Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Friday The 13th

Muddy water

It was March 2009, Friday the 13th
Second day at my new workplace

Ayah called around 3.30pm -
"kalau boleh balik, balik lah...umah banjir ni"

"hah? apaaaa?? alamak..
ayah tolong lah alih komputer orang eh
sama cd-cd ngan dvd tu"
I frantically replied and wondering how the hell
my house can be affected by flood

"aa air tengah naik pon ni...
orang lepas air dam (reservoir) kot"

- ayah replied sounding really calm.

I'm really mad.
sure it was raining heavily a day before
but the first and last time we had flood was 16 years ago...
I was standard 4 that time

I asked permission from my lady boss and rushed back home
I supposed to meet my big boss at 4.00pm
sorry boss, family first!

Arrived around 4.15pm
I had to park 200m away from my house.
it's already flooded up till 2 feet.

I rushed into my room to save whatever i can
but Ayah did a really good job saving all my junks
we're waited for 2 hours to watch the water level.
thank God the water didn't rise more than 2 feet
It slowly decreased by 9pm...

My room filled with water

Umi & ayah still smiling & cracking jokes

living room

The funny thing is, Umi cooked for dinner!

and for the next 2 days we were working our ass off
cleaning the house filled with mud & even small fish!
It's a freaking tiring experience for us
a whole lotta thanks to Neesa & Farez for being there
helping us cleaning the living room.
and it's definitely a month that i'll always remember
for everything bad, sad & mad happened that month!
I can say it's a bit of a downfall for me.

However, wise man said...
behind every cloud there's a silver lining...
well it's quite true cuz we found Jebat during the disaster

Meet Jebat,
the white owl from Hogwarts
get lost in Hulu Langat during flood...ngeee

Isn't he adorable?
well i just name him Jebat since he loves to stare
at people & become defensive if you come closer.
and his feet has this sharp-razor claws or nails
or whatever they call it...
just like keris...

Actually i'm not sure it a he or a she though...
But he's our love & joy during the flood.
The good thing that cheer us all
penat-penat lap rumah,
lari jap tengok jebat tido dalam kotak...

But he's not with us for long
2 weeks after that...
Umi saw 2 owls at our backyard
and that's the last time we see him in the box.

me & jebat

Whatever it is...
It's an outstanding experience i had this year.
Hope I will not experience flood again...
but deep down i wish Jebat will stop by at our house
once in a while..
u know just to say hi.

Bill Withers- Ain't No Sunshine

Thursday, December 24, 2009

From Me To You

The grinch merah

Yesterday we had a Christmas lunch
at Cozy place, wangsa maju
It's my lady boss's idea, eriko
They've been doing this annually
each person has to bring 1 present
and put it under our christmas tree
then, cabut undi tengok hadiah sapa yang kena!

eni pon nak jadi hadiah nak bagi kat katun..ngeee

at first she wanted to do potluck & cook turkey for us
but then everyone agree to eat at a restaurant instead
nama je christmas lunch...
tapi order nasik berlauk
dasar melayu...
siap order udang petai lagi...ngeee

but the food turns out to be really good
we had blackpepper beef, sweet sour chicken, steam siakap,
petai prawn, crab meat taufu, mix vegetables & spicy lala

Then its time to open the present
all of us really excited like little kids
The range price for the present has to be from rm20-rm25

hafiz start first & dapat frame with deco, it's from eriko
suka si dud ni sebab baru deco bilik

en razak dapat perfume from aizat...
but the perfume is for woman...poor him

eni dapat huge paper clipper to hang notes...
really cute
it's from hafiz

eriko got notepads & pen...
seriously kene ngan dia
the gift from razak

aizat dapat payung dalam botol yang gempak ni
sapa punya hadiah la ni kan...
cute, comel, efisien & bes gilee
of coursela dari haku tu sebab puji-puji...ngeee

makcik memang suka excited lebih..
lagi-lagi dapat hadiah
siap ngan topi krismas bajet comel la tu...
nah amik ko jam bunga-bunga dari eni
okla tu babe walaupon sungguh x menepati kerekter aku...

nih sorang lagi dapat jam
hairine sengih besar dapat jam dari kak roz
tahun lepas dapat lampu

sedih je muke kak roz
mana taknya sume dapat hadiah...
tapi hadiah dia kat thailand...gile beb
tak pepasal je sebab encik sabri x datang

everyone is so happy with their gift
and delicious food
they even get crazier like these 2 fellas

aizat aku taula payung ni hebat
sampai ko nak beryoga lak amik gamba

eni ngan hafiz lak feeling-feeling inggeris gitu
kira the dude & the bache lah
but above all...
no one can top eni feeling-feeling dolly parton time krismas
memang tak semiak dia ni

hadiah krismas eni - dada baru
sapa nak jawab nehh???

Merry christmas & happy new year to all.

Lifehouse- Hanging by a moment

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


to be a great muslim
to be a good daughter
to be a lovely significant other
to be a dependable friend
to be a proactive asset
to be a lovable person

wishing you all to be what u wanted to be
as 1431 gonna be a great year to come.
selamat menyambut awal muharram 1431.

Eric Clapton- Layla

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Over The Hills And Far Away

off to somewhere but here...
be seeing you my friends!

Pink Floyd- Another Brick in the Wall

Monday, December 14, 2009

Moody Monday

Having monday blues
manic monday
moody monday
or crazy monday?

here's something to cheer u up...

my 2 most favourite people in the world

but they're all mine...

macam aku pulak beranakkan dowang....

The answer- Under the sky

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Again We Rise


Date & Time:
08:00PM - 15 Apr 2010

Downtown East, 1 Pasir Ris Close, Singapore

N/A | Website:;; |
Contact: +65 6296 2929 for tic bookings

S$95 (7% GST & S$2 booking fee apply)

Tickets to Lamb Of God –
Wrath World Tour go on sale 21 December, 2009
at all outlets.
Call (65) 6296-2929 or book online at 

Standard tickets priced at $95.
Special group packages available at $85 per ticket
with minimum 5 tickets or $75 with minimum 10 tickets purchased.
(7% GST and $2 booking fee applies.)

Damn it my surfacing...
You're going
and i'm not.


Lamb of God- 11th Hour

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Take This Oath

the gorgeous shananeh

We went to shana engagement ceremony
2 days after aidiladha celebration
Neesa came back to KL just to attend this event
shananeh, happy sangat for u & muiz
and so envy too cuz u've taken the big step to committment
I pray all the best & wonderful years to come
for u my dearest!

Getting ready...masih relax lagi...ngeee

Did i tell u babe that u look so gorgeous that day?
nice color scheme
beautiful oldskool kebaya
nicely done make up (loving the eyes)
we are really glad seeing u so happy, sweet & vibrant

even though at first u're really nervous
become the centre of attention
but everything went well
the food is amazingly delicious
roti jala harus ade selalu ok!
but next time make sure u have enough sleep
before the big day lah babe

The crowd

The ring

The soon-become-family

the sweet blood

Congratulations babe...
i'm so happy for both of u
to see how your love grow into something so beautiful
and u guys made it this far
wishing u the best in everything
until the end of time

here's something for u & muiz to ponder...

"to love is to love more
never fails to be there
never know what for sure
but as long as i have you
and you have me
i know nothing else matters"

happy engagement shana & muiz!

King Of Leon- Use somebody