Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Father's Eyes

This handsome young man is my father.
He's 27 when the picture was taken.
I love looking at his old photos
so 70s looking with his bell bottoms pants and tight-fitting shirt
You know something like the almost famous movie

He's a musician and a dancer back then.
He played drums
(kinda explain why my older sister a keyboardist and my younger sister a dancer)
he used to work at RTM radio too and quit everything when he married my mother
But he never stop composing beautiful songs
He even create a song for me when i was born
I will post it up in the future :)

This is my father when he's 50 years old
and my mom 46 years old
They look amazing don't they?
I personally feel that they aged gracefully
I guess because both of them love to plant so much
They sometimes spend the entire morning at our little dusun
harvesting bananas, pineapple, chillies

Everyday after subuh my father will jog and do his exercise routine
for an hour or so without fail
unless he's not feeling well
I really hope i can follow his footsteps
but i just love my bed so much...

This picture was taken recently on my 28th birthday
My father is 64 years old and my mom 60 years old
I can't believe that he's 64 this year
He is still strong and healthy, Alhamdulillah.
Looking at this photo make me realize how much I love them so much
but saying it less most of the time.

So this weekend, i'm going to cook something for him InsyaAllah.
I know it doesn't take a father's day to express your love to your father
But at least it can be a reminder for all of us, especially me
How special he is and no one could ever be what he's always been...
today, tomorrow and forever.

Happy father's day my dear ayah.
I Love you so much.

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Simple Man


Fara Atiqah said...

ayah ko sangat hensem masa muda ;)

anyway, i personally think that you have a beautiful and colorful family.

kirim salam kat umi eh. dah lama tak pegi umah ko.

yaya said...

tgk gambar ayah ko lama mesti ingat "abg darma"v vx

pet said...

fara: aku rasa mcm adik aku ada rupe ayah aku bila senyum..hahaha..we all have beautiful family :) ko senang-senang datang la umah...bukan jauh pun..ihhihihi

yaya: bukan sahaja abang darma, masa dia umur 40an orang panggil barry prima (Indonesian actor)..hahahaha