Monday, April 20, 2009

Mask of Sanity

The Joker

This is the late heath ledger as The Joker in the Dark Knight
How could we forget him..
Tragic death on the road to fame

Heath Ledger

Yes still him again in the character...
Can you remember this scene?

The killing joke

It's just that these pictures is not him in reality.
It's a bloody ACTION FIGURE!!!
Can you handle this insanity??
It's bloody real...
almost perfect
and totally crazy!

I've never seen an action figure like this..
it's too real it creeps me out!
Look at the skin..
the eyes...
The eyes is bloody moving damn it!
This is their so-called new technology
Parallel Eyeball Rolling System with translucent iris something
and the eyes is moving in all direction...
justt like human..

oh well...
this is serious...
this is a must buy to all collector
The good news is you can do a PRE-ORDER at RM650
at your favourite action figure outlet...
most of them will offer pre-order service...

Well the bad news is...
The pre-order due date was last sunday...ngeee
Most of them...
so maybe you can buy it later
but with more expensive deal...

Mahal tak mahal...
If you're a collector and a big fan of The Joker...
You won't think twice about this...
It's too good to be true...
Right My Surfacing?

So why so serious?
Let's put a smile on that face!


19 mac 2009 -4.00 pm
phone conversation

N: aku nak jumpe ko gak, no matter what..this is about ******

P: ok...but aku gi mel ptg ni...and x sure abes kol brape..
nnt aku callin ko bile da abes k.

N: Ok, tp kene jumpe k aku ade mende nak citer ni.
mesti citer malam ni..kalau ko x dtg, aku dtg umah ko

P: ok..ok..nanti aku callin ko bile da abes

19 mac 2009 - 10.00pm
phone conversation

P: Sa..aku dtg umah ko la since aku da ade baju ni
aku tido umah ko teros k..

N: Ok..dtg kol brape?

P: Dalam 12 ke 12 lebey la kot..aku gerak aku call

20 mac 2009 - 12.20am
sambil naik tangga ke bilik sa

P: ko ni asal sa..dun tell me u've done anythinggg with ******

N: Yela kang aku citer laa..

P: Cepatla aku x saba doww..ntah ape la ko wat nehh..demmm

door opened...
familiar songs..
familiar face...
awesome decoration...
huge surprise!!!

the planning

the surprise

The happiness

The excitement

The mastermind

The bestest friend

Thank you neesa misae & Shananeh Bulah-Bulah
It's very sweet of you both to plan such an unbelievable,
unexpected celebration for me...
it's very thoughful, very meaningful
Whole lotta love to both of you! :)

Thursday, April 02, 2009

The Three Musketeers

Pictures were taken after attending aefa's wedding &
before celebrating shana's birthday...
The first time we posed together in baju kurung & kebaya bagai
photography by Muiz (kesian ko takde gamba..ngeehehehe)
session yg sgt klaka sebab nak posing maut tapi limited ngan
baju tradisi
shananeh dengan merah mak ngahnye...
misae keayuan pink karer gitu
aku dah macam batman ghopenye..ngeee

my bestfriends...
They always there whenever i need them
They call, sms and YM just to say hi & how are you doing
I could not ask for more

Neesa & Shana,
I am bless to have great friends like both of you.
I hope it will never change
even if we get married, have kids or anything
btw who's going first???