Wednesday, December 31, 2008

To My Surprise


It's a day before 2009
It's a belated birthday gift

After 2 years...
a modern vintage watch that built
to withstand my needs & style

Thank you My Dear Surfacing :)

Tuesday, December 30, 2008



It took me a while to post an entry bout my trip to Sarawak
Day to day I’ve tried…
but I don’t know why
I couldn’t write a bloody word to describe the trip
Maybe I’ve lost perfect words
Maybe it’s too personal…

It came to realized
that we will see 2009 in 48 hours
I guess this is the perfect moment to reminisce
One of the greatest thing happened to me this year…
The 6 days trip last august was a blessed
It’s emotionally engaging
I guess below are the reasons why I missed it now.


7 august -ak 5214 - 7.40pm

It’s my first time..
Can u blame me for being overexcited?
Seriously I feel like a 7 year old kid...
Everything is damn interesting
Walaupon gelap gulita...
aku asek pandang luar tingkap jeee
punyela sakai perangai
and I’m glad my first time was with my surfacing;)


Si Kancil Putih

Imagine a kancil that out of fuel
just 20 minute after we left the airport
Seb baik la kartik ade kan
Kalau tak sangkut la tgh2 kuching tu

But the car really helped us a lot
Fuel saver and ‘spacey’ for big guys
like my surfacing n megat
Bile due2 dok depa...bahu ngan peha berlaga2
Comel je haku tengok


Clockwise: jelly fish, sotong kangkung,
mi belacan,rojak buah(swee kang)

Freaking awesome hot delicious foods!
Studying there for 3 years
really gave advantage to my surfacing & friends
to explore the best food in town.

The first night they took me to area Masjid Kuching
I had the best ayam penyet!
I’ve searched at KL…
I’ve tried wong solo, penyet ria but it’s never the same
The taste is unforgettable

From top: Raja ayam penyet
(dah licin aku kerjakan..hihi)
nasi ayam butter, menu yang comel

Then we went to Swee Kang…
Chinese own home restaurant...
it’s incredible
Datang je penuh gile orang
Berdiri dalam 5 min baru dapat tempat

Jellyfish, sotong kangkung, mi belacan,
rojak buah & air “white lady”
It’s hard to describe whether its ABC or laichikang
cuz its just different
u will never taste this at KL

From left: laksa Sarawak, chicken wing, “white lady”

The famous drink is definitely Teh C Peng
I had it all the time from day 1
Die mcm teh susu yang letak gula melaka..
sedapp gileee

I also had laici susu at Unimas…
And the best chicken wing in Malaysia
(exaggerate betol kan)
But seriously, it’s big, yummy and tastier
Sesape pegila try kat other side of waterfront

I also tried the rest of Sarawak Food such as
Laksa Sarawak, mee kolok & kek lapis!
(superman pon kata yummy)
The only thing I regret was not able to eat seafood at Topspot
Maybe next trip mase Rainforest ke ;)


Bata & Sarawak Plaza

I wish I had more money…
Enough said
Mane nak beli barang2 sarawak origin nye
Yang dekat shopping complex lagi

I bought handbag, shoes
I’m that close to buy
a half price Duty free guess watch

Tun Jugah & The BEST T-shirt shop in Malaysia

There’s a lot of shopping complex around
Sarawak plaza, Tun Jugah, Kuching Plaza,
The springs, wisma satok
Maybe it’s not that huge...
but it definitely has something to offer

Like this one shop (Rupert) sells great price
brand new imported comic, band t-shirts
Range RM70-100
KL Pon takde ni!


Rambang mata gilee

Everyone knows I go crazy
for ethnic/ bohemian stuff
n Sarawak is bloody famous for its ethnicity
from accessory to display

Again I wish I’m filthy rich
so I can buy every damn accessory from head to toe,
the cool craft handbag, Headhunters t-shirt
(nice graphic t-shirt cost around RM35-75)
tikar Sarawak, vase, ethnic instrument
nak semua lah!

Ethnic café & one of the shop at Kuching
Tapi beg aku tuh bukan Sarawak ye

I managed to buy a few stuff
such as bangles, tudung,
Sarawak pen & RM 10 wooden watch.


Waterfront Kuching town & opposite

Beautiful view Day & Night
I felt like in ‘Before Sunrise’
The time we walked at waterfront around 9 am..ngee
Dengan sampan yang ada iklan Hotlink kat atapnye…
Tapi x sempat naik sampan tambang 50 sen tu…

Waterfront the other side

Waterfront the other side
give a good view of Kuching Town
Especially at night

The best part was one of the nights
The whole Kuching & Miri blackout for 2 hours
It was eerie & exciting at the same time
Traffic Jam all over the place
cuz everyone wanted to get out of their hse

Our super Kancil suddenly out of gas
Hadoi memang klaka bleh wat citer zombie
What we did was had our fav chicken wing
at the other side of waterfront
Blackout2 pon makan je dok pikir!


Signage Cultural Village

We took a 45min travel by car from Kuching Town
This is a must go place for a first timer at Sarawak
I went there with hopes n dreams
to see different cultures in Sarawak and guess what…
It’s closed!

ngan batu takde kepala ni pon jadilaa

We were there at 4pm
it’s already closed for visitor.
Gigih je kita pegi sane eh Megat …
last2 x dpt masuk pon…
Now you know why all the pictures at the entrance ye…
Mock-up je tuh! Ngeee


Damai Beach Resort

Frustrated with the closed cultural village
We went to Damai Beach Resort
to relief the 45min stress
Actually it’s not for public unless u stay there
But what the hell kan..frust la katakan

Gunung Santubong ke Sejinjang ntah

So there you go a bunch of pictures at the beach
Menyesal plak haku x bawak baju spare
Kalau tak selambe je aku mandi manda situ

Damai Beach Resort is be-au-tif-ful!
I promise myself I will stay here
the next trip to Sarawak

we were here!

Air die maybe tak secantik redang ke ape kan
But it’s worth it
We really enjoyed the scenic view
My Surfacing said we have to be careful though
cuz there’s a lot of dangerous Jellyfish & Catfish


Bodyguard2 Tersohor

His friends is my friends
I love their company cuz ade je
mende2 yang akan dijadikan bahan lawak
Pendek kata hidup aku ceria dan sentiasa gembira

Thanks guys for ya’ll effort
showed me around the place n stuff
You know who you are...

To daus & Ajeez…
I will never forget what happened at McDonald Kuching
for the rest of my life…hahahahah


At Unimas & Waterfront

To go for a trip together
is our dream since we knew each other
This is the first time after 7 years…
We had a great time together
The best time of my life

At the other side of waterfront

I just love his patience & concern
Tell me to try this…
to eat that

He wanted me to experience
his 3 years of living at Sarawak in 6 days
“This is where I eat during lunch...
where I bought t-shirt, Where we hangout on weekend,
my hostel, my shooting location…”


He did a good job taking good care of me
So tell me my dear surfacing…
Do you really want to see
Lamb Of God live at Jakarta
on 9th march 2009 without me?
Tibe-tibe cerite lain kan...

Sexy Back

So there...
the 10 reasons why I miss Sarawak
I definitely will go there again…
Even though my Surfacing is here now

Probably for the Rainforest World Music Festival
(Been planning for years)
And for the delicious foodies…
See you again cat town!


I want to be a great Muslim
I want to spend more time with my parents
I want to love My Surfacing always & forever
I want to have more money
I want to spend more money to my family
I want to see my friends & spend more time with them
I want an increment of salary
I want to be recognised by great people
I want to have a successful career
I want to produce a TV Programme
I want to help my Surfacing produce his first feature film
I want to sleep well and get up early
I want to get a curvy body with a tone abs
I want to have a beautiful healthy skin
I want to tint my car window
I want to wash my car twice a month at least
I want to eat more fruits & salads
I want to exercise 30min every morning
I want to eat vitamin everyday
I want to eat less cheese
I want to eat at place i never eat before
I want to smile more & be less angry
I want to change my hp & buy a digital camera
I want to buy more vintage clothes & bags
I want to go for a trip

I want to wish you all a happy new year
Selamat Menyambut Maal Hijrah 1430.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


level 30 menara dbkl

End of the year
so many things to do
ppl going crazy
talking bout closing down account
catching payment & stuff
I can't believe 2009 is coming in 8 days...
it feels like yesterday i posted an entry about new year

dataran merdeka from menara dbkl

carlos show off skill die

I wasn't around cuz of my hectic work schedule
we're appointed to produce a product video for KWSP
5 days shooting
a lot of props & talents involved
1st presentation is today
hopefully they like it
siap je nanti..
dapat la kowang tgk video ni kat
kaunter-kaunter kwsp..ngee

fina (si baju merah) sedare se'cheese' aku

premiere ward, damansara specialist hospital

work it guys!

I would like to wish merry xmas to anyone who celebrate it
I don't know why...
I just love the deco...
it's so merry!
dan semestinye...cuti!

dataran masjid putrajaya

bos pon tak terkecuali jadi talent

Friday, November 28, 2008

Isyraq...You are 2!

Mohd Isyraq Hadif

Happy Birthday Isyraq!
belated actually since it's celebrated
2 weeks ago.
His birthday was on 9 Nov close to our parents
anniversary on the 11 nov...

So my sis, Ringo & Matno decided to celeb both of
the event with a simple bbq party
takdela party mane pon cuz it's just us
family-family with some frens...

the invitation pon decided by my sis & matno...
since she's the host & financier...

The Host - Matno & Ringo

It was raining heavily...
sayang betul tak dpt bbq bebetul
kat bawah pokok rambutan...
but it all went well..
we had lots of fun eating and yes...
mainly eating.

The guests

The menu memang bes la utk kitowang
cuz we cook western like once in a blue moon...
But Ringo & Matno mmg tere bab bbq2 ni...

My part was to cook side dishes
so I cooked..
well more like experiment
cuz it was my first time..
Totally depends on the recipe i copied from
resipidiana & martha stewart
jadi tuh jadila..
sedapnye tuh maybe x 100% gempak...
sape makan taula cemane rasenye...ngee

The Feast

So we settled down with lamb,chicken wing,
prawn, hotdogs, potato jacket, macaroni cheese,
mashed potato, coselaw, mushroom soup & garlic bread
air root beer jela... takde sparkling2 ye...

The 2 kids in the party

Nama je besday isyraq tapi kids yg dtg 3 org je...
The rest resakse-resakse kelaparan dalam ujan

My lovely family ( x cukup korum lg ni )

Then some cake-cutting session
Simple cake je just for ritual
we let jasmin to blow the candle
kang takleh makan lak penuh air lior si isyraq

Maklang dengan Isyraq & Si Kodam

The eating part was like endless...
ade je mende nak makan atas meja
pastu asek bergambo ajela...
I'm not really surprised when shana told me
she captured 600 pix...
asekla posing je keje.

Too hard to resist...he's really a sweetheart

Isyraq was really happy dat day...
he probably wondered why lots of ppl in d house
and all the attention to him...
See young man, u might not remember this...
but the entry will remind u of this moment one day ;)

Hanging out

And u know wut Isyraq...
We should thank aunt shananeh bulah & Uncle Muiz
Becuz they were kind enough
to snap all this beautiful pictures!
and to uncle edex for letting me borrowed
the office camera

Punyela eksaited dapat hadiah

the best part where he excitedly
open all the gifts...
Memang mcm gile la dok mengoyak kertas hadiah..

mesti die dok pikir...
apesal la orang kasik aku hadiah bes bes ni
wait till u 17 & all u want for your birthday is money
(i guess that's me ..ngee)

Isyraq seems to has a special bond with muiz...
amik gamba punye la gelak kemain
macam-macam pose die wat
maklang jeles la camni...

but wait till u see how he 'bond' with the girls
kemain gatal nyee la orang bujang sorang ni
jangan Isyraq...
Maklang tanak ko jadi norman hakim ye

naughty naughty boy

My Dear Isyraq...
I wish you all the best in life
I wish you grow up to be a good son & man
I wish you will achieve whatever u wish for
I wish you love us like how we love you now
You know...
I will always be there for you, my pretty boy
Maklang sayang sangat Isyraq.

Happy 2nd Birthday!

you and me

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Take a Picture

Motorola L6

Hp aku skang memang agak hine la keadaan nye...
tetibe je back casing die xleh rapat...
jadi terpaksala pakai getah
tapi untuk stylo sket aku pakai la getah rambut nipis tuh kan
takdela letak getah lastik cicak tuh

tgkla kalau ade rezeki next year nak bli sony ericsson
skang pakai jela L6 gile ni dulu kan...
nak bli yg cybershot so bleh jadi cam dgcam...
barula gamba2 dlm hp pon lawo sket...

aku ni suke simpan gamba byk2...
kenkadang da transfer pon still nak simpan lg..
aku suke kalau bosan2 tgk balik gambo2 ni
antara yg aku simpan la macam gamba2 bawah ni

gamba-gamba self-captured pelbagai angle
aku ni kalau rase cam tudung ok ke..
mekap elok ke, muke rase kurus ke...
mesti nak amik gamba self-captured
kire bad habit hard to break la ni

die ni jangan ckpla...
memang byk gile muke surfacing dlm hp aku ni
but the thing is, he hates to pose.
so kadang2 jela dapat gambo elok2 senyum camni
most of the time suke wat muke garang ;)
tapi last2 jadi muke rocky..ngee ehhehehehe

tak sahla kalau takde gambo berdua kan...
and die mesti bengang aku post gambo ni
pasal muke die x sedia
tapi lantakla kan muke aku elok time ni..hahahaha

my sunshine...
gambo ni wat aku tersengih2 je...
klako pon ade..kiut pon ade
time ni die tgh sibuk try spek si jay
macam pompuan pun ye gak muke ko ni isyraq

isyraq nye gamba dlm hp aku ni byk gakla...
dari umo sebulan smpi la 2 tahun ni...
what can i do..
he's too sweet & cheeky!

ha amik ko, gedebuk di pangkuan aku
kodam hai kodam...
happy birthday cik kodam (which is today!)
dah setahun dah ha
aunty pet dgr kodamnye berat 10kg ye..
kus semangat tol rase nak pelok2 skang jugak!

i love this picture!
nnt nak soh my surfacing amik gambo ngan isyraq lak
he really likes kids
look how happy adam with him
walaupon ganeh tp masih ade softspot...
jerghi & lain2...jgn kutuk gamba ni ok ;)

nih view dr tingkap opis aku...
so bile aku tensen, pandang kiri dan nahhh...
terbentang luas highway...
bes sebab bleh check jalan jam ke tak nak kuar...
or kenkadang nampak keta2 hebat mcm ferrari
(aku masih jakun melihatnye)
cube teka kat mane opis aku ni...

ni gamba2 bile bosan, takde keje...
aku ade gak amik tangan, baju, dan lelain
(jgn fikir lain)
tp gamba x de motif ni x banyakla..

byk la lagi gamba lain ...
ade family, friends tp xde lak dlm tdrive skang...
hopefully bile dpt cybershot nye hp...
bertambah meriahla koleksi gambo dlm hp aku.

so ape gamba dlm hp anda?
share le sket ;)

Song for today :
Dakota by Stereophonics