Tuesday, July 24, 2007


yaya and edex...
happily married and expecting someone really special.
proof of their love.
the running blood.

i remembered the first time they met each other.
i were there.
the witness of all..heheh
yaya, the new hot chick at the office.
broken hearted and found out..
"weh apesal kartun sangat tempat nih?"
"apsal mamat botak anak dua tuh pakai suar apek je?"
graduated from food & hotel background, minah ni memang perfectionist gile.
aku tak penah ade kenkawan sefeminin die.

and there you go..
rupenye dendiam si botak yang baru putus cinta ni memendam perasaan.
sifat keibuan, manja and agressive yaya memutik kasih...ewahh

2 months after that, they're in the relationship.
7 months later, they're engaged.
and 3rd march 2007...sah suami isteri!
1 month, nah ko..bunting pelamin..
hebat ko dex..murah rezeki.
dah 5 months si yaya asek nak makan je keje die.

what can i say...
a very short, sweet and full of ups and downs relationship, but they're there.
they've made it.
i'm really glad, that edex really meet someone who understand,
nurture and love him for who he is.
and yaya meet the one who will put his own life just for her if anything happens.
hope u guys happy happy forever ok.

yang penting yaya, ko ni mmg pandai masak gile dan aku suke lepak rumah korang
yang cozy sangat tuh.
(tak malu mengganggu keharmonian orang)

double cheese double burger!

Monday, July 23, 2007


Due to an unprecedented turn of events, the person responsible for the project failed to brief us on the development of the video before leaving the company.

However we take full responsibility for her failure and will give our fullest attention to remedy the matter.

best regards,


oh well..
i read the letter from sumwhere..
from this particular place to one of the client.
and there it is..

after all the bad person is always you.
cemane tertonggeng ko keje pon..
and how bad you want to make everything crystal clear...
everything perfect before u leave..
still...no appreciation at all.
the saddest past is they still blame on you even ur not there anymore.

im not mad..
i pity 'em to come up with this pathetic excuse
to cover up their burning ass.
takpa takpa..
buat baik dibalas baik...
buat jahat jangan sekali...
one day you'll see, you'll learn and you'll realize it.

whatever it is..
It's been an honor serving with you all.

you know who you are...

Thursday, July 19, 2007



Tunggu ape lagik?
pinjam kengkawan..
Pinjaman FAMA..
Pinjam same BF yang baru dapat PTPTN..
It ain't available till forever babe!
adess gaji bile neh?

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


My surfacing back to the heatcliff zone again...
Another 3 months struggling for good grades.
Raya nanti baru jumpa balik...
exam week..cuti sem ..
continue 4 months and he's back for good on may 2008..

walaweh finally..
3 years of blood, sweat and tears...
and 3 years of long distance relationship...
feels like just yesterday he got the offer to unimas.
tiba2 tinggal 1 year je lagik.

Thank god everything went well.
I mean he's in the dean list almost every sem.
and he loves what he's doing and totally dig it.
i'm so proud of you dearest.

but as usual la..
what a boring weekend without him.
MR. V pun tersadai je kat umah.
paling2 jauh pun..gi ampang..
hang out at edexyaya's cozy house..
(aku mesti ngantuk kalao dtg umah korang)
And yes they haf lots and loads of food
(i know i know one is the undeniable food storage and the other one is
carrying a child for god sake)
double cheese double burger..a perfect menu to watch dvds.

and im not at a4 anymore..
so no more weekend at the office..
or hangout at masjid awal maju
(term for the guys on friday afternoon.paham2 jela)
but seriously A4 did a great job distracting me from
thinking, pondering..or u know..missing..my dearest surfacing.
the workloads..tak bagi can punye ko nak jiwang sana sini.
i'm gonna miss a4 for sure.

isyraq hadif

i want you to meet...
Muhammad Isyraq Hadif.
8 months old...
i can have a whole day, stress free if he's around..
isn't he a sweetheart?