Monday, February 28, 2005

Million Dollar Baby

Million Dollar Baby by Clint Eastwood is one of the
brilliant movie i've seen this year.
It's about Frankie Dunn(Clint Eastwood) who trained incredible
fighter thru out his life.

The movie start where one of his best fighter leave
him for a famous manager.
Then Maggie Fitzgerald(Hillary Swank),
a wannabe boxer walk into his gym claiming to be a
boxer at age of 31 where Frankie said she is too old to fight
and he doesn't train girls.But Maggie is stubborn for
she said she got nothing to lose,
and she gains an ally: Eddie Dupris (Morgan Freeman),
Frankie's long-time friend and cohort.

At last Dunn agree to train Maggie with a piece of advice
"always protect yourself".And she remains true to her gruff coach,
who spends his free time learning Gaelic and reading Yeats.
Then start all the training and winning part where
u can see how dedicated and bold Maggie is as she won every fight
she into,knockout within seconds.

I can also feel the chemistry between Maggie and Dunn
while the cinematography is very beautiful.
Not until when Maggie competes against an abnormally
chiseled female counterpart (Lucia Rijker) for the title,
this is where the bad dream begin.

Lookin at Maggie remind me of the late christopher reeves.
I can feel the guilty and pain inside Dunn as
he look at his "Ma Cushla" lying on the bed.
Remarkable Swank not only play Maggie to be so calm
but also didn't show any regret for what happen to her.
Wut "Ma Cushla" means enway?
book ur ticket then:)
(Rate : 4 stars )

: ::Hillary Swank,u deserved the oscar baby!::

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jolie said...

yeah..this is one of my all time fav movie too. the act so good you were absorb into it.