Wednesday, July 29, 2009


me, arwah Yasmin & my surfacing

"dia dah meninggal malam tadi"

Phone call from my Surfacing
left me speechless for a moment
I was at Cameron Highlands for the awareness programme
the loud music from the PA system can't stop my tears

it's just hit me
i went to the back of the tent
sat for almost 30 min
tried to calm myself
but i failed

We are not that close
It's just a few movie screening at Leo Burnett
and that was like 4 years ago...
Didn't get in touch with her for a while
but it's just enough to make me feel her lost

She's one of the greatest person i ever knew my whole life
very humble and kindhearted
i've asked for help at the moment of my weakness
and she helped me like i'm no stranger

I will always remember the day u waved and hugged me
and tell me everything is gonna be fine
I will never forget the warm smile
The soft-spoken motherly figure
tell me not to get melodramatic
because true love will finds a way

I will remember you my dear kak Yasmin...
and you will always be in my prayer.
Ameen Ya Rabbal Alameen.


Thursday, July 09, 2009

mama neesa

everytime raya mende yang paling x sabar ialah
pegi open house umah neesa
nak makan laksa johor mama dia...

the first time i had it, i fell in love.
last year x sempat datang awal...
lewat-lewat pon sanggup datang
just nak makan laksa johor yang tinggal belen2 tu..
ahh sedapnyee la hai

but now i can have it anytime i want
because mama neesa open her cafe
and sell my favourite laksa johor
not to forget nasi kerabu, nasi lemak and many more

there will an official opening this saturday
invitation FOR ALL.

makan free ni weyyy
ape tunggu lagi
jom datang ramai-ramai!

Monday, July 06, 2009


I just love to jump in photo

is it some form of expression?

face become fugly...body outta shape
yes it will.

some kind of trend in photography?
I don't really care bout that.

but we, poeple just don't get tired of jumping
in fact we wanna do it all the time

he is one hell of a jumper

maybe becuz its just so joyful when you do it
and fun to look at

apparently this is maybe the most joyful part of it.
heading for cendol on hot sunny day.