Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Time Waits for No Slave

Napalm Death back in Malaysia again.
This is their 3rd visit.
I never went to their concert.
Not really sure will I attend this or not.

Napalm Death is a grindcore metal band from UK.
They already exist since 1981.
I'm not even born yet.

Details of the event:

Date: 27 June 2011 (Monday)
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: One Cafe, KL

I just knew that One Cafe was closed
Probably it's not making money
But I think they probably still open for Napalm Death.
Guess you just have to ask the organizer.

Ticket wise, it's bloody cheap.
Only RM50 for early bird and RM 60 for presale.


Napalm Death - When All is Said and Done

Father of Mine

Ok my brother-in-law, Matno
has got to stop giving my parents his old clothes.

I spotted my father wearing this t-shirt:

He practically had no idea what weeding is
Nasib baik dia pakai "Weeding is Fundamental" ni pegi kolam ikan je
Kalau pegi kedai kena tangkap polis dah...

Tapi kelakar pun ada kan.

So shana baru highlight kat aku yang it should be "Fun-da-mental"
sebab the way they highlight the font. I didn't even realized it.
aku memang straight away nampak "fundamental" je...Thanks shananeh :)

Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb

Monday, May 30, 2011

Lucky you

18th May 2011 2.20pm

Just got in the car for a meeting when the phone rang
It's my Surfacing
ahh lunch time...gotta tell him I have a meeting
I picked up and heard his voice
He asked me where i am

Before i could answer, he said
"I had an accident"

I was speechless for a moment and the next 5 minutes
I drove all the way to Cyberjaya
and I feel like it's the longest ride ever

Alhamdulillah, he escaped unhurt.
Not even a scratch.
His car hit a waja at a junction, swerved and hit a lamp post.
He's not wearing seat belt.

We lodged a police report and his car towed to the insurance panel workshop.
It will be repaired for a month.
Meaning, he will go to work using public transport for a month.
I've been in an accident before.
So I know how hard it is to travel using the bus+ putra+lrt +taxy
just to get to the office.

It's alright my dear.
Just be patient.
Just two more weeks to go.
The only matters is you are safe and unhurt.
It could be worse and I am grateful everything is fine.

Switchfoot - Meant To Live

Friday, May 27, 2011

Immigrant Song

Source: Yahoo movies

Thor slams into the theater grossing 396 million worldwide
What can i say,
Entertaining just like the Iron Man.

Who can say no to Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman anyway.
I even feel like a 14 years old teenager twilight fan screaming for more Jacob
the moment Chris shirtless for a few frames

My surfacing even get over excited with Hawkeye special appearance
played by Jeremy Renner
What a perfect cast.
Jeremy Renner starred in The Hurt Locker
and was nominated for best actor in Academy Award

Thor by hasbro

We grab this when I got 30 ringgit voucher
after purchasing skincare product at Parkson
My surfacing add another 20 and Thor is mine
We personally feel this Hasbro version is even better than
the pricey 7" Marvel select line

Then we found this at Comic Mart, Mid Valley
Superhero Thor Authentic Hammer, the official marvel license product
Very detail painting compare to lightning hammer from Hasbro
Even though it's very light (plastic construction je)
but the level of detailing is breathtaking

Surfacing's small hand holding the hammer of thor...hahahaha

Comic mart sell it at 200 ringgit
Amazon sell it at only 30 dollar
plus shipping yadayada dalam RM100-120 la
Huge mark up there buddy!

Carry the hammer of Thor, The Mighty Avenger!

The lightning hammer by Hasbro is quite interesting too
Cause it features thunder sounds, flashing lights and missile
OK Sanko terima kasih sanggup webcam kan aku
wajah kau yang bergaya dengan lightning hammer tu
tak jeles


Captain America: The First Avenger teaser poster

Talking about The Avengers
I can't wait for another Marvel film
Captain America - The First Avenger

Chris Evans is Captain America.
For the love of God, this guy has been superhero twice!
He's the Human Torch in Fantastic Four and that film suck.
I don't know about you,
but I don't like the idea of of double superhero.

Whatever it is they probably have reasons of their own
why they choose chris evans to be the ultimate super soldier.
The poster look awesome though.

souce: Superherohype

I guess you all know Ed Norton is not bruce banner/ Hulk anymore
Mark Ruffalo is the new hulk in The Avenger.
I like him in the film "Blindness" with Julianne Moore

Anywho, Here's a fan made poster of The Avengers.
I have to admit, that looks pretty good.

The Avengers - fan made poster

Foo Fighters - Walk

Pleasant Return

Corey Taylor of Slipknot says...

Pagi ni aku terbaca la dalam blog aunty nani
tentang pengalaman dia pegi butik man kajang
layanan pelik seorang businessman kepada potential client
first time jumpa tapi dah kena laser tak pasal-pasal

aku memang tak pernah pegi man kajang tu masa survey butik
walaupun aku duduk dekat dengan area kajang
sebab aku tau aku tak mampu
dan terus terang aku tak pergi sebab aku assume
akan dapat layanan macam tu nanti
yang suka pandang orang pakai proton saga macam aku ni sebelah mata
Even kalau duit ko berkepok pun tapi kalau takde title Tan Sri kat nama bapak kau
jangan harapla nak dapat layanan decent

Taklah aku kata semua wedding boutique perangai macam ni
Cuma adala beberapa yang rasa dia lah yang terbaik, terhebat, tergempak
Kadang-kadang aku pelik baru sponsor baju artis sikit dah berlagak tak tentu pasal
Apa lah salahnya kau servis orang tu elok-elok sikit
Mana la tau kan yang datang pakai sempoi tu la rupanya jutawan ke
kan dah rugi

ada jugak yang backing dengan mengatakan
"oh dia memang cara cakap camni, tapi hatinya baik"

Ok fine...
tapi aku personally rasa,
kata-kata yang keluar dari mulut datang dari apa yang tersirat di hati
Kalau hati kau baik, InsyaAllah apa yang disebut semuanya baik-baik belaka

Pepatah melayu pun ada mengatakan
"Terlajak perahu boleh diundur, terlajak kata buruk padahnya"
Aku rasa manusia normal takkan membenarkan diri mereka disembur dengan kata-kata yang menyakitkan hati dan berunsur penghinaan
Lagipun takde kerugian kita berbuat dan berkata baik sesama manusia

aku nak share la pengalaman aku dan Neesa waktu cari baju kat Ampang Park
Sa kalau ko baca ni mesti ko sakit hati...hahahaha
Si kitorang jalan-jalan and nampak satu kedai ni sunyi je takde orang
Yang jaga kedai ni seorang makcik lingkungan 50 ke atas
Muka dia macam ada kecacatan sikit pada bahagian mata
Dia greet kami masuk and ramah la tanya nak beli baju apa
siap boleh try lagi

Aku seriously suka gila dengan material and design baju kurung dia
Cotton and kain saree ada ornament yang very simple tapi unik
Memang lawa gila la
Harga pun taklah murah atau mahal sangat
kira masih affordable

Neesa try la satu baju kurung ni tapi malangnya takde size
makcik ni dokla tanya
"boleh ke ni, nak try lain tak?"
tapi at the end baju Neesa try tu memang takde size dia
aku and neesa memang excited la so kitorang plan maybe nak beli lain kali
kalau ada occasion lain atau untuk raya ke
Aku siap dah aim satu baju kurung cotton warna hitam ornament brown tu

so kitorang keluar and cakap thank you
Ko tau apa makcik tu cakap?

"Buang masa aku je"

aku and neesa memang terkedu.
Pastu neesa bengang gile die cakap kat aku
patutla kedai takde orang, kurang ajar rupenya makcik ni.

Pemikiran neesa masih ok lagi...
pemikiran aku lagi jahat
patutla "kau macam tu"...

sebab mulut ko jahat.

Sorry la makcik
You just lost our respect and empathy towards you
We could have been your regular, loyal and valuable customer
Because your baju are beautiful, no doubt
But your attitude...
Super fuck up.

walaupun ko makcik tak bermaksud ko boleh kurang ajar dengan aku.
Jangan harap aku, kawan-kawan aku dan family aku nak datang kedai kau.

Rival Sons - Pressure and Time

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kepadamu Kekasih

Source: Pinkturtle2.wordpress.com

I received sms from my Lady boss, miss Eriko about the Hulu Langat Landslides
that hit the orphanage at Madrasah Al-Taqwa
I was shocked and I call my house immediately to know if it's really true
My house is just 15 minutes away from the location
Hulu Langat is always a flood prone area
but for 28 years,
this is the first time hearing landslides strike at this area

I have been the head project coordinator that promoting
public awareness and education on landslides and slope safety for the past 2 years
I never really thought this could happened at our area
The awareness program is designed for the high risk area such as Bukit Antarabangsa, Cameron Highlands, Paya Terubong, Sabah etc.

Source: Pinkturtle2.wordpress.com

This awareness never reach to Hulu Langat
I heard that small slides happened before but was never reported
It hits me that awareness need to be done for everyone
Whether they live at high or low risk area
Regardless they interested or not towards the subject
Anybody live near slope need to know about this

People need to know what are the big signs of landslides
What could have been done to save lives
We cannot prevent landslides because it is Qada' and Qadar Allah SWT
But we can minimize the risks and effects of landslides

Source: Pinkturtle2.wordpress.com

I still remember when I was giving out brochures
during our roadshow at shopping malls
Some people even said
"Why would i even care, i'm not staying at slope area"

Maybe not now missy
Maybe later
Time after time, we have no more flat land
People have no choice but to build houses at hillside area
Who knows in 20 years time
it's our children renting an apartment at a slope area

Source: Pinkturtle2.wordpress.com

I just want to share this piece of writing
I read from the comment section at pinkturtle2.wordpress.com/
When I read it I couldn't help myself crying
whoever you are, thank you for this

Barangkali mak atau abah terasa bersalah
menitipkan kami dirumah anak yatim madrasah At Thaqwa Ulu langat ini.

Mak atau abah mungkin tak habis2 menyalahkan diri
kerana menitipkan kami disini,
maka adanya diantara kami telah terkorban ditimbus hidup oleh tanah,
bukan tanah kubur tetapi tanah merah dari bukit yang menobrak bangunan tempat tinggal kami ini.

Takpa mak! takpa abah,
kami rela tinggal disini, tiada siapa yang salah diantara kita.
Kami faham mak!, kami faham abah!
bukan niat mak atau abah sengaja meminggirkan kami dari teman2 disekeliling rumah kita.
Disini juga kami gembira, kami seronok dengan teman2 yang senasib dengan kami.

Disini kami diajar mengenal Allah,
mengenal solat dan ibadat,
disini kami sedang menuju mengenal erti kehidupan
qhada dan qadar yang ditentukan oleh Allah seru sekelian alam.
Terima kasih mak atau abah kerana menitipkan kami disini..

Mak atau abah juga tentu faham
bahawa kehidupan mak atau abah juga adalah qada dan qadar allah.
kerana qadha dan qadar Allah yang terpaksa mak atau abah harungilah,
maka mak atau abah dengan berat rasa dan pilu hati mak menitipkan kami disini.
Takpa takpa mak atau abah!. Allah lebih menyayangi kami dari mak atau abah…

Pada jiwarasa mak atau abah
berkecai luluhnya menggambarkan jasad kurus kecil kami
diheret timbunan tanah yang menimbus seluruh jasad kami,
pastinya lemas itu lebih menyiksa dan memedihkan
setiap rongga ruang nafas untuk kami meyedut udara menghindar maut,
kami berjuang dengan sakaratul dengan segala kudrat yang ada demi
untuk melindungi ruh milik allah ini..
itu lah meruntun jiwa mak atau abah yang membayangkan kami
yang sedang berjuang dengan maut.

Tapi mak atau abah
sebenarnya kami diiringi dengan malaikat selain dari kiraman dan katibin,
bersama kami ada malaikat izrael yang menentukan
siapa diantara kami yang akan syahid dan bakal hidup
untuk melanjutkan qadha dan qadarnya…

Mak atau abah! yatimnya kami disini bukan kehendak kamu.
Kami yatim yang cacat dalam hukum berkeluarga ini, adalah kehendak Allah.
Kita semua milik Allah. Alam semesta ini juga milik Allah.
Jika ada diantara kami mendahului dijemput Allah.
Redhalah… mak atau abah.
Kita sewajibnya bersyukur dan lebih mendekatkan diri kepada tuhan yang esa ini,
tanpa nikmat pemberian ruh keatas kita ini,
tentu kita tiada pertalian kasih sayang antara ibu atau bapa…

Ibu atau Ayah!
kami menunggumu di Jannatul Firdaus
syurga allah yang nikmatnya tidak terhitung dan terkira agung dan luasnya…

Written by Kucing Kota

Source: Pinkturtle2.wordpress.com

As a Muslim,
I believe in Qada' dan Qadar
Allah SWT knows best
that nothing occurs except by the will of Allah SWT
To Allah we belong and to Him we shall return.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What Time Is It?

Sometimes what I need most are my two bestfriends,
Neesa Misae and Shananeh
Everytime Neesa balik from Kedah, we definitely hang out on friday night

Shana will come all the way from Kajang cause we both at Ampang area
oh kesian kau shana sebab minority vote....hihihi
next time lepak bangi pulak ok

And what we do is just chat chat chat and eat
update each other story
catch up
Don't know what I'm gonna do without them

Grain Fed Lamb Chop

So ni last friday at Menate' Steakhouse ampang
Butcher-style restaurant
This is my third visit and their first visit

Aku yang konon-konon masih kenyang makan lunch JM Bariani
(yang cuma ok-ok aje la)
pun belasah jugak lamb chop dia...
Sehari 2 kali belasah lamb...

Free flow drinks and spaghetti Olio

Boleh purchase kalau nak masak kat rumah

Last friday memang kelakar
lepas dinner shana kata kita ni macam boring je
balik-balik lepak, makan and that's all
so apa kata carik aktiviti baru sikit

We list down all the possible activities that we can do
such as go watch live band, lepak hard rock cafe, karaoke,
watch midnight movie,
jalan-jalan uptown danau kota

Tapi semuanya bosan and some of it memang kitorang tak suka
macam karaoke is a big NO
Lepas penat pusing KL undecided

Finally just pergi supper kat mcD ampang je
I guess KL nightlife is just revolve around clubbers
lain aktiviti memang takda

By the way, teori korang yang kata kaunter wayang
tutup ikut shopping mall operation hours adalah salah
Surfacing kata kaunter bukak sampai last show of the day started
So kalau nak tengok movie hari tu memang boleh je

All photos from Shana "new phone"
I think the picture application is the only reason why I wanna get it too
But not for now :)

So ladies,
you wanna hang out again this friday?

Creedence Clearwater Revival - I Put a Spell On You

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


So which one is me? (foundation year - white belt)

Aku belajar taekwondo masa sekolah menengah dari form 1- form 3
Actually nak belajar karate tapi takde pulak kelab tu kat sekolah

Achievement :
I'm a brown belt holder...
hanya satu lagi nak jump to red/bodan belt and then black belt.
I have 2 gold medals (sparring and pattern ) and 1 bronze (sparring)

I also once punched my coach in the face during practice
(I'm not sure whether he is sir Raja or Sir siva - the one on the left beside the chinese lady)
Actually aku tak sengaja, terlampau excited sangat...
Pastu pandai pulak takut
Nasib baik tak kena buang team...ahahahha

Now if I am force to fight in certain situation,
I don't think I can recall what i've learned.
Pretty useless jugak kan.

Why I quit?
I guess I get tired of the practice
and the hurtful comments I get from my ustazah during class.

I wish I can learn Jujutsu someday :)

Children of Bodom - Was it Worth It

Friday, May 06, 2011

I Miss You

fooling around at funfair

Surfacing went to Chennai for a business trip last wednesday
He'll be back home on sunday
I'm gonna pick him up at KLIA, at 6am

Yes, It's just a few days trip but enough for me to feel so lonely
(what a clingy...hahaha)
Yes, I can't wait for his return
Yes, I sleep early every night because I can't call him
Taknak bazir bill pakai roaming...
rindu tapi kedekut...ngeee
Yes, I rather stay at home when he's not around
Yes, I miss him.

But he's not the only one I miss.

Yes, I miss this budak botak jinab jinab too
Sampai termimpi-mimpi semalam
geramm sama badan padat dia

So my dear surfacing,
I bet you also miss him a lot
Can't wait to see you on sunday morning
We're gonna have McD breakfast before I send you home
and hug this baby doll when we get there

Setiap kali tengok gambar ni rasa nak gelak tengok muka jinab

Look at how adorable Rayyan is...
I love baby boy so much.
Ini baru anak orang dah terbayang-bayang
Kalau anak sendiri?

Cream - Sunshine of your love (live circa 1968)

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Opera Hidup

30 April 2011 Saturday 6.45pm

Phone ringing

Sanko : Bebehhh...ada extra ni nak tak?

Me: Ye ke bebbb..niceee!

Sanko: Ha..noww.... 8.30pm start

Kitorang kat Time Square baru lepas layan Thor
Berdesup surfacing drive dekat kol 8pm dah sampai Istana Budaya
Yes, kitorang dapat complimentary pass from Medialiser
to go to Konsert Wings Opera Hidup
I love you lah korang - All of you!

Bersama orang-orang kuat Medialiser
Err boss pasni kita buat konsert Children of Bodom ye? heheheh

This is something different from Wings sebab it's a Rockestra
with Orkestra Simfoni Kebangsaan (OSK)
So we're really looking forward to know how the songs will be composed
Lagipun dengar cerita tiket semua SOLD OUT
gile lahh

Dalam pukul 8.45 orang ramai mula memenuhi seat
Kebanyakannya adalah mereka yang berusia 30 tahun ke atas
sampai aku macam eh penonton dia ramai pakcik-pakcik ye
Punyala awet muda Wings ni sampai aku lupa dowang dah 25 tahun dalam industri
Siot muka masing-masing macam tak makan usia je

Konsert start around 9.00-ish for 2 hours 10 minutes non-Stop
First lagu of coursela Opera Hidup
Sepanjang 2 jam ni tak dibenarkan merakam sebarang gambar atau video
So gambar di bawah was taken by my Sifu - Pak Jon Ramlan
He's one of the official photographer of the event
You can view more photos on his fb

Photos by Jon Ramlan

I gotta say I really enjoy the show
Wings memang terbukti otai dengan showmanship yang power
Awie tak payah cakap la kan...suara sama macam kaset (ayat zaman dulu)
and buat lawak-lawak kak limah dia

Sound system gempak gila
OSK bawah pimpinan Mustafa Fuzer sangat grand
(Mula-mula ingatkan Mustafa Muzer lecturer MMU aku dulu...ihihi)

Joe Wings!
He's the man and the brain behind this concert
Oh memang terbaikla dia ni siap Surfacing cakap dah macam Zakk Wylde

Dahla smart gile dengan janggut kaler dia and hooded tu...hehehe

Kembali kepada gambar dari Phone cabuk ku

Songlist memang tepat dan terbaik
Masa lagu-lagu hits macam Taman Rashidah Utama, Hukum Karma,
Bernafas dalam lumpur, Biru mata hitamku dan Sejati aku dah sing along sekali dah
It's amazing that I can still remember the lyrics even though layan masa kecik-kecik dulu

Tapi antara semua, lagu sejati yang paling gempakla dowang main
Memang lain sangat dengan orchestra and sedap gila
Lagu Di Ambang Wati pun ada...hehehh sembilu...
walaupun tak berapa minat
Tapi kat sini terus jadi macam best pulak

One happy couple

Selain tu aku suka bila dowang featured Mus May and Mel
(ex vocalist's Wings), Jojet (ex-Drummer) and Sham (ex-Guitarist)
Bila Mus tarik suara memang power gile la
Tapi Mel macam penat je pulak atas tu...Sorry bro

So lepas habis concert tu adalah signing session- Meet and greet
Surfacing beli buku program and tag saja buat kenangan
Mula-mula malas nak beratur kan
Tapi tengok pastu macam tak ramai so takpelah belasah jelah pergi amik sign
Gila kau rockers legend kat Malaysia ni
Nanti bolehla simpan dalam gallery lagi 20 tahun
Mesti akan jadi sesuatu yang rare :)

Masa signing tu bolehla ambik gambar sekali
Tapi dalam ramai-ramai tu...
cuma sorang je yang aku berminat nak ambik gambar bersama

Me and Joe Wings

Jangan marah My Dear Surfacing.
Tengok saja jee dia amik gamba blur
Sabotaj la tu.

Wings - Hukum Karma