Tuesday, February 24, 2015


We are taking it slow now
Masa hamza kena HFMD,
My mother in law was admitted to Hospital Selayang just a week after remove 1 toe.
The culprit was diabetic gangrene.
She is still in hospital now.
in the ICU to be exact.
almost 2 months now

Earlier she was admitted because she was having difficulty to breathe
Then we were told by doctor she has kidney failure - stage 5
she has to start on Dialysis
Not long after that, her health went downhill...fast.
From laughing and smiling to unconscious state
from normal ward to ICU to Isolation ICU
she had pneumonia
her tube site for catheter (a tube inserted into her vein in the neck for dialysis) is infected
her blood froze during dialysis
Doctor had a talk with my surfacing
It's not looking good but there's hope
he gave her a really strong antibiotic
She woke up from sedation but remained weak

Then we were told by doctor they have to remove another toe
Tt's infected with gangrene as well
just a few days after  minor operation removing her toe,
we were told by doctor that her entire leg need to go
I was speechless
Below Knee amputation need to be done because she has a severe infection
it could go to her vein, heart and brain
and we don't wanna go down that road
we have no choice
we have to do it

My MIL doesn't know about her leg
because  since the operation she remains unconscious until now
After the amputation, she had another operation
She had to undergone a tracheotomy
(created hole through the front of neck to opens up the trachea)
This procedure provides air passage  for her to breathe
she's not getting enough air into her lungs due to over flooding mucus

After  both operation, she opened her eyes but no response from her
She's no longer sedated
She should be awake by now
When my surfacing visit her, he will touch her hand, talk to her but nothing's change
her eyes wide open,  just looking up.  no movement.
We are really worried.
I'm really afraid she has fell into a vegetative state, god forbid.
Yesterday my surfacing asked doctor to do CT scan to check her brain movement
hopefully the result will bring some good news to us

All your doa are needed.
My MIL name is Mariah Abdul Talib
Dear Allah SWT,
please cure our mother,
heal her and ease her pain,
grant her strength,
keep her healthy
Please bring out the best in us to take care of her and comfort her.

Sunday, February 01, 2015

HFMD episode 2

Surfacing dah selamat admitted due to dehydration.
Confirmed HFMD.
Usually it affects children but yes it can occur in adults.
In fact surfacing kena lagi teruk dari hamza.

Asalnya isnin tu dia demam. 
Malam dah kebah tapi selasa dia tunggu mak masuk wad dari 9 pagi sampai 12 malam. Dia tunggu kat yellow zone hospital selayang tu so imagine berapa punya bapak datuk virus ada dalam tu
Dia demam balik time tu and mula kena sakit tekak
Sakit tekak yg tahap macam razor blade everytime telan air liur
Rabu pergi klinik ambik antibiotic 
Sampai jumaat tekak masih sakit gila 
Rashes mula keluar jadi blister

Tadi terus hantar hospital sebab kalau dia dok rumah mau aku pulak berjangkit
Habis kalau both sakit sapa nak jaga hamza?

Me on the other hand memang kena positif supaya diri jadi kuat
Makan habbatussauda and doa supaya sihat.
Memang ada ulser and body ache here and there
Tapi kena kuatkan diri.

So how did we get HFMD?
Siapa yang kenal kitorang boleh tau betapa aku ni paranoid dengan germs
I clean my house, mainan hamza and any surface with dettol
I have antibacterial wetwipes and sanitizer in my bag
I sanitize my hand before ambik hamza di rumah babysitter and sanitize tangan dia 
I will wipe and use spray sanitizer at babychair bila makan kat luar
I wash my hand and sanitize before pegang makanan especially makanan untuk hamza
Tahap germs freak aku,  lepas beri-beri aku sabun tangan dengan hand soap, sabun basuh pinggan dan sanitize lagi dengan dettol. 
To that extend.

But kalau nak kena, tetap kena jugak.
My child is not a bubble boy.
Aku hantar rumah orang, bawak makan luar, bawak pergi mall.
It can happen anywhere. 

To be honest, aku serius taktau hamza kena HFMD. Hari ahad tu bawak dia pi breakfast siap jumpa family bai, pergi jusco, balik umah nenek. Petang tu keluar rashes kt kaki and mulut terus rasa bersalah cause we didn't know.
But once tau, memang terus kuarantin kt rumah.
Sanggup ambik annual leave 6 hari. 

But some people mungkin take it lightly.
Bawak anak jalan or hantar jugak anak pergi taska walaupun anak kena hfmd or chicken pox or rotavirus. 

Anyway, it's a tough week for us.
Hopefully datanglah pelangi selepas thunderstorm ini