Tuesday, December 20, 2011


So last sunday while hunting for our never ending wedding stuff
We managed to find time to watch MI4: Ghost Protocol
at the new TGV IMAX Theatre at Sunway Pyramid
It's our last date as an "engaged" couple by the way..ngeee

It was an amazing visual experience
Seriously worth every penny
The full projection visual and the sound sytem is fantastic!
Pasni memang tengok kat situ jela nanti..

MI4 is very entertaining
Great storyline and cast
I somewhat feel like the mission "impossible" is quite possible
Brad Bird really did well for this one even thought it's his first full-length feature
and Tom Cruise never aged, damn it.

So my wedding leaves start tomorrow until January 2nd
2 weeks holiday babyyy
I wish everything will go smooth and easy
I finally gonna face one of the most important moment in life
I'm gonna get married to the one I love so dearly, Masha Allah.

Six more days :)

Eric Clapton- Wonderful Tonight

Friday, December 16, 2011

Nine Days


mixed feeling
but actually I'm so relaxed
Like wah ini ke perasaan nak kawin?
dia rasa nervous takut preparation tu tak sempat ke
atau hujan time majlis ke
atau senang ke dorang ni nak parking kat umah nanti
kesian kereta dorang
Takda la sangat rasa cam ohhh so lovey dovey
I wanna listen to love songs all day long
and talk about love all the time

but my Surfacing did something really sweet
I just asked him to touch up the paint job in the bedroom
He did the touch up job as well as some paint job in the living room
best best baru la rasa baru sikit
Thank u my dear

Really need to re-work on the signage
I don't think it's visible enough with this font
Talking about printing it on A3 Size for directions

doorgift for VIP sahaja iaitu keluarga my surfacing dan relatives during nikah
Limited jar pulak tu dasar cheapskate
I'm struggling here there's 90 jars to go means another 2 baking sessions
whoaa penat

bulu mata sendiri ye belum palsu lagi
foundation tak melekat kat kulit sebab dry and flaky
so take note siapa yang ada dry skin - GET A MOISTURIZER
in my case, it's oily and dry and the same time
Please do some magic Clinique Moisture Extended Thirst Relief.
I hope it works.

This week we will watch Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol
at the new TGV iMax theatre at Sunway Pyramid
It will be our last date as engaged couple...

Lay down your arms and love me peacefully

Pearl Jam - Soldier of Love

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

More Time To Kill

12 days to go...
Last 3 days was really hectic
Looking for barang hantaran from 9am to 11pm
Thank God everything settle
I found my "One" Ring
Thank you my Surfacing
I really love it!

Found this while packing my stuff
Doodle by my Surfacing probably 5,6 years ago

This is where I will set up my dais
I will DIY my pelamin
nothing fancy just hoping it will turn out ok
Good old klippan sofa will be my nikah couch
The best part about DIY is you get to keep everything
That's the reason why I bought sofa instead of chaise lounge
chair that's more suitable for wedding
but what the hell

We really want this TV rack for our small home
When we visited Ikea 2 weeks ago, the price was too good to be true
from 300+ to rm99!
But it was out of stock
They said they will restock in 2 weeks
and there's 3 unit left before they sell the display unit.

Last Sunday memang our rezeki la pergi awal pukul 10am
mula-mula takda stock jugak then one of the staff approached us
when we're about to have our breakfast
He said there's 2 unit buffer, better grab it now.
My surfacing quickly went to the market hall and
we got the mavas rack at RM99!

Berapa banyak tester daa aku amik sebelum decide perfume mana
aku nak untuk hantaran dengan budget yang ala kadar ni
My choice?
none of the above.

Semalam penat gila...
We decided to paint the master bedroom before barang sampai
Sebab ni rumah sewa so beli cat murah blue-i saja ok...hehehe
We opted for vintage white and really love the end result
Its a combination of white and light grey

My husband-to-be gigih mengecat
Aku pun sama-sama buat ok...
Cat dinding aku suka lagi...
siling tu buat rasa nak menangis sakit tengkuk
Start pukul 5pm
Finished around 10pm
But he has to do some touch up work before this thursday

selama 28 tahun hidup
This is my first contact lens
Bought for the wedding
I never wear, afraid to wear and don't know how to wear
So semalam masa trial makeup
dengan tak malunya mintak mua aku ajar
Sorry Anna, nak pakai je dah 20min aku terkial-kial
Mesti kecewa je dia tengok aku

Bloodshot eyes sebab tak reti pakai contact
Anna patiently advise me to get use to it prior to the wedding
Need to practice this week!
Love the eye makeup...
But I'm in big trouble because my skin is very unkind to me
acne break out macam gila
pastu combination skin ada dryness and flaky
so foundation tak melekat

Anna advise me to moisturize or
else memang kecewala wedding makeup aku nanti
She even e-mail me some tips
Thank you so much Anna, I really appreciate it...
sedihnya rasa but I should stop on my medication
especially the exfoliating cream to prevent the skin peeling off.
oh well.

Gambar vain 12 days before the big day :)

Lifehouse - Take Me Away

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Friday, December 02, 2011

Tiny Dancer

Dah lama tak menulis pasal Rayyan El-Mostafa, my cheeky nephew
Actually it's my surfacing's cheeky nephew...
but in 3 weeks I can claim that too :)

He's already 1 year old last September
He's walking and running and hiding fast
He's almost 15kg to date

He's so adorable , fluffy, baldy young man and he looks like a doll.
A very adorable baby boy doll.
He talks with his own language
but sometimes he yelled "apa tuu?" and "duduk!"
Feast your eyes with his latest pictures

Rayyan ni suka ngan perempuan je, kalau lelaki die malas layan
So that explains why he likes me so much ..ngeee

Gagah jugak aku mengangkat nya masa ni
sekarang dah tak mampu sebab semangat sangat

His first vacation last raya

Sambil mandi pun boleh tidur...kelaka gila budak ni

The cheeky face that I miss, after this boleh selalu jumpa

Macam anak patung yang sungguh sedap dipeluk

Sometimes he smile and laugh during his sleep
Mesti teringat upin ipin

1 year old birthday cake with his favourite boys, upin ipin

Kalau time makan dia lah paling sibuk selak menu

With my two favourite man

Oh Rayyan, I really hope my future son will look as cheeky as you
and as fair as you are...ngee

With his favourite uncle...
His Pakcu is really good at taking good care of him...
bagi makan, mandikan, cuci ehem ehem, tidurkan
I'm so proud of you Surfacing.

Recent picture taken last week with his "Rocky Balboa" robe

Alexi Murdoch - All My Days

Friday, November 25, 2011

More Time To Kill

30 DAYS...

30 freaking days!
Man, it feels surreal.
In 30 days I will be somebody's wife, InsyaAllah.

Come to think of it, this is the moment I've been waiting for ...
for the past 10 years...
and it's going to happen in 30 days.

The photographer

I pray to Allah SWT to grant us, family and friends with good health
I pray everything will go according to plan, InsyaAllah.

What about the big day progress?
I can say all the big stuff done
But still lots of things to do
especially decoration and favors for my side's reception

specs for my super cheap supplier

The guy who own this wedding card outlet listen to heavy metal

We got a house to stay starting december
Surfacing will move in first
I never move anywhere my whole life
Kinda scary to pack things up
How the hell I'm gonna pack all those stuff

Something crafty and flowery

I'm the kind of person who keep almost everything...
for example I still have the flyers for the first gig I went
or the receipt of the first present to my Surfacing
I guess I have to learn to let go...

Going somewhere?

the 2 weeks leave

Telling myself not to worry too much about it...
Plenty of time
All I have to do is to plan it wisely...

When the sicness finally met surfacing :)

Nat King Cole & Natalie Cole - Unforgettable

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Real Love - Shana & Muizz

The beautiful couple

I'm such a bad bad friend
They got married last year on the 25th of december 2011
and I only blog about the beautiful wedding now...
It took me a year to do so
So sorry shananeh!

I have the pictures and day by day I keep thinking about it
But I guess it's really hard to put into words
about someone you love so dearly
especially about the most important day of her lives
her wedding day...

But come to think of it it's good to blog about it now too
Maybe when she read this entry she will remember all those sweet moments

All these beautiful pictures by G.I. Photoshoot
I'm so glad they will photograph my wedding too..yippiee

24 december 2011

Beautiful ceremony
We were at her house during the makeup session
and she was like
"wey muka aku merahh keee"

ntahla shana aku tengok lawa je
I really don't know why you're too concern about that

Nikah at masjid besi putrajaya
simple and sweet
pretty dress and babe you look so radiant
so get over pasal tudung ke muka merah-merah ke
aku rasa semua alright :)

me and neesa wore the same material bought at kamdar
baru la theme dengan color wedding dia - yellow or grey

25 December 2011

The reception was held the next day at Putrajaya
I just love everything about the wedding
Shana was all dolled up by Kelrina
the perfect white dress
the food
(my mom really loves the food...aku sangat terharu kau pack kan makanan untuk aku)
the favor box yang lawa sangat yang ada kek sedap gile...
menyesal aku tak ambik banyak lagi masa ko offer
Bunga telur yang lawa gila aku simpan sampai sekarang

Me and neesa helped her with the instax
really fun and little did I know instax only good at capturing close up shots
The theme was grey-yellow
we really had fun that day

Too much fun explained why my face was everywhere in the wedding photo

(Fantastic photos by G.I. Photoshoot)

We sticked around during the first half an hour of the photoshoot
Then my 3inch heels was killing me
and it's already 6.00pm at that time
So we decided to go home and let the couple do their thang

When G.I upload the photos on FB
My jaw literally dropped
It was really dark at that time + raining + the location only at the back of the building
nothing fancy
but the outcome...
MasyaAllah lawa nyaaaa

of course la couple nya pun comel
maka gambar berjuta-juta jadi comel

I know I know lawa gila kan
I gotta say again i'm so glad G.I. will be my wedding photographer
Hopefully the photos will turn out wonderful too, InsyaAllah

Now shana is 7 months pregnant
Her due date is somewhere on January 2012
I'm really glad she still get to attend my wedding next month

Oh babe
I really don't know what to say

But know this,
I'm happy to get to know you this far and more wonderful years to come
I'm happy you're part of my life
I'm happy we practically YM each other everyday macam rutin yang tak dapat dielakkan
I will miss you if you're not online
I'm beyond happy Muizz yang sempoi gila ni husband kau
I can't wait to see Shana & Muizz Junior in 2 months!

Love you babe.

Lifehouse - First Time