampeh kan

wey muka aku tak boleh blah laa...
muka macam spotted laki tengah kawin lain
"oo ini kerja ko ye... kata outstation kat saribas!"

sebenarnya aku cuba-cuba amik gambar macam papparazzi sebelum blah
tapi tak berapa clear pulak

The moment

Family photo
akak dah selamat deliver baby boy - azfar harith
(adakah nama dah official skang?)

The Reception - 19 December 2010

Reception fara the next day - Sunday
Pukul 11 dah ada kat rumah fara because i'm the pengapit on that day
Replacing Haida yang mabuk pagi sebab prego...

This is my first time as maid of honor
nervous wey sebab macam kena jalan dengan pengantin duk atas pentas kan
Hopefully i'm being helpful ye fara sebab aku blur sebenarnya nak buat apa...

everything went well and smooth
good food, great crowd
ramai kawan-kawan lama datang

walking the aisle
aku serious rasa dah senyum tapi chronic bitchface jugak keluar

masa makan beradap pengantin suruh duduk sekali
best jugak jadi pengapit kan muke ada dimana-mana...

Geng sama sekolah dekat pelamin yang white purplish sweet

yang pakai baju purple 3 orang ni la zombie purple
orang kuat fara masa wedding preparation
haida tengah pregnant skang dah 6 months kot

kitorang memang gila bergambar malah lagi over dari pengantin
sampai satu tahap taufik dah takde dalam gambar sebab kitorang take over
kata pakai sedondon harusla lebih-lebih kan

best jugak kawan-kawan pakai baju theme wedding kan
Kalau aku ada budget, maybe akan buat jugak
tapi so far masih KIV lagi
nak thematic kan baju family pun x lepas lagi ni...

Outdoor Session - 19 December 2010

Bila fara ajak pergi outdoor session lepas abis reception
kitorang suma jommmm
excited drive ke Putrajaya nak menempel sama dalam gambar

shots at Pullman Putrajaya
love the location so much
so peaceful and well-designed
masa shoot ada dalam 4 orang pengantin lain
sungguh famous ini tempat rupanya
aku je yang baru 1st time pergi

ni kat skatepark ke apa kat area lepas MOA tu
syok jugak posing ni kan bila ramai-ramai
asik nak gelak je

the white and purple zombie
dibah punya idea la ni
pengantin jadi zombie tetap ayu gitu

fara & taufik,
I really had fun at your wedding
I'm glad you had a great ceremony
wish you both all the love in the universe
take good care of yourself and the heartbeat inside your bump
tak sabar nak jumpa fara & taufik junior :)

Jet - Are you gonna be my girl