Monday, July 23, 2007


Due to an unprecedented turn of events, the person responsible for the project failed to brief us on the development of the video before leaving the company.

However we take full responsibility for her failure and will give our fullest attention to remedy the matter.

best regards,


oh well..
i read the letter from sumwhere..
from this particular place to one of the client.
and there it is..

after all the bad person is always you.
cemane tertonggeng ko keje pon..
and how bad you want to make everything crystal clear...
everything perfect before u leave.. appreciation at all.
the saddest past is they still blame on you even ur not there anymore.

im not mad..
i pity 'em to come up with this pathetic excuse
to cover up their burning ass.
takpa takpa..
buat baik dibalas baik...
buat jahat jangan sekali...
one day you'll see, you'll learn and you'll realize it.

whatever it is..
It's been an honor serving with you all.

you know who you are...

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