Wednesday, July 18, 2007


My surfacing back to the heatcliff zone again...
Another 3 months struggling for good grades.
Raya nanti baru jumpa balik...
exam week..cuti sem ..
continue 4 months and he's back for good on may 2008..

walaweh finally..
3 years of blood, sweat and tears...
and 3 years of long distance relationship...
feels like just yesterday he got the offer to unimas.
tiba2 tinggal 1 year je lagik.

Thank god everything went well.
I mean he's in the dean list almost every sem.
and he loves what he's doing and totally dig it.
i'm so proud of you dearest.

but as usual la..
what a boring weekend without him.
MR. V pun tersadai je kat umah.
paling2 jauh ampang..
hang out at edexyaya's cozy house..
(aku mesti ngantuk kalao dtg umah korang)
And yes they haf lots and loads of food
(i know i know one is the undeniable food storage and the other one is
carrying a child for god sake)
double cheese double burger..a perfect menu to watch dvds.

and im not at a4 anymore..
so no more weekend at the office..
or hangout at masjid awal maju
(term for the guys on friday afternoon.paham2 jela)
but seriously A4 did a great job distracting me from
thinking, pondering..or u dearest surfacing.
the workloads..tak bagi can punye ko nak jiwang sana sini.
i'm gonna miss a4 for sure.

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