Thursday, April 02, 2009

The Three Musketeers

Pictures were taken after attending aefa's wedding &
before celebrating shana's birthday...
The first time we posed together in baju kurung & kebaya bagai
photography by Muiz (kesian ko takde gamba..ngeehehehe)
session yg sgt klaka sebab nak posing maut tapi limited ngan
baju tradisi
shananeh dengan merah mak ngahnye...
misae keayuan pink karer gitu
aku dah macam batman ghopenye..ngeee

my bestfriends...
They always there whenever i need them
They call, sms and YM just to say hi & how are you doing
I could not ask for more

Neesa & Shana,
I am bless to have great friends like both of you.
I hope it will never change
even if we get married, have kids or anything
btw who's going first???


neesa said...

Oh my, i cant even remember we took this pictures! i want the pictures! i love the frst picture...eveyrone hiding behind the bantal..

love you guys so much
as i too couldnt ask for more.

Thank you to you too for being such a great friend.

p/s : jom g holiday! ( shana, pet taknak join kita kan) :P

rusanna said...

hahaha ayok pet, neesa mrajuk.

yeap aku da readykan the gamba burnt in dvd for u sa.

nanti kita lepak next week yeay yeay. genting jom! hehe

pls pls let us befriend until we're old. heart u two.