Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Day In The Life

"Do you think i should buy the t-shirt, shoe
or this action figure?"
he showed me the Bram Stoker's dracula action figure.

"hmpp...well..the t-shirt is a great bargain..
i mean 3 bands t-shirt for 40 ringgit quite cheap la..
the snickers (sneakers lahh pet!)
...u need it right?but u have so many shoes...
this dracula been here for quite some time...
i dun think anyone will buy it",
i said while looking at frank the bunny figura.
this action figure will be mine someday.

"so...?what should i buy first?", he asked.
maybe he's hoping for me to give a damn good reason
or decision.

"You know what...
maybe you don't have to buy anything at all"
I seriously didn't know why i gave that answer.

"i think ur right...maybe i should wait till next week.
or for better things"

that surprised me.
he put the dracula back but hid it
behind another action figure.
maybe he wished no one will notice it.

"let's go to victoria,
who knows they're selling slipknot digipak",
he said and we walked out.

we walked into the music store.
he went to his favourite shelves and half-shouted...
"slipknot digipak dammit",
he took the Digipak CD, gave it to the cashier and paid.
no question asked.

we've been waiting for the digipak version for 2 months.
It's a special edition of the album
contains three bonus tracks...
and is packaged in a six-fold digipak
with a 40-page deluxe booklet and bonus DVD
containing a documentary -the making of All Hope Is Gone,
Directed by the percussionist of the band-the clown

"i have a good instinct right?"
he said proudly to me.

"who told you not to buy anything at the first place?",
i looked at him & smiled.



rusanna said...

maybe someday you should give a thought on writing. your stories are really well composed.

Rubina Yunal said...

dh 2 kali dlm blog ni ko prove instinct ko mmg bebetul power beb..