Friday, June 24, 2011

Berita Gempa


Event : Konsert 2 Raksasa 2011 Sweet Charity & Blues Gang

Date: 9 July 2011 (Thursday)

Time: 8.45pm

Venue: Stadium Merdeka

Ticket Price: RM 73 (Freestanding)

Buy Ticket: / Rock corner/ Victoria Music

After 27 years, the legendary Sweet Charity and blues gang
will perform again and this one is not to be missed!

My Dear Surfacing...
are we going?
You have not make any decision, yet.
It's just 2 weeks away my dear and this is RARE.

Please let me know the soonest possible,
thank you.

Konsert ni ditunda kepada 1 oktober 2011 sebab rally "bersih"

memang menyusahkan orang betul la...

Sweet Charity - Dekatlah Padaku

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Lots of good news I heard from my great friends this few weeks
Like 3 days ago Haida gave birth to a beautiful baby girl
Her firstborn name is Sorfina Zuhailey
Simple and unique right

Oh dear friend, you already a mother
Congratulations and can't wait to see you guys
Must come back to Malaysia okay
Puan Fara how's your 24th weeks?
She's also expecting her first born
Lepas ni cik Shafinaz pulak ye...heheeee

Sorfina Zuhailey

There's also good news from my bestfriend
Don't kill me for making announcement here, Mrs Shananeh
I am just so happy for you
I just want to say congratulations for the hijrah to the new you :)

Yes she is wearing hijab now, Alhamdulillah.
You look so pretty babe :)

As for the other news are meant to be kept
Someone is expecting too...

Yaya is expecting her third child
After Adam and Akmal adakah Hana seterusnya?

Another someone decided to keep it before it's really confirm
But it's not a baby la...
This is entirely something else
Yes i'm talking about you Neesa...
But it's okay, I understand and you got a point there :)

Another someone is walking towards the path to true love and happiness
You know who you are and I wish everything will be alright
I have a feeling that this is the right one for you :)

Whatever it is I hope all good and well,

Thunderclap Newman - Something In The Air

Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Father's Eyes

This handsome young man is my father.
He's 27 when the picture was taken.
I love looking at his old photos
so 70s looking with his bell bottoms pants and tight-fitting shirt
You know something like the almost famous movie

He's a musician and a dancer back then.
He played drums
(kinda explain why my older sister a keyboardist and my younger sister a dancer)
he used to work at RTM radio too and quit everything when he married my mother
But he never stop composing beautiful songs
He even create a song for me when i was born
I will post it up in the future :)

This is my father when he's 50 years old
and my mom 46 years old
They look amazing don't they?
I personally feel that they aged gracefully
I guess because both of them love to plant so much
They sometimes spend the entire morning at our little dusun
harvesting bananas, pineapple, chillies

Everyday after subuh my father will jog and do his exercise routine
for an hour or so without fail
unless he's not feeling well
I really hope i can follow his footsteps
but i just love my bed so much...

This picture was taken recently on my 28th birthday
My father is 64 years old and my mom 60 years old
I can't believe that he's 64 this year
He is still strong and healthy, Alhamdulillah.
Looking at this photo make me realize how much I love them so much
but saying it less most of the time.

So this weekend, i'm going to cook something for him InsyaAllah.
I know it doesn't take a father's day to express your love to your father
But at least it can be a reminder for all of us, especially me
How special he is and no one could ever be what he's always been...
today, tomorrow and forever.

Happy father's day my dear ayah.
I Love you so much.

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Simple Man

Friday, June 10, 2011

Let It Rain

I have my own favorite list of songs for every occasion
I still do mix tape...
What i mean is mix audio cd since my car stereo does not support mp3

I have tracks for driving to work, driving to work in awful traffic jam,
when i'm feeling in love and romantic all of sudden,
when i'm down or stress
or when i'm sad and grieving.
I already have my wedding songlist and still deliberating some of my choices.

When I like one song in particular, for example Just Breathe by Pearl Jam...
I will search for the lyrics, interpret and relate it with life experience
and try to remember each words
I will search for the video clip and live performances
I even try to find out if there's a story behind the song
For me, lyrics complimenting the music
Tells a story to so many hearts
I even have the tendency to play the same song all over again until I get bored

Now I want to share my favorite grieving songs
Not that i'm sad right now...
It's just sometimes songs like these it's too beautiful and motivated
It's grieving in a good way...
it hurts when it heals too
It makes me realized not to take my loved ones for granted
to care, to love and to appreciate my family, my fiance and my friends.

This is my top 10 grieving songs.

1. Pearl Jam - Just Breathe

2. Snow Patrol - Run

3. Lifehouse - Storm

4. Coldplay - Fix you

5. Jim Croce - Time in a Bottle

6. The Platters - Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

7. Jon Bon Jovi - You wanna make a memory

8. Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms

9. Aizat - Pergi

10. P. Ramlee - Dimana kan ku cari ganti

I will share background of each song in my next post.

Backspacer- 2009

For now I wanna share about a beautiful song by Pearl Jam, Just Breathe.
It's the second single from Pearl Jam 9th Album- Backspacer back in 2009
If you listen closely it resembles a bit of Kansas- Dust in the wind
Actually the song came from Eddie Vedder's instrumental for "Into The Wild" film
It was call "Tuolomne" back then
Check out "Into The Wild" ost by Eddie Vedder -It's magical

Into the wild poster

For me, Just breathe is romantic and sad at the same time
I personally think it's about married couple growing old together
or someone is very sick and one knows that the time has come
All they want is just cherish the moment together before it's gone
This is a beautiful goodbye song
This song always make me teary-eyed
make me appreciate life even more

Pearl Jam -Just Breathe

Yes, I understand that every life must end, uh-huh
As we sit alone, I know someday we must go, uh-huh

Oh I'm a lucky man, to count on both hands the ones I love

Some folks just have one, yeah, others, they've got none

Stay with me...

Let's just breathe...

Practiced all my sins, never gonna let me win, uh-huh

Under everything, just another human being, uh-huh
I don't wanna hurt, there's so much in this world to make me believe

Stay with me
You're all I see...

Did I say that I need you?

Did I say that I want you?
Oh, if I didn't I'm a fool you see
No one knows this more than me

As I come clean...

I wonder everyday, as I look upon your face, uh-huh
Everything you gave And nothing you would save, oh no
Nothing you would take
Everything you gave...

Did I say that I need you?
Oh, did I say that I want you?
Oh, if I didn't I'm a fool you see
No one knows this more than me
And I come clean,

Nothing you would take
Everything you gave

Hold me til I die

Meet you on the other side...
Vedder described this to the Canadian radio station The Edge
as "as close to a love song as we've ever gotten."

He added to the Toronto Globe and Mail:
"There's never a dull moment on the road – every day it's something.
Maybe that's why my goal is the dull moment.
That's what this song is: It's saying, 'Just stop, and be together.
Don't talk now, just breathe and feel each other's presence
– now that the kids are in bed.'"

Pearl Jam - Just Breathe

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Guitar Man

It is so brilliant it gets it owns post!
Today, Google has created a 'playable doodle' to celebrate the life of Les Paul
You know the guitar hero and his name immortalize as Gibson-Les Paul
The one Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney, Jimmy Page, Slash, Zakk Wylde,
Ace Frehley and many more great guitarist have their own signature model

Yes, you can strum with the doodle
make a lot of noise
or maybe try to play some Eric Clapton or Nirvana's song

More info here

Nirvana - The Man Who Sold The World

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

I Remember You

First tau pasal tempat ni from bf adik aku
Katanya ada burger gempak gila tepi sungai keramat
wah agak otai bunyinya tu...kedai pun dah tepi sungai keramat
(sebenarnya more kepada longkang besar keramat...ngeee)

So later dapat tau dia lebih dikenali dengan nama "Mustafa Jones"
Chef dia originally from Little Rock, Arkansas, USA
Kalau tak salah dia married with malay lady, Molly Jones.

eh teringat lagu The beatles - Obladi Oblada...

With a couple of kids running in the yard of desmond and molly jones, hey~

dia memang specialize buat hamburger, grilled steak, chicken and lamb
Kisahnya dorang start menjual kat pasar ramadan
dan disebabkan permintaan ramai sangat
maka dibukanya stall dekat sebelah sungai keramat ni (right after Syed Bistro)

So akhirnya last week aku and surfacing dapat jugak pergi try
Malah kami datang teramat awal iaitu pukul 6.15pm
Kedai dia pun belum bukak lagi
Disebabkan adrenalin terlebih sudah and lapar gila

Yes, kami orang pertama dan terpaksa la menunggu setengah jam
memandangkan api pun dia belum pasang...hihihi
Aku order Homemade Beef Burger, BBQ Chicken Wings and Lamb Shoulder

Ni dia BBQ Chicken wings
Selama ni paling sedap penah aku makan dekat pasar malam sri gombak (dah takde jual), keramat and taman melawati sahaja
Yang ni memang terbaik!
Marinate yang lain dari lain and terasa sampai ke tulang

5 ketul untuk RM12 ...
so terpaksa makan sorang 2 1/2 ketul
nak berkira jugak 1/2 tu sedap punya pasal
Pasni terpaksa order sorang 5 ketul baru puas hati

Ni Homemade 100% Beef Burger
Gambar ni memang tak menggambarkan kebesaran beef patty dia
I think the beef patty around 200-250gm
RM8 tersangat berbaloi
Surfacing siap order tapau walaupun dah makan lamb

Ni surfacing punya - Lamb Shoulder
Tapau burger dimaafkan sebab memang macam kecik sikit lamb dia
tapi again, marinate yg sangat sedap and grilled to perfection!
Aha yang macam tanduk tu roti ye

Gambar ketiga-tiga menu hebat
aku pun sebenarnya main snap je sebab tak tahan lapar dah
asal ada gambar jela

So lepas ni nak datang weekend pulak dengan harapan ada BBQ Ribs
Nasib baik surfacing kat Bangkok
Kalau tak dah ajak makan hari ni...

Menu from his blog

Ni menu untuk rujukan
menurut beberapa blog yang aku baca,
kalau dah malam baik call dulu dia untuk order
kalau tak memang berjam-jam la menunggu sebab ramai sangat
Location and phone number boleh refer blog atau FB Mustafa Jones

Close on Sunday and Monday.

The Beatles - Obladi Oblada

Thursday, June 02, 2011


I officially wear hijab during my 3rd year of MMU (Gamma)
back on June 2003 a week before Friendster became phenomenon.

I actually wanted to wear it during my birthday, 20 march 2003
but I wasn't really ready for it.
I have doubt like what if I don't like wearing it?
I thought I will never wear hijab but what happened was
I kept thinking about it.
I have strong feelings to wear it day by day.


When I finally put on the black shawl covering my hair
Hopped into the bus to go back to MMU...
I never felt so happy and secured
I've made the right decision.

I never turn back.

sicnessurfacing 2005

2004 - with my dear fara

2004- with my dear jasmine

2005 - at genting with MI batch

2005 - with MI Lecturers

2006 - with a4comm families

2006 - with my best buddies

2008 - birthday dinner

2009- eniliana birthday

2010 -amcorp mall

2011 -baju sama...ngee

The Police - Don't Stand So Close To Me

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Tell Me What You See

After 2 weeks with no films worth watching at cinema,
come June with three films to watch.
I'm already excited!

X-Men First Class

Directed by Matthew Vaughn (Kick-Ass, Snatch, Lockstock and two smoking barrels)
Prequel to X-Men film series, this film tells a story of how the beginning of X-Men
Just like in the trailer, Before Professor X, there was Charles Xavier
and before Magneto, there was Erik Lehnsherr
Two bestfriends become eternal enemies.

Super 8

Science fiction film directed by J.J. Abrams(Star Trek, Cloverfield,Lost)
and produced by Steven Spielberg.

Synopsis (Wikipedia):
In 1979 in the fictional town of Lillian, Ohio a group of teenagers are making a movie
with a Super 8mm film camera when they witness a train crash.
They suspect it was not an accident.
There are disappearances and unexplained events around town,
and the local deputy investigates the cause of the events leading to the discovery of something inhuman.

Dylan Dog : Dead of Night

Based on Italian horror comic, created by Tiziano Sclavi
and republished by Dark Horse comic in English version.

So the film version, main character starred by our gorgeous Superman, Brandon Routh.
and directed by Kevin Munroe.

Synopsis (IMBD):

The adventures of supernatural private eye, Dylan Dog,
who seeks out the monsters of the Louisiana bayou
in his signature red shirt, black jacket, and blue jeans.


I already bought ticket for X-Men First class this Sunday.
During the booking I notice that ticket price at GSC has gone up.
So I check the other cinema and unfortunately I would like to inform here

Yes, movie ticket price at all cinema has increased!

So let me just make a review here:

GSC Pavillion - from RM12 to RM14

Other GSC except signature - from RM11 to RM12

Cathay Cineplex - from RM11 to RM12

TGV - ok i honestly don't really watch film at TGV and i'm quite confuse with the ticket price
They have e-premium which is RM13 and e-blockbuster -RM14.
I usually buy ticket at the counter and cost me RM11 before this.
I think the blockbuster is slightly expensive because it's digital cinema.

But guys, this is all weekend price.
Weekdays some cinema keep at normal rate
which is RM9-11 depends on which location.
For example of course at GSC cheras leisure mall is cheaper than pavillion.
and of course price for wednesday, early bird, children and student are different.

Check pricing:

TGV Cinemas


Cathay Cineplex

Audrey Turner - I'm the Only One