Friday, January 20, 2012

The Book of Love

I got some beautiful photos from my bestfriend, shana.
Photos captured probono by her husband, Muizz.
I'm all smiling when she shared the pics via YM
It remind me of my Nikah day
the akad moment especially

I always thought my mom was very relax compare to my father
because she's not crying at all and constantly worried kenduri food preparation
But I was wrong
Looking at the pic, she got all teary-eyed during the doa
Feels like running home now and hug my mom
I miss her

Like I said, ayah almost made me cry
I put my mind at other place to hold the tears
I'm so grateful, muizz captured this precious moment

Close up shot of exchanging rings
notice his hands look softer than mine...

Pics with my girls
oh what will I do without you babes

" I don't want to waste another moment of my life without you in it"

The Swell Season (Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova) - Fallen from the sky

Friday, January 13, 2012

The Book of Love

20 days as husband and wife.
I'm enjoying every moment with my other half.
So this is marriage.
You and me.
Good times bad times.
Sometimes I have this feeling like "wow, I'm married"
Can't believe that 1 year prep is over.

Now I cannot wait to see my wedding pictures.
Haven't got anything from my official photog yet.
But looking at photos that were captured by my brother, friends and relative
making me excited about my wedding.

These are some of the photos by ajin, shana and fiza
Can't thank them enough for capturing these moments

My humble home

The DIY Pelamin
We called it "Whiter shade of Pale"
We did this pelamin in 2 days
Our first idea was to put paper flower as background but time is running out
So we replace it with the fan shape thingy using tracing paper
Totally worth it because everything belong to us
Now the sofa at our living room :)
I will do another pelamin for my sister this coming february
and it's pink!

I don't know about zul but I'm not nervous at all
Cuma rasa sebak sangat bila masa nak nikahkan
suara ayahku sebak like he's about to cry
and kena buat lafaz sekali lagi sebab ayah cakap tersekat-sekat menahan sebak
I almost cried
I can see how my father loves me so much
This is the moment he has to let go of me
Love you so much ayah.

Husband and Wife woohoooo
Macam, really? we already married?

Our family portrait :)
Syukur sangat.

With my sister and her family
hayyman muka sedih ni beriya menangis taknak amik gambar
jadi la macam ni..ngeee

"Pet, senyum lagi pettt"
Itula reminder photographer dok bagi kat aku
Oh well me and my sour face
I think I've smile enough
Tapi masih nampak macam marghoh
Hopefully takdala muka aku masam macam kawin paksa je

Hantaran from him
Kami buat 5 balas 7
My surfacing buat sendiri with the help from his sister and aunt
I really love the Al-Quran in Mini Kaabah
and I love my ring so much
Thank you hunney bunny

Neesa Misae with hantaran from my side
I can't thank you enough Neesa, my bestfriend!
dia sleepover rumah aku the night before
and she's responsible for this lovely hantaran!
Kalau neesa and her sister takda memang tak tidur la aku malam tu buat menda ni
I don't even know I can do this pretty.
and thank u so much jay jeha for helping me with the sirih junjung
yang ada carnation and sirih tu
Masha Allah masa tengok all the decoration,
I'm so happy because this is what I wanted
Oh what will I do without you babe

My father look so handsome with baju melayu!
Me and zul personally chose the material and color
Send to tailor and dry clean
I want my parents to wear new things on my wedding day
Really glad it looks amazing on them
Cikman yang terlalu busy with the coordination sampai tak tukar baju pun
Cik Man and Cik Idah,
only Allah SWT will repay your kindness to our family
Tak berkira duit, energy
Mereka ni memang orang kuat wedding aku
Jasa terlalu besar tak terbalas oleh aku dan zul

With my lovely parents
The arch was build by Sham, anak cik man
Dia ada bengkel belakang rumah aku
How convenient kan
Talking about my parents,
the day after masa packing nak move out
Aku rasa kosong sangat especially when my father
tengok-tengok time packing
First time I cried like a child
Hugging ayah and ummi
It's really sad to leave after living here for 28 years
I'm homesick for a week and asked zul to go home almost everyday
Dengan alasan barang tinggal la apa la
The actual fact is I miss them so much and I want to be around them all the time.
Tak sabar nak balik minggu ni :)

With the heavily pregnant, my bestfriend, Shananeh
Oh babe, thank u so much for capturing beautiful photos
using instax, iphone and even dslr
Can't wait nak tengok yang DSLR...ihihi
Shana tengah menanti hari je ni due around next week
I pray for the best
Semoga selamat both you and baby

Beautiful henna by amrina, hennaratusehari
She's really good and I'm glad I made the decision to wear full henna
Even aku buat design baru untuk event dewan pulak
I never like wearing inai
But for wedding, I say go for it!
This is the time nak pakai inai penuh tangan atas bawah and tak nampak pelik
Even get compliment and orang mintak contact number amrina
Thank you Am, you're the best!
yang macam smear to sebab tangan aku tak berenti berpeluh...hehehehe

with best man and Maid of Honor
My beautiful sister, bai and her fiancee, Erfan
Bulan 2 ni turn dorang pulak naik pelamin
Me and my surfacing in charge with the wedding look and event coordination
Definitely looking forward to that :)
bai, erfan, my brother ajin and her gf murni memang banyak sangat tolong aku
I am blessed with siblings macam ni yang buat doorgift tak tidur
Murni, I want you to be my in law, InsyaAllah!
She's really helpful, nice and rajin sangat.
Ajin please jaga murni elok-elok ok because I really like her.

With Cik Naimah and family
I known them since sekolah rendah lagi
Last year along and angah kawin
Yang bestnya dorang ada amik gambar and upload dengan penuh efisien sekali
Thank you guys
really love all the photos :)

Orang -orang kuat
family, relatives, friends, Godfather
Yang support dari segi energy, barangan dan duit
Tolong Ummi masak dari 2 hari sebelum
yang basuh pinggan
yang make sure makanan semua ada
Whole lotta love!

With Neesa and Shana
Tak sabar nak lepak wey

Ok sereyes tak sabar nak tengok official wedding photo
Idzwan...some teaser plisss

Edwin McCain - I Could Not Asked For More

Tuesday, January 03, 2012



9 days married to the man I truly love, Zulkarnain dear surfacing.
We've been waiting for this moment for 10 years.
It's never been better than this.

Thank you to our wonderful family, relatives and friends.
Thank you for attending our wedding receptions.
Thank you for the thoughtful prayers, wishes and kind gifts.
Thank you for the endless love and support,
money and energy regardless.
I love every moments, every details, every flaws of my wedding day.
It's all happening :)

Crush - Senyum Indah