Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Good times bad times

Arini aku rase tolol
aku tak tahu kenape ketololan malam ini sgt tolol daripada malam yang lain
malah tolol ini bukan sebarang tolol
kenape aku bersikap tolol begini?
aku pon tatau tolol ape yang merasuk diriku yang tolol ini
sehingga aku menulis post tolol
yang hanya menjadikan aku lebih tolol
tolol setolol-tololnya
tololkah aku?

bosan dengan masa ini
aku benci
nyata aku tidak menyumbangkan sebarang kepositifan
tenggelam ke dasar
aku tak dpt describe ape sebenarnya yang aku rasakan sekarang
cume daripada perkataan perkataan di atas
maka nyatalah apa yang aku cuba sampaikan
maka dengan segala hormatnya
kesimpulan daripada huraian panjang di atas
bermula dari satu punca sahaja

aku boringggggggggggggggggggggggg

demmm &#$%%#%&**^&^!
(bukan carutan, sekadar klimaks cerita)

sekian terima kasih.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Yesterday i hate airport

Yesterday ...
today i'm not there wif u...
today im not there beside you...
today im not there encouraging you...
today im not there watching u menguap sebab gelabah...
today im not there to record ur performance wif dvcam...
today im not there being ur band-aid cheering up for you..
today im not there smiling proudly seeing u up there singing...
today im not there enjoying every single growl u make..
today im not there to calm u down when its already ur turn...
today im not there to hand the towel cuz u sweating badly...
today im not there to carry ur bag and gaze at each other...
today im not there like yesterday...
today im not there at all...
but today you know deep inside i'm wishing u good luck...
and today i will always support you no matter how far we are...
cuz today is one of ur big day...
and today i want u to know that...
deep inside i'm there for you...
always there...

Monday, September 12, 2005

What a life

Things getting WEIRDER each day dun u think so?

It's been a while since my last update..
to make story short..
now i'm working with this small advertising company at ampang..
Dah 3 bulan
dah konvo last august..
My work as Project executive keep me busy every single day...
Demand my quality time...
Test me physically and mentally...
But great teamwork,
Crazy officemate..
And a very strict boss ..Ngee

And yeah..been 3 months my zulfly jadi org samarahan.
He further study kat Unimas,Sarawak..
amik cinematography..
We officially PJJ..
orang kate banyak dugaan..
Alhamdulillah we are still what we are..
Whatever it is..intention is important.
Niat yang baik..membuahkan hasil yang baik juga.

...I miss him badly right now...

*If I could save Time in a bottle
The first thing that I'd like to do
Is to save every day'
Til Eternity passes away
Just to spend them with you

*Jim Croce - Time in a bottle

Wednesday, April 20, 2005



I definitely gonna miss the sound of audible
"hello..i know you're there..i can see you"
"heloo?heloo..echo echo"
from sumone who always try to wake me up
at 9.30 am sharp or right after die sampai je opis:)
my surfacing..take care i'm not gonna be there in
yahoo messenger for quite sometime ok..
but i definitely will call you
say 4 times a day?hihihihih..
thank you bagi flash dat will remind me
kalau2 saya paranoid..;)

Good Luck!


To all my classmates where ever you are...
Good Luck!
Semoga berjumpa lagi ;)

Hello Goodbye

MI high tea

You say "Yes",
I say "No".
You say "Stop"
and I say "Go, go, go".
Oh no.
You say "Goodbye" and
I say "Hello, hello, hello".
I don't know why you say "Goodbye",
I say "Hello, hello, hello".

You say "Yes",
I say "No".
(I say "Yes", but I may mean "No").
You say "Stop",
I say "Go, go, go".
(I can stay still it's time to go).

Goodbye MMU...
Goodbye Media Innovation...
Goodbye server yg aku bleh download macam2..
smallville,that 70s show,scrubs,mp3...
owh aku berjaya mencapai misi mencukupkan
mp3 aku jadi 4000 before kluar mmu..
skang ade 4206 lagu..wu huu
whatever it is...
Gonna miss all these 4 years that i spend with you,MMU.

Movies with guts

zulfly art

Movies with guts..
so what's ur favourite film of all time?
there's so many great film that want to put
in the list.but still i can't remember much..
so here goes my list (wif no particular oder) :

the shawshank redemption. the crow.
texas chainsaw massacre. se7en,
braveheart. american history x.
natural born killer. session 9.
a perfect world run lola run.
fight club. it.
i am sam. farewell my concubine.
mulholland drive. lockstock&;2 smoking barrels.
lotr trilogy. star wars
american splendour the full monty
titus high fidelity
irreversible malena
american beauty jerry maguire
gang of new york elephant
mallrats shutter
predator zatoichi
a night's tale meet joe black
the last horror movie let him have it
last life in universe taegukgi
the exorcist the omen
the shining joe's apartment
arlington road being john malcovich
monster inc finding nemo
emeperor's new groove pretty woman
simone road to perdition
passion of the crist pet sematary
phone booth the secert garden
the wizard of oz mary poppins
mystic pizza baby's day out
beavis and butt head bedazzled
bend it like beckham blade
blair witch project blood:the last vampire
edward scissorhands Fahrenheit 911
how to make an american quilt shrek
in the mood for love the lion of the desert
the message twilight samurai
hitler-the rise of evil almost famous
this is spinal tap waking life
school of rock million dollar baby
what's eating gilbert grape don juan de marco
the story of us 28 days later
detroit rock city the devil's advocate
audition ichi the killer
heaven and earth a tale of 2 sisters
10 things i hate bout you bonnie and clyde
bowfinger boys dom't cry
steel magnolias clockwork orange
empire record cruel intention
the truman show everybody's famous
monster catch me if you can
memento chocolat
dancer in the dark life is a house
trainspotting help!
kill bill nightmare before christmas
training day house of 1000 corpes
el-mariachi pulp fiction
before sunrise original sin
the langoliers. vulgar
ghost grease
hannibal silence of the lambs
psycho A.i
nobody knows ghandi
shakespeare in love signs
sleeping with the enemy sleepless in seattle
spiderman red violin
resurrection stir of echoes
terminator that thing you do
true romance unbreakable
untamed heart the wedding singer
what woman want ringgit kasorrga
rabun buai laju laju
kami spinning gasing
the big durian sepet
Ali setan
dari jemapoh ke manchestee
perempuan,isteri dan ...
semua Allahyarham P ramlee movies

fiuhh what a list..
enway my surfacing taught me a lot
bout movies..sume pinjam dr die je..
movie freak la katakan..
yeh zulfly?hehehe

Tuesday, April 19, 2005



Everything was said and done.
But there's something else linger in my mind
trying to get out.
I need to say something to those people
who were there from A-Z while i'm doing my fyp.

So here goes my credits:

First and foremost, Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah SWT,
for making this project a memorable one,
and for the time to finish it.

I would like to say my highest gratitude to all my lecturers,
Mr Khairul Hazrin Mr Kenneth Hiew Mr Fauzan
Mr Nazri Miss Sharon Miss Nana
Mrs Rina Mr Imran
who gave their full attention, consultation and support me
to finish this project.

Thank you to Mr Fajrul Norman for lending me the
sound effect cd and let me and neesa keep it ..
err fer week.teruk kitorang ni kan.hihii

I would like to thank my parents,
Abdul Ghani Ilyas and Sharifah Fatimah Syed Mahmud,
who have been supportive and understanding
about the project morally and financially.
Without them i won't be able to finish this project.
Thank you umi bagi org pakai dapur rumah satu hari suntuk
nak shoot and sume terpaksa makan kedai.
Imagine 3 kali reshoot.:p
to my siblings, Ija,Bai,Ajin and sweetie jasmin
who supports me all the time.Thank you jasmin tak nakal2
mase tgh shoot :)

A high gratitude to my roommates,
Neesa Ameera and Shanida
who always been there and help me a lot
though out the process of completing this project.
Thanks NEESA,
without ur dvcam aku takleh shoot langsung pon.
And helping me mase first buat kat umah ko tu.
And nida for giving me all ur opinion on wut looks good or not.
kirenye private consultation la neh..hehehe
And to Shana who give me moral support and critism.

And i'm saving this credit for someone very special...
A special thanks to my significant other,
Zulkarnain for his best support and encouragement all this while.
Thank you cuz u always there
whenever i need opinion,or to relief my tension.
Thank you for being honest with ur critics which tell me
what's right or wrong.
And tolong saya mase first shoot umah neesa:)

Thank you to my classmate Smekky,Ijat,Acol,anuar,Ili
(for the after effect plugin cd)

and to
ALL who involve in the making of this project.

You know who you are...

Thank You very much

يَاأَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ ءَامَنُوا اجْتَنِبُوا كَثِيرًا مِنَ الظَّنِّ إِنَّ بَعْضَ الظَّنِّ إِثْمٌ وَلَا تَجَسَّسُوا وَلَا يَغْتَبْ بَعْضُكُمْ بَعْضًا أَيُحِبُّ أَحَدُكُمْ أَنْ يَأْكُلَ لَحْمَ أَخِيهِ مَيْتًا فَكَرِهْتُمُوهُ وَاتَّقُوا اللَّهَ إِنَّ اللَّهَ تَوَّابٌ رَحِيمٌ

Yang bermaksud:

Wahai orang-orang yang beriman! Jauhilah kebanyakan
dari sangkaan (supaya kamu tidak menyangka

sangkaan yang dilarang)
kerana sesungguhnya sebahagian dari sangkaan itu adalah dosa
dan janganlah kamu mengintip atau mencari-cari kesalahan

dan keaiban orang dan janganlah setengah kamu
mengumpat setengahnya yang lain.
Adakah seseorang dari kamu suka memakan daging

saudaranya yang telah mati?
(Jika demikian keadaan mengumpat)
maka sudah tentu kamu jijik kepadanya.
(Oleh itu, patuhilah larangan-larangan yang tersebut)
dan bertakwalah kamu kepada Allah;
sesungguhnya Allah Penerima taubat, lagi Maha mengasihani.
(Surah Al-Hujuraat, Ayat: 12).

Monday, April 18, 2005

Ghazal BBQ

the barbeque story

Khamis lepas-14 April

Bebudak ghazal wat bbq..kirenye cam farewell nye bbq la neh.
mule2 plan nakw at kat umah Neesa tapi tak jadi sbb ramai tade transport nak gi.

so sume pakat2 wat kat cyberpark pas tgk presentation bebudak
pukul 6 kitorang pegi cyberpark.
seumo idup aku 4 tahun kt mmu nila perst time aku gi cyberpark.

padehal bukan jauh sgt pon.

The barbeque went quite well.walaupon perst2 ade difficulty

cam tade lampu kt kawasan tu.but pastu budak2 gi beli lilin
sampai 4 kotak nak terangkan kws tuh.pastu api susah
nak idup pasla baru pas ujan.
tp atas kepakaran PJ sume nye menjadi kenyataan ..ewahhh.

Aku takla membakar sgt pon..sebab takot jadi ape2 kat ayam tu..

tak pasal2 budak tu gi tapau KFC lak kang
kempunan makan ayam.cikgu lak tak dtg..sedih gak la kan.

aku try call dr pagi tak dpt2.
maybe someday we'll meet again.

lame gakla nak siap membakar ayam ni sampai agak kebulur aku.
seb baik ptg tuaku dah tala roti canai.

Balan lak sediakan mashed potato same coselow (btol ke aku eja ni)..
original recipe lah ni sampai tanak kasik tau pon resipi die ape..

taula sedap.
Cess..takpe balan nanti aku korek same ayeen..hehehe

kendian just lepak2 aje la makan ayam and kambing tp

byk tak abes bakar sebab kol 11 pakcik security tu dah bising2 suruh packing.
Aktiviti malam tu adelah makan..pertunjukan magik oleh balan.
game black magic dan game kira brape yg menyakitkan hati oleh
anuar dan juge sesi karaoke lagu sentuhan listrikmu oleh balan,semut dan anuar. was great to haf bbq like diz sumtimes.
See ya around guys ...lenkali kite wat bbq kat tepi laut plak ;)

sape nak check gamba will upload soon

Friday, April 15, 2005


This post is specially dedicated to Innervision..
you know who you are.
Sambil aku taip ni aku sgt sedih actually.
Dah menangis dah pon. Tak sangka dah 4 tahun kat sini..
dah nak habes dah..dah nak berjauhan nanti.

Aku rase macam aku baru je kenal korang.....
Aku masih terbayang muke pendiam NEESA waktu first aku

masuk hostel hb4 a3010 tu..
muke anak manja..hhehe..

and muke serious NIDA macam sombong gitu
tapi bile kenal ya ampunn sangat klaka banget ko ni.

muke frenly SHANA yg aku tgk macam budak form 1 je masuk MMU ni...hihihi.
"hye saya ruzanna"....

Pastu kite pindah lak Cyberia a1-0-5..jadi housemate....
That time we really know each other..dig in more into ourselves..
learn who we are.....The best time is when kite
wat project MPM wat vid love me butch....
Sampai skang lekat name innervision kan.
and when lecturers called us wif different names such as
"Geng Tape Itam" by En Erwin
sebab grup kite je gune masking tape warna itam mase submission....
And En Norman panggil kita geng gangster..
still remember guys :)...
Those were beautiful days kan..
then kite masuk gamma masing2 pilih major.....

SHANA yg paling lain sebab amik DM..But we're still dat close......
Nuthin can get in way of our friendship.....
And until this final year...
we remain bestfriends..malam2 ajak NEESA gi makan
roti canai kt putrajaya..
agak2 nak makan sedap gi warisan..
agak2 nak jalan2 gi mid belly...

NEESA who always think bout other ppl than herself,
who will do her best to help me in any way..
who I share my lifestory with..yg suke menjerit
and lagging bile org panggil..hihihih.....

NIDA who seems serious but sarcastic and lawak
die mmg gilebabeng lawak tak ingat..
Who help me find the software even die tgh busy...
Who sing with me malam2 bile tensen and we hit that
high note song "I have nothing" by whitney houston..hahahaha.......

SHANA..yang manja gila and the sweetest friend who
always kacau aku kat hello mintak gamba2 baru dia
sebab nak upload..hahah..
who drive me to Mines bile nak repair pc yg jahanam
last menet nak present....
Who donlod lagu hiphop dlm pc aku..owh plis shana..
and also share lagu2 best jugak ngan aku..

I just want to tell three of u..NEESA,NIDA and SHANA.....
U are the most wonderful,bestest caring bestfriend i ever had..
we've been together ups and downs..who be there when i need utmost..
who never leave me when i'm in bad day...
who always advise me if i do wrong....
who laugh wif me even i make stupid unreasonable jokes....
who cry wif me when i feel so low lower than low.....
who stay wif me when i'm sick even when i got a nice bed and
u sleep on the hard uncomfortable chair......
Who tell me the truth and never play talam 2 muka with me......
who be MY BESTFRIEND all these while helping me
and making me happy.

You guys are UNBELIEVABLE....the sweetest thing in my life..
and note that we will always be bestfriends always.
Even kalau kita jarang2 jumpa nanti.....
All of the memory will always keeps me remembering u in the
deepest place in my heart.

For this aku nak dedicate lagu UNFORGETTABLE
kat korang gak in bestfriend way because you guys
deserve the song too...
You all are unforgettable to me in every way.
Love u so much!

Retro with the Universe

Right after screening plak..aku tros bergegas ke Viper Club..
oops jgn salah sangka ye..
aku kene balik same akak aku so aku kene la pegi jumpe die...
Akak aku keje main Live Band kat sane with her fiancee.
Die keybordist while her fiancee lak Drummer band ni.

So this is the first time lah aku pegi Viper Club

setelah 3 bulan akak aku keje situ.
Gamba ni gamba band akak aku tgh main lagu

"Let's Groove by Kool and the gang"..
kene tunggu die main 3 set sampai 2.30..
mule2 mengantuk tapi bile tgk dorang main tros

ilang mengantuk beb...
(ayat2 promosi sedang di tulis)

So anyone yg nak chill out layan Live band...
jenguk2 la Viper Club cuz for me they play a

good music which can entertain u guys..

Tapi aku nak bagi peringatan ye..
Viper Club ni Pub..Mmg tempat org minum2 ler..
aku just ajak korang dtg tgk Live band

je ye bukan ajak tonggang2...
Minum coke je dahler...

Enway dun worry..tempat ni open space..
die bukak main door so dat ppl can hear the music
and rase teruja nak tgk (good way of promotion)
So anyone who feels like listening to Kool and the gang,
TOTO,Stevie Wonder,Gary moore or lagu2 retro from 60's to 80's ..
jom kite lepak viper jom!
(Tapi jgn mabuk2 ye aku takmo tanggung dose)

The story teller club 3rd screening

Oh ye..right before my presentation week..
me and zul went to Leo Burnett for

RABUN uncut screening.
it was held by Pn Yasmin Ahmad

for The Storyteller Club..

this is the 3rd screening and kalini kitorang

berpeluang join sekali.
Ngan aku2 yg nak kene siapkan FYP pon..

ah peduli same itu kerje..
Screening ni buat kat Leo Burnett Amptheatre..

ni first time la aku pegi
Leo Burnett and i was like
wow..besarnyee..ramainye staff die..byknye komputer..

Jakun btol aku ni kan..
Sambil tu dok bayang2..

Wut if i get a chance to work here..
Start dah berangan2 aku neh..

kami dtg pukul 8 and tros di ajak makan nasik lemak oleh pn yasmin..
wah bestnye ..dahla screening free ade makan2 lak..
unfortunately aku sgt kenyang..(saya tak diet lah Kak Min)
so aku pau zul punye sket je rase..sedap plak..ngee.

The screening start pukul 9 right after Pn Yasmin tayangkan
her previous commercial...gumbire tol aku dpt tgk

balik iklan kasut gombak tu.
And RABUN start screening.habes sahaje RABUN
ade sesi perbincangan ttg RABUN..kire cam Q&A session la neh..
Personally..aku dah tgk RABUN terlampau byk kali..
and this time bile tgk kat screen besar feel tuh lebih

rase kuat dlm diri aku..

and personally i say i prefer RABUN as this film is more to
personal life which aku rase related sgt2 sebab rabun focus
more on Pak Atan & Mak Inom.. Seeing them in this

film buat aku
rindu dgn mak ayah tros.Buat aku rase nobody in this

world could compare to them.
Buat aku tak saba nak balik nak jumpe Umi ngan ayah.
Pukul 11.30 baru gerak balik after borak2 same Pn Yasmin
and the rest of friends yg dtg.

and tak sangka lak Salleh same Aleen
pon ade sekali screening yg ni.

Enway this week aku dpt join screening lagi sekali..
so see u guys there..

This week film by


Baru habes presentation for my final year project.
I am lucky no 3 yg kene present pagi2 buta.
but die start kol 10 ye aku datang pukul

8.50 takut punye pasal.
nuthin much bout the presentation cuz dorang

just dengar and tengok je.
dah tade nak komen2 lagi dah.right after presentation rase

satu macam lak.. rase kosong..rase tade burden dah..
tp tak lama..sebab dtg lak burden baru..
burden nak tunggu result neh..

Oh well..itu yg lagi menakutkan aku rase.
Lagi2 bile tgk keje2 org lain yg sgt hebat lagi mantap.
Rasa kerjeku ni hina sahaja.enway let by gone be by gone.

Pasal FYP ni aku kene wat TVC pasal Cool Rhino.
Product baru dari cap kaki tiga tu.
setelah 3 kali reshoot

(seksa woo tanak kasi bayang2 reflect kat mende cawan stainless steel ni)
1st shoot wif zul and neesa's help.
2nd and 3rd all alone kt umah.
sumtimes rase yg FYP ni btol2 wat kita rase keseorangan

sebab everything is individual..
sume ade hal masing2 nak siapkan.

Enway..Everything comes to an end akhirnye.
The final presentation done..keje pon dah submit.
All i need to do now is waiting and praying :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2005


my birthday 20th march lepas..
thanks to everyone who wish me ...
my family,surfacing and my friends.

thanks to my dear surfacing for a

nice big day out on my birthday
and for the lovely watch ;)

FYP postponed to 11,12,13 april..

wow wee 2 weeks more to go.
thanks god postponed..

agak gabra la kalau tak sbb byk tak siap.
thanks to mr K and MI team..

berjaya memahami masalah budak2 MIdeltoids.
Enway..time is still running out ..
so gudluck guys with ur works..
may the force be wif ya.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005


tak sampai sebulan lagi akan abes blaja..
kalau aku takde extend ape2 la..
cam sedih lak dah nak abes ni..
cam sebenci2 aku kat mmu..

aku tau mesti rindu gak kat sini ..

cemane aku rase mase praktikal dulu.

eceh jiwang kat mmu lak ye..
tp actually aku sgt risau ni..pasal fyp siot ni..

dah nak dekat2 hanta ni..
tak sampai sebulan tapi aku cam berperasaan malas je..
bahaya tol ni..dahla keje macam celake..
pastu malas lak tu..cemane nak grad camni..

well looks like time is running out..
better late then never...

next week 50% nye presentation..
jiwa kacau tol ni!
sesape yg tgh wat fyp gak..
gud luck to all..
may the force be with ya!

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Tambang bas naik lagi?

Tambang pengangkutan awam dijangka naik

Oleh AZMAN ISMAIL PUTRAJAYA 1 Mac - Kadar tambang pengangkutan
awam meliputi bas bandar, bas ekspres dan teksi dijangka mengalami
kenaikan bulan depan. Bagaimanapun kenaikan itu bukan berpunca
daripada kenaikan harga diesel sebanyak lima sen mulai hari ini.
Menteri Pembangunan Usahawan dan Koperasi, Datuk Mohamed Khaled Nordin berkata,
kenaikan itu adalah hasil daripada kajian semula harga tambang yang dibuat dua bulan lalu.
``Harga tambang baru yang akan diumumkan pada bulan depan tidak ada kaitan langsung
dengan kenaikan harga diesel semalam tetapi kita akan mengkaji dari semasa
ke semasa pelbagai aspek berkaitan perkara itu,'' katanya

Gimme a break dawgg!
tambang naik lagi la plak.bagi aku yg bergantung

sepenuhnye pade pengangkutan awam
ni mmg agak bengang la bace berite arini.
aku tau yg tambang akan naik setiap 5 tambang yg

skang ni pon dah bleh nak beragak2 la kan..

batu 9 - kl : RM 2
kl- mmu : RM 3.50
kl-sg wang : RM 0.70
kl - one utama : RM 1.60
kl - shah alam : RM 2

so bayangkan bile tambang naik..aku agak kl ke cyber akan jadi RM 4..

or probably more..
sebab last time nye tambang dari batu 9- kl actually 1.20 je..

and die naikkan 80 sen jadi 2 ringgit.

wutever it is,harap2 kerajaan jgn kejam sgt la dlm bab2 naik tambang ni..

from wut i heard dorang kate 10-20% je..ntahle aku pon takleh
nak agak brape yg akan naik (math agak fail) wahlauu..

arini midterm account..aku tak paham ape pon ni and aku

tak paham apesal dlm creative multimedia punye course
kene blaja account la..database laa...
enway good luck to sesape yg amik account gak.

may the force be wif ya :)

:: tambang yg naik tetap takkan mengurangkan aktiviti berjalan hujung
minggu ku :)

Monday, February 28, 2005

Million Dollar Baby

Million Dollar Baby by Clint Eastwood is one of the
brilliant movie i've seen this year.
It's about Frankie Dunn(Clint Eastwood) who trained incredible
fighter thru out his life.

The movie start where one of his best fighter leave
him for a famous manager.
Then Maggie Fitzgerald(Hillary Swank),
a wannabe boxer walk into his gym claiming to be a
boxer at age of 31 where Frankie said she is too old to fight
and he doesn't train girls.But Maggie is stubborn for
she said she got nothing to lose,
and she gains an ally: Eddie Dupris (Morgan Freeman),
Frankie's long-time friend and cohort.

At last Dunn agree to train Maggie with a piece of advice
"always protect yourself".And she remains true to her gruff coach,
who spends his free time learning Gaelic and reading Yeats.
Then start all the training and winning part where
u can see how dedicated and bold Maggie is as she won every fight
she into,knockout within seconds.

I can also feel the chemistry between Maggie and Dunn
while the cinematography is very beautiful.
Not until when Maggie competes against an abnormally
chiseled female counterpart (Lucia Rijker) for the title,
this is where the bad dream begin.

Lookin at Maggie remind me of the late christopher reeves.
I can feel the guilty and pain inside Dunn as
he look at his "Ma Cushla" lying on the bed.
Remarkable Swank not only play Maggie to be so calm
but also didn't show any regret for what happen to her.
Wut "Ma Cushla" means enway?
book ur ticket then:)
(Rate : 4 stars )

: ::Hillary Swank,u deserved the oscar baby!::

Nasik ayam HB3 mmu

hari ni aku makan nasik ayam hb3 lagi.aku rase hampir
hari2 aku dok makan nasik ayam ni je.tak tahulah
ape yg di letak tapi aku sgt suke rasenye.
dah lame aku tak makan nasik ayam yg agak balance kalau makan luar.

antara kitorang,aku lah org first yg discover kewujudan
nasi ayam hb3 ni.first2 saje try je memandangkan
nasik lauk die camtu je tiap2 hari.muak lak aku.last2 ..
nah hamik ko..
bukan sahaje jadi peberet aku,tapi peberet budak2 ni gak.

aku rase akak tuh dah naik hapal ape kehendak aku..
"kak saya nak nasik ayam,saya nak kepak ,sambal lebih yeh"..
sebab everytime aku dtg itu aje aku mintak.

tatau la tang mane yg sedap..tang ayam nye kah?
tang nasik kah?tang sambal kah?ntah-ntah die
letak ganja kot sampai aku dok ketagih camni..
hishh nauzubillah..tula org melayu..kalau tak sedap kutuk..

kalau sedap lak mule la syak wasangka..letak ganja la..
letak sluar dlm la (khususnye teh tarik mamak)

walau ape pon teori2 yg terpikir..terima jelah hakikat..

bahawa nasik ayam makcik hb3 tu sedap sebab makcik tu pandai masak.
kan senang crite.

:: aku raser nasik ayam die sedap tang sambal ::

Friday, February 25, 2005


SEPET is a film by Yasmin Ahmad which
successfully touch my heart personally.
i mean the story,the character,the mood..
really put everything in the right track.

After i watch this film, i really feel like it's related to me.
Everything is so natural..tak macam film lain yg selalu
nampak fake,di buat2.I really love this one scene,
Orked and Jason first encounter..
their expression is very's really the thing
dat happen when u met someone and u know
man..this time it's different.

Congratulation Pn Yasmin...
You make a film that is unforgettable to me.
Me and other people who already watch SEPET,
we agree that this is not a malay film..
it's a Malaysian film.
Jom tengok SEPET lagi sekali jom!;)

Sepet : Audience review

me_being_me9: jomjom
me_being_me9: mahu tgk lagiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
psycho_history: hehehe
psycho_history: dah tgk tadi yeh?
psycho_history: best kannnn
me_being_me9: gile tak sangka nak nangiss
me_being_me9: yekk
psycho_history: hihihih tuhlaa
psycho_history: sgt naturall kannn
me_being_me9: termenangis okk
psycho_history: satu lagi part ide nerina tido tuh
psycho_history: hihihihih
psycho_history: kat umah mak aku macam tuhla die tido
me_being_me9: tusall
psycho_history: hihihihih
me_being_me9: gile slambe jek sume
me_being_me9: hahahaha
me_being_me9: mmg aha
me_being_me9: standard mmg in real life camtuh
psycho_history: tuhla sall
me_being_me9: hebatss

bug_pc (9:16:13 PM): best
bug_pc (9:16:16 PM): kelakar plak tu
bug_pc (9:16:18 PM): kihkih
psycho_history (9:16:19 PM): tuhla kan
psycho_history (9:16:26 PM): sgt related same kehidupan kita kan
bug_pc (9:17:00 PM): tu aa tu
bug_pc (9:17:04 PM): kisah masyarakat
psycho_history (9:19:24 PM): ko rase sumthin tak yg related
psycho_history (9:19:30 PM): cthnye mase die cinta pandang pertama tuh
psycho_history (9:19:36 PM): expression muke sgt natyural
psycho_history (9:19:41 PM): macam tuh la kalau baru2 kenal
bug_pc (9:20:34 PM): best sgt recommandable

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The Journey

it's more like a journey.
take it like lord of the ring.
we're walking down the same path with ups and downs
to reach our's such a long way to the top..
be patient,
be strong and wutever happen,
face it and dun ever give up.
we're still at the fellowship of the ring.
just walk,live the experience and haf fun together.
the beginning is the end is the beginning.

stay who we are for we who are not as others:)


ptptn oo ptptn... bile kamu nak mari ni?

Tuesday, February 15, 2005


yes, we see each other my dear surfacing :)

The unforgettable

that's what you are.

though near or far.

Like a song of love that clings to me.
How the thought of you does things to me.
Never before has someone been more

Unforgettable in every way...
And forever more...
that's how you'll stay.
That's why darling,
it's incredible...

That someone so unforgettable...
Thinks that I am unforgettable too ;)

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Digi Prepaid Plus

i got the bonus and hell yeah it's RM 72..
hihihi...Unbelievably true that i just spend
10 bux within 4 days..hmm...

Monday, January 17, 2005

Freedom pt 2

feels like hours...
waiting 4 diz creature battling his life..
and miracle do happens!he's moving..
but he can't fly..too weak?too scared?

maybe he broke his wings..i lay my finger
and he calmly climb on top of it...
and by the the time i took his pic,
he spread his wings and slowly fly...
you have ur freedom back my sweet butterfly...

i smile...
and i heard someone whisper...
"On broken wings I'm falling,
And it won't be long..."

Freedom pt2

he's in my room.he can't go out.
i dun reallycare enway.
but then i saw a lizard..
dat monster wanted to swallow this sweet butterfly...
i quickly get up and scared the lizard away...

he fell down..
he can't get up...
he's in between..
life and death...
save him please...