Friday, November 28, 2008

Isyraq...You are 2!

Mohd Isyraq Hadif

Happy Birthday Isyraq!
belated actually since it's celebrated
2 weeks ago.
His birthday was on 9 Nov close to our parents
anniversary on the 11 nov...

So my sis, Ringo & Matno decided to celeb both of
the event with a simple bbq party
takdela party mane pon cuz it's just us
family-family with some frens...

the invitation pon decided by my sis & matno...
since she's the host & financier...

The Host - Matno & Ringo

It was raining heavily...
sayang betul tak dpt bbq bebetul
kat bawah pokok rambutan...
but it all went well..
we had lots of fun eating and yes...
mainly eating.

The guests

The menu memang bes la utk kitowang
cuz we cook western like once in a blue moon...
But Ringo & Matno mmg tere bab bbq2 ni...

My part was to cook side dishes
so I cooked..
well more like experiment
cuz it was my first time..
Totally depends on the recipe i copied from
resipidiana & martha stewart
jadi tuh jadila..
sedapnye tuh maybe x 100% gempak...
sape makan taula cemane rasenye...ngee

The Feast

So we settled down with lamb,chicken wing,
prawn, hotdogs, potato jacket, macaroni cheese,
mashed potato, coselaw, mushroom soup & garlic bread
air root beer jela... takde sparkling2 ye...

The 2 kids in the party

Nama je besday isyraq tapi kids yg dtg 3 org je...
The rest resakse-resakse kelaparan dalam ujan

My lovely family ( x cukup korum lg ni )

Then some cake-cutting session
Simple cake je just for ritual
we let jasmin to blow the candle
kang takleh makan lak penuh air lior si isyraq

Maklang dengan Isyraq & Si Kodam

The eating part was like endless...
ade je mende nak makan atas meja
pastu asek bergambo ajela...
I'm not really surprised when shana told me
she captured 600 pix...
asekla posing je keje.

Too hard to resist...he's really a sweetheart

Isyraq was really happy dat day...
he probably wondered why lots of ppl in d house
and all the attention to him...
See young man, u might not remember this...
but the entry will remind u of this moment one day ;)

Hanging out

And u know wut Isyraq...
We should thank aunt shananeh bulah & Uncle Muiz
Becuz they were kind enough
to snap all this beautiful pictures!
and to uncle edex for letting me borrowed
the office camera

Punyela eksaited dapat hadiah

the best part where he excitedly
open all the gifts...
Memang mcm gile la dok mengoyak kertas hadiah..

mesti die dok pikir...
apesal la orang kasik aku hadiah bes bes ni
wait till u 17 & all u want for your birthday is money
(i guess that's me ..ngee)

Isyraq seems to has a special bond with muiz...
amik gamba punye la gelak kemain
macam-macam pose die wat
maklang jeles la camni...

but wait till u see how he 'bond' with the girls
kemain gatal nyee la orang bujang sorang ni
jangan Isyraq...
Maklang tanak ko jadi norman hakim ye

naughty naughty boy

My Dear Isyraq...
I wish you all the best in life
I wish you grow up to be a good son & man
I wish you will achieve whatever u wish for
I wish you love us like how we love you now
You know...
I will always be there for you, my pretty boy
Maklang sayang sangat Isyraq.

Happy 2nd Birthday!

you and me


rusanna said...

oh isyraq da 2years old. aunty shana silap ah tulis kt FB. anyway i wish tht he'll grow up be a really good man at heart with the good looks complete :)

makcik pet plak thx for the credit babe. no problem at all okay.

along said...

ala chomel nye d last two picchas!

hepi belated isyraq~!!

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