Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Day In The Life

"Do you think i should buy the t-shirt, shoe
or this action figure?"
he showed me the Bram Stoker's dracula action figure.

"hmpp...well..the t-shirt is a great bargain..
i mean 3 bands t-shirt for 40 ringgit quite cheap la..
the snickers (sneakers lahh pet!)
...u need it right?but u have so many shoes...
this dracula been here for quite some time...
i dun think anyone will buy it",
i said while looking at frank the bunny figura.
this action figure will be mine someday.

"so...?what should i buy first?", he asked.
maybe he's hoping for me to give a damn good reason
or decision.

"You know what...
maybe you don't have to buy anything at all"
I seriously didn't know why i gave that answer.

"i think ur right...maybe i should wait till next week.
or for better things"

that surprised me.
he put the dracula back but hid it
behind another action figure.
maybe he wished no one will notice it.

"let's go to victoria,
who knows they're selling slipknot digipak",
he said and we walked out.

we walked into the music store.
he went to his favourite shelves and half-shouted...
"slipknot digipak dammit",
he took the Digipak CD, gave it to the cashier and paid.
no question asked.

we've been waiting for the digipak version for 2 months.
It's a special edition of the album
contains three bonus tracks...
and is packaged in a six-fold digipak
with a 40-page deluxe booklet and bonus DVD
containing a documentary -the making of All Hope Is Gone,
Directed by the percussionist of the band-the clown

"i have a good instinct right?"
he said proudly to me.

"who told you not to buy anything at the first place?",
i looked at him & smiled.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Here Comes The Sun

Hai. Nama saya Mohd Isyraq Hadif.

It was a sunny day so I decided to photograph
my nephew and niece, isyraq and jasmine.
I just snapped as many pictures as possible.
It’s so hard to direct this young man to pose.
But when I look at the pictures,
I realize that I just have to let him be what he wants to be…
a little boy enjoying his encounter with the nature

"pepen, pepenn , pepennn"
he shouted at me while looking at the pic..
pepen kebende ni isyraq?

"pepenn pepennnn"
pointing at his shirt...

ohhhhh... spongebob squarepants!

Friday, October 24, 2008


I rarely cry when watching film…
But I’m not that cold
Some films really nail it and there you go...
me sobbing all the way till the end credit
I hate that bloody film.
Tak cool la kan nangis2 tgk cite..ngeee
I totally blame the director.
So here's some film that wasted my tears:

1. A Perfect World (1993)
Director : Clint Eastwood

I watched it when I was in standard six.
A man escapes from prison (Kevin Costner)
and kidnap a boy.
The ending is heartbreaking.
Can’t tell you why but that’s the reason I cried.
Bloody hell john.

2. Lion of the Desert (1981)
Director : Moustapha Akkad

A must see for all Muslim.
This film really touches my heart.
A story about Umar Mukhtar,
the brave rebellion who fought against
Italian's occupation of Libya.
Anthony Quinn is Umar Mukhtar...period.

3. The Story of Us (1999)
Director : Rob Reiner

Bruce willis meet Michelle Pfeiffer.
What a perfect cast.
And perfect soundtrack too – I get lost by Eric Clapton.
This movie is hilarious, romantic, happiness & sadness...
you name it.
You will see the resemblance
of your relationship in this film.
Part sedih time Michelle Pfeiffer
nak get back kat bruce willis tuh.
While she’s talking nonstop...
air mata aku pon menjejeh-jejeh turun.
A big no no to anyone yang baru break up.

4. I Am Sam (2001)
Director : Jessie Nelson

Love is all you need.

Sean Penn is the man.
He blew my mind by being a mentally retarded man
who fight over his daughter custody.
I’m talking bout being mentally retarded
And he loves THE BEATLES so much
that he relates everything with the beatles’s lyric.
Again, Michelle Pfeiffer is phenomenal.
This movie is everything that a powerful film can be.
Great cast, great soundtrack
(You should listen to cover song you’ve got to hide your love away by Eddie vedder of pearl jam)
Too good to be true.
Aku nangis cam orang gile ok!

5. Taegukji (2004)
Director : Je-gyu Kang

One of the best Asian films ever made, to me.
About brothers who forced to fought in Korean war.
Aku pun macam x percaya bleh emosi plak.
Dahla tengok kat GSC MidValley time tu.
Terpaksa fikir mende-mende happy supaya tak over nangis
This movie is about sacrifice to your love one.
Great special effect and production design.

6. *Pan's Labyrinth (2006)
Director : Guillermo del Toro

What happens when make-believe believes it's real?

Menyesal tak tengok wayang!
Tapi bagus gak pasal tengok DVD je pun
merah-merah muka aku nangis.
This is one of the best film ever!
Expect the unexpected cuz the storyline is shocking.
It’s a about a girl who fascinated
with fairy tales as an escapism to her real world,
a brutal post-civil war in spain.
Imagine a little girl create her own
world of imagination to escape from the war.
The lullaby (the soundtrack) is really haunting.
I can’t get it out of my mind for weeks.
And seriously this is not a viewing for kids.
It’s brutal and horrifying.
This film is unbelievable!

* Received 22 minutes of applause at the Cannes Film Festival.

7. The Orphanage (2007)
Director : Juan Antonio Bayona

A tale of love. A story of horror

Close to Pan's Labyrinth...
this movie is killing me.
I thought it’s just another horror movie...
but I was wrong.
Seriously, any mother / woman who watch this
WILL burst in tears.
If not, I think you just lost your maternal instinct.
Do get worried.
Pasal aku yang takde anak ni pon,
masuk je kereta terus menangis
sebab menahan dari dlm wayang lagi.
My surfacing had to wait for 10min for me to calm down.
This movie is a must see to all mothers in the world.
I can’t define it’s a sad or happy ending anymore.
It’s too much for me.
Go watch it and you’ll know.

8. Artificial Intelligence : A.I.(2001)
Director : Steven Spielberg

His love is real. But he is not

Adaptation from Pinocchio…
This film is about a robotic boy who wants to be a real boy
and search for his human mother to win back her love.
Little Boy…check.
Now tell me any bloody reason not to cry
especially the part when he almost
meet his mother in the woods.
It’s about loving your mother for God sake!
Haley Joel Osment is too cute to be sad.
I’ll adopt you, baby!
tapi dah besar skang x comel lah :p

eh 8 film je so far eh.
maka ketahanan mental aku ni not bad gakla.
So what's your saddest movie of all time?

Thursday, October 23, 2008



Number Dialled...

Time : 7.30pm
"Where are you now?", I asked.
"Just arrived at LRT, you have to wait i guess",
he said breathelessly
"OK, take the Cempaka exit tau".
Hung up the phone & drove
to Taman Cempaka from Kosas...

Time : 7.40pm
Parked my car at Taman Cempaka LRT Carpark...
Faced the LRT station...
While waiting, I've made a calculation...

He's at LRT Salak Salatan - 7.30 pm...
Wait for the LRT - 7.40 pm
from Salak Selatan to Chan Sow Lin - 7.50pm
from ChanSowLin to Cempaka - 8.00pm

So he'll be here around 8.00 kut...
Probably the 3rd LRT...

Bided time...
Changed the radio channel several times...
Played with my hp...
looked at old pictures...

Time: 8.00 pm
The 3rd LRT...
He walked out...
tied his shoelace
He saw me in the car...
He smiled & waved.
I smiled back at him and i thought...

Monday, October 20, 2008

Shana...You are 25!

The Birthday Girl

Akhirnya complete jugak cycle kitowang...
shananeh bulah-bulah...
you are finally 25 years old.
so jgn wat perangai-perangai x semiak ko tu dah yeh...

classic cheese cake & blackforest

No surprise or what, just a simple ritual for this little girl.
So next year we gotta plan something big la eyh?
of course engkorang la kene plan...
pasal birthday aku dulu kan..
yeye tak sabanye haku...ngeee

early that day we went to aefa's wedding
at menara tun razak..
pastu gi tukar baju kat umah neesa sesambil beraya la...
Then barula ke premiere ampang utk celebrate
besday si kecik ni.
Nothing fancy cuma beli 2 slices cake & makan nasi tomyam...
But it's the thought that counts i guess...
cause we really had a great time.

tangan misteri cube curik kek

hadiah untuk ko, cam biase la..
hold dulu la eh..
sape suruh birthday ko tgh2 bulan...
dan paling bes lepas raya lak tu...
harusla duit dalam bank aku tuh macam tak gembira je kan...
but i will buy u something la...
pasal ko dah bagi aku hadiah aritu kan...
(kes terpaksa ni..hihihihi)

nama je besday ko..tapi muke aku yang beriye

to shananeh ku,
i wish you all the best...
walaupon ucapan aku sgt cliche...
but i really mean it.
i hope our friendship will remain till the end of time...
cuz u are one of my bestfriend...
the first person i talk to at YM everyday...
without you...
i'll be damn in the cube kebosanan & kesengalan;)

Officially 25

i know that you can be what you wanted to be...
just keep on believing...
what's important is the effort & enjoyment of doing it
you know who you are
and i know that you can make it happen

sempat lak manja2 couple adik beradik ni...

semoga segala yang kita cita-citakan...
yang kita cerita-cerita kan through YM itu...
Bakal menjadi kenyataan ;)
Happy 25th Birthday dearest!


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

White Room

Dah macam Batman aku kat tepi tu kan

Congratulations aefa & hubby.
What a beautiful couple and wonderful wedding.
The reception at Dewan Tun Rahah,
Yayasan Tun Razak (I'll keep that Noted…heheheh)

pengantinnye belakang kitowang tuh

Gamba ngan pengantinnye x le banyak pun…
Gambar beriye je lelebih.
Maklumla lame da x jumpe kenkawan MMU ni…
They all look so different now…
Memasing dengan Gaya Yang Tersenderrrey...
It’s good to know that everyone is doing okay…

Gossip Girls versi kenduri kawen

Cam biase la bile gi wedding ni…
mule la terfikir2 kan...
But its ok My Dear Surfacing…
3 tahun berjauhan ku tunggu…
Inikan pula dah depan mata skang..
Worry not My Dear…
I’ll wait and bleed ;)


Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Dedicated to My Dear V...

Mr V…
You are my first love…
You don’t know how much I care for you
I don’t really like you at the beginning...
But suddenly you just seems right for me.
I fikir masak-masak...
I’ve made the decision
We are officially attached
I signed the letter...
announcing that you are mine…
and my life is forever changed.

Mr. V...
You are my everything
You always there when I need you
Even if I work late at night
Pukul 12 malam ke...5 pagi ke…
U take care of me no matter what time..
no matter how far

V ingat tak time kita eksiden tu?
Yang I langgar mamat tu sampai patah tulang betis?
You teman I hantar mamat tuh pegi hospital...
Then pegi balai polis wat report
even though u’re badly injured…
I’m so touched V…
pastu barula kite gi specialist…
2 minggu U kene warded…
Time tuhla baru I rase something V..
I Never felt so insane, so lonely…
that time I realized…
I really missed you

Tapi sometimes haku menyampah gak ngan ko ni V…
Kawan2 selalu kutuk2...
Die ckp ko ni tak padan ngan kecik...
tapi bernafsu besar.
You ni cam xtau bersyukur tau…
Dahla makan minum haku tanggung…
Elaun bulanan aku bagi.
Kadang2 bile ade mood...
aku mandikan ko ngan penuh kasih sayang lagi

Dah beribu-ribu duit aku habes utk ko V…
Jgnla demand2 tak tentu pasal lagi
You gotta stop torturing me…
Remember I almost gave up and wanna break up with you?
Nasib baik U Berjaya convince I…
Mane tak bengang V...
You selalu je semput-semput
Tapi nasib baik lepas I bagi servis baik punye
terus jadi gagah perkasa...

Mr V…
I harap hubungan kita berpanjangan, berkekalan…
Tapi kalau tak sampai…
I cubela panjangkan jodoh U ngan adik-adik I…
U mesti suka Bai sebab die lagi comel kan…
Tapi kalau ngan Ajin…
terpaksala U tukar dari Mr. V kepada Miss Vee..
nanti tak sesuai pulak…
Manela tau kan tetibe Proton berkenan
ngan nama yang I suggest tu untuk naming contest tu...
merasa la haku MPV baru..huhuhuhu

Happy 2nd ANNIVERSARY Mr. V…
It’s a pleasure to have you by my side...always.

The reason you admitted for 2 bloody weeks

You and My Surfacing...

You and me...meant to be...

Me : you know why I love you…
Mr V : sebab I seksi?
Me : oh tidak Mr V..sebab u murah dan menepati bajet!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Love & Hate

gamba ini adalah rekaan hp murahan ini semata2...
badan kedua-dua individu ini sebenarnya lebih kecil
dari gamba diatas...ngeeehehhe

At the office and still rayaLAGGED.
Only God knows how lazy and heavy i am
to wake up every morning and go to work..
not so morning la kot kalau bangun pon pukul 9 kan..ngeee

Raya 2008..
blessed with good foods, great family & friends,
bizarre shopping & jalan-jalan dengan My Surfacing.

So here's my reason to LOVE & HATE raya :


1)Makanan raya -
bitau aku manusia mana yang x makan lemang,
rendang, pulut, ketupat, kari kambing, nasik minyak,
kueh tiow goreng udang, 15 jenis kuih raya, kek cheese
dan lontong (ni sume list makanan kat umah aku ...ngeehehe)
ade gak yg aku wat sendiri tahun ni cam kuih gunting,
butter cookies, sliced cheese cake & mango cheesecake
(yg ni sereyes sedap gile)

2)Bonus Raya
Alhamdulillah la dapat gak bonus raya.
Lepas gakla aku bagi duit raya kat family,
beli baju raya sket, servis & tukar timing belt mr V aku tuh..
mekasih bos-bos ku...
pasni bleh bagik banyak-banyak yeh..hihihi

3)Shopping Raya
dok usha warna hijau...
last2 dua-dua baju aku sebat kaler brown..
i'm so attached to earth color...
(ni kire shopping raya gakla)

You are the best metal band in the world, my sicness,
my heretic,my duality, my Psychosocial...

4)Berhari Raya
Went to My Surfacing's house...
suke sangat2 kat Rendang Tok mak die
same biskut Boomerang..
tiap2 tahun tunggu nak merase mende neh.
and for the first time...
his family came to my house to berhari raya...
gileee nervessss haku!
siap masak hoke...
seb baikla ape yg aku masak tuh sedap belaka..
(tak percaya cube tanye Surfacing sendirik..hihihi)

5)Jalan Raya
bes gileee wehh jalan sume kosong, aman damai.
takde keta kuang haja nak potong sana sini...
takde mat rempit atau mamat impak maksima..
tapi ade lak org yang bawak keta mcm kat langkawi..
ko ingat klaka ke bawa 40km kat lane kanan mrr2?


1) Lemak Raya
bloody foods makes me fatter and bigger and chubbier...
aku benci gile gamba2 raya yg terlampau tu.
cemane angle aku wat pon tetap menggelembung sana sini...

2) Budget Raya
nah kauu cume tinggal beberapa ratus je
nak survive bulan ni.
padan muke sape soh ko shopping lebih-lebih...

3) Baju Raya
skang ni kalau nak pakai kebaya tu...
aku kene tak makan nasik seminggu...
atau korset pon takkan mampu
memberi ilusi perut kurus pada ku..

4) Duit Raya
kenapela org dah tanak bagi duit raya kat aku dah?
bukannye aku dah kawin pon...
disinila aku menegaskan bahawa kite patut
mencontohi chinese yg bagi angpow
kat sesiapa yg blom kawin..
But Imagine giving a 5 ringgit duit raya
to a 40 year old bujang terlajak...
must be really awkward ...

5) Kerja lepas raya
malasss gileeeee....
after se7en luxurious days of eating, sleeping
and get wasted with my surfacing...
all i want is lepak more with my family, surfacing & friends...
after all raya kan sebulan..

tapi ko hengat ni company bapak kau ke?

so here i am...
at the office...
waiting impatiently for the clock to turn se7en
and wishing all...

Selamat hari Raya & Maaf Zahir Batin

makan banyak lagi, penyakit datang mana nak lari?
drive safely, hati-hati dan jaga diri :)