Tuesday, December 20, 2011


So last sunday while hunting for our never ending wedding stuff
We managed to find time to watch MI4: Ghost Protocol
at the new TGV IMAX Theatre at Sunway Pyramid
It's our last date as an "engaged" couple by the way..ngeee

It was an amazing visual experience
Seriously worth every penny
The full projection visual and the sound sytem is fantastic!
Pasni memang tengok kat situ jela nanti..

MI4 is very entertaining
Great storyline and cast
I somewhat feel like the mission "impossible" is quite possible
Brad Bird really did well for this one even thought it's his first full-length feature
and Tom Cruise never aged, damn it.

So my wedding leaves start tomorrow until January 2nd
2 weeks holiday babyyy
I wish everything will go smooth and easy
I finally gonna face one of the most important moment in life
I'm gonna get married to the one I love so dearly, Masha Allah.

Six more days :)

Eric Clapton- Wonderful Tonight

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