Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dirty Dining

old photo at the restaurant with my hot chocolate in a pot

Dear Mr. xxxxx xxx,

I'm a regular customer at XXX XXXX .
Me and my partner really like the food quality, the ambiance, cleanliness and the service.
I am usually very pleased by the service and hygiene of your fine establishments.
However, on this particular visit
I found that I did not enjoy my experience as I usually would.

Yesterday at around 6.15- 7.30pm,
we had our dinner at your restaurant.
I ordered 2 mushroom soup, 1 hot chocolate, 1 plain water
and 1 char grill lamb shoulder.
When my partner drink the hot chocolate, there's something in his mouth.
To our surprise, it's a dead cockroach!
We called the waiter right away and we asked him to tell the restaurant manager about this.
A few minutes later my char grill lamb arrived with a new hot chocolate.
Your waitress did apologized.
I feel so disgusted but I'm really hungry at that time,
so I finished my meal and paid the bill
= RM 42.80

Both of us is still shocked with what happened,
we didn't managed to take any picture.
We don't want to make a scene at your restaurant
because we think it will affect your business since there's other people having meals.
I email you my complaint because what happened yesterday is VERY UNACCEPTABLE.
A cockroach in my drink?
Now, how do I know my mushroom soup and lamb shoulder not affected as well?

My expectation is very high towards your restaurant quality.
I bring my family and friends because I trust your service.
We are paying the price here,
and hygiene is one of the biggest criteria in food services.
The situation is poorly handled by your management.
It makes me think twice to dine at XXX XXXX again.

I am really concern about this and I hope you will not take this lightly.
I would appreciate if you can do some inspection at your premise
and probably provide training to your staff.
It will be a shame if the same situation happen to other customer.

Thanks and regards,

Nor Lela Abdul Ghani

Let's wait and hope the restaurant manager
has the courtesy to reply my email.
Damage has been done,
but probably an apologize and assurance from the manager
can mend my broken faith towards their restaurant.
Sadly, I already crossed them from my top 10 must dine place.
And you just lost 2 regular customers, Mr. manager.

Today, the manager called me and apologized.
He's really upset with the staff because they failed to notify him about the incident.
He only knew when he received my e-mail.
I really appreciate the fact that the owner personally called me and has taken
an action towards this matter.
He also offer me dinner - on the house as a way to say how sorry he is.
Thank you mister for your kind words.
This is what we call professional and I really appreciate it :)

The Specials - Ghost Town

Friday, October 07, 2011

What's Goin On?

Last Saturday after watching Fright Night,
the remake of course
By the way, I wouldn't know the difference
cause I don't remember watching it back in 1985 or so
All I can say is,
It's pretty ok and entertaining
Don't watch in 3d though

It's barbican, not beer.

Before we headed off,
we decided to have late lunch at Al- Ammar Express
It's right opposite Fahrenheit (used to be KL Plaza)
This is our first time here
I heard from some blog, the pizza is really good
except they don't call it pizza here...
something like Kafta

Surfacing ordered this non-alcoholic beer
Actually it's something like barbican
But the bottle really looks like a beer
Kinda makes me awkward
it taste exactly like zapple.
The drinks range from RM6 (Soft drinks) to RM20
this barbican - RM10

Our appertizer...
I think it cost around RM12-RM16
macam kebab la
We chose lamb, of course...
don't get fooled by the picture
The lamb was small
VERY. small.
But delicious.

Here comes the Pizza, I mean Kafta
Man, I'm so happy with this kafta
RM16 and slightly bigger than Dominos regular pizza...
almost to large size
The topping : Lamb minced, olive, tomato and Lebanese cheese
It tasted really different from other pizza I ever had
worth to try
Really nice and affordable.

What I love most about this place is the environment
I chose the non-smoking area - air conditioned
Laid back and calm

And the best part is to watch people walking around at the sidewalk
Interesting because there's sooo many people with different style
Some really weird and annoying
Some look fashionable enough they should be captured by the sartorialist
I'm just sayin'

And someone decided to say hi to us...

Oh...hey there.
Jason right?
Dude, the mask is okay
But what's up with the hair and the white shirt?

Do some research, man.

Aizat - Emotions (Live)

Blowin' in the Wind


"Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.
Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thinking.
Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice.
And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.
They somehow already know what you truly want to become.
Everything else is secondary."

Steve Jobs

You will be missed Mr Jobs.
Rest In Peace.

Bob Dylan - Blowin' In the Wind

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Syawal 2011

Agak terlambat gak aku nak post pasal raya ni
tapi nak jadikan memori punye pasal aku gigih jugak resize gamba untuk
kenangan di masa hadapan ewah

kedua adinda ku bersama ayahanda dan bonda

Cam biasa la makanan raya umi akan masak rendang daging 10kilo
and then rendang ayam 5 ekor, nasi impit and kuah kacang
dah tengahari bersalam-salaman dan photoshoot

giliran kekanda pulak bersama

Tahun ni tak plan pun nak pakai kaler garang-garang gini
Sekali lebih kurang sama daa
Haida pasti bangga melihat baju yang ku pakai ini adalah pemberiannya masa jadi bridesmaid..

Bersama bondaku tersayang
ayahanda pulok

Macam sayu pun ada mengenangkan ni tahun last aku beraya single
Lepas ni InsyaAllah bersuami
Belum tentu dapat pagi raya dengan family macam ni
Tapi aku masih bersyukur sebab rumah mak aku sama mak surfacing cuma 40min away max bukannya kena balik kampung ho ho ho balik kampung berjam-jam :)

Adinda ku yang manis

Afro samurai pun nak beraya hoi

Lepas je sesi photoshoot raya terus pergi rumah surfacing
Selalu aku datang raya ke-3
Tapi kalini dowang nak berholiday jadi first day lah aku kesana

geramm sama si gejinab ni

Pastu die pakai pulak jubah arab ni...haduii gerammnyaaaa comel bebenor

Macam biasa makan rendang tok dengan penuh perasaan bersama ketupat pulut
adoi sedapnya ketupat pulut cecah rendang
Dahla si Rayyan ni comel sesangat pakai baju melayu

Surfacing yang kelaparan. Lasagna is his favourite.

My First Lasagna

Raya ke-2 turn Surfacing pulak datang beraya
Aku memang dah plan nak masak lasagna for the FIRST time
maka dengan gigih malam sebelum tu aku masak meat sauce sampai pukul 3pagi
pagi baru masak cheese sauce dia

Kenapa nampak berair?
sebab aku pandai-pandai tambah air kat meat sauce masa reheat pagi tu
Tapi kesedapannn diaaa...
aku berani kata memang sedap sebab aku masak..wakaka

Kalau dah melayu tetap nak cari rendang

Hampir kehabisan

One happy people

Kan aku kata memang sedap...
tak sampai 1/2 jam dah habis satu tray
Surfacing je makan separuh tray...

Bai yang over gembira kerana bf nye datang

Bakal-bakal menantu yang tinggi

Bakal adik ipar aku pun datang jugak
Masa raya ni masih status bf lagi
Sekarang dah bertunang
InsyaAllah langsung 3-4 bulan lepas majlis aku
Double celebration la kiranya ni

Pastu akak aku lak datang beraya
Riuh umah aku dengan anak buah
umur dah la dekat-dekat

Si Isyraq hadif si jantung hati

Si Isyraq ni sekarang kalau amik gamba bukan nak buat muka elok-elok
Pantang aku snap ada je muka pelik dia nak pose
saba jela aku

One happy family..penat aku suruh isyraq senyum akhirnya dapat juga
Jasmine with isyraq

Hayyman yang misteri

Hayyman yang misteri..
dia ni tak berapa manja macam isyraq
suka bawak diri je
Tapi sekali datang mood dia bergelak kemain lagi

Layan budak-budak ni kelaka gak kengkadang
Tapi sekali buat perangai memang tak saba aku dibuatnya
Yang bawah ni anak akak sulung aku
Iliana Jan baby premature with heart condition
Now she's happy and healthy Alhamdulillah

Si Jan ni langsung tak nak ngan orang..melekat je sama mak ayah

Ayahku melayan cucu yang hyper

Then kawan-kawan baik dari sekolah datang beraya
Haida ni sekarang duduk Jeddah
So she came to visit before she left
Baby Sorfina ni anak haida
Manis sangat muka nya bila tengok rasa tenang je
boleh tak?
dahla tak meragam langsung

Sorfina Zuhailey yang comel sangat

bakal mommy & daddy

Fara tengah tunggu masa je sekarang ni nak deliver
I pray for her and baby semoga selamat semuanya

Inaz masa raya ni masih single
baru last 2 weeks jadi isteri orang

Inaz pengantin baru
"Over la aunty inaz posing" - kata hati sorfina..hehehe

Everyone wants a piece of sorfina

The gang
Kepedasan masing-masing

Tahun depan kalau jumpa time raya mesti dah ade perubahan lagi
InsyaAllah more babies and preggo mommy...
Haida and Linda tambah lagi satu

So that's Syawal 2011
Tak banyak pegi open house just having fun with family and friends je
Cuma kalini tak sempat beraya with my bestfriends shananeh and misae
Takpa InsyaAllah kita jumpa next week ye bebeh

And kalini aku serius teringat2 rendang and kuah kacang mak aku
sebab tahun ni umi tak repeat buat pas dah habis...
huuuu lapa rendang pedas....

Wet Wet Wet - Love is All Around