Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Heretic Anthem

Slipknot : Iowa 10th Anniversary Edition
It's been 10 years since SLIPKNOT unleashed its second album, "Iowa", on the world. SLIPKNOT had impacted the music scene in revolutionary, unpredictable ways and established themselves as a way of life for their fans with their self-titled 1999 debut.

But "Iowa" was the album that further proved the band had fully arrived and had no intentions of leaving. It was the band's statement that that they would continue to make music their way, according to their rules and always for their fans, with their middle fingers pointed firmly at the rest of the world.

To celebrate the album's decade of existence, the band is releasing a special, tenth-anniversary edition of this landmark release, which will drop on November 1.

The anniversary edition will include plenty of extras for the maggots and beyond to feast upon. Disc One will comprise the original "Iowa" album along with a remix of "My Plague" as an added bonus track.
Disc Two will include the full live audio from the legendary "Disasterpieces" DVD, where the band's 2002 show at the London Arena was captured by 30 cameras and released as a concert film. The DVD will include "Goat", a new film directed by M. Shawn Crahan featuring never-before-seen interviews and footage showing the madness that surrounded the "Iowa" era, plus four music videos.

source: Blabbermouth

Oh my God...
It's already 10 years since Slipknot second Album, Iowa
I still remember when they announced the second album
My surfacing and I literally jumped hysterically

Iowa Album Cover (2001)

We've waited impatiently until the first single "The heretic Anthem" released
The first debut was Live at Conan O' Brien
We didn't stop talking about it for weeks

I'm so thrilled with the new mask and jumpsuit
The album was so fierce definitely different from the first one
Matured and brutal
Death Metal all the way

He bought the Japanese Digipack Album at Kedai Aunty, Pertama Complex
and I bought mine at Music Exchange months later
10 years later,
no more music exchange
No. 2 passed away (RIP Paul Gray)
and we're getting married this year

What Slipknot has to do with our relationship?
Every words, every moves, every pieces
that sparks the chemistry between us comes from Slipknot.
and it blossoms into wonderful connections.

Having said that,
this 10th anniversary edition album is very personal to me.
Definitely gonna get it once released.

Forget the fact that we need more money now...ngeee
After all we don't have to buy 2 sets anymore :)

Slipknot - Iowa 10th Anniversary Edition Trailer

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Whenever we go to shopping malls,
Toys "R" Us is the must visit store...

Not that we want to buy toys...
Just to play around.

Foo Fighters - Rope

Kookies Munchster

Do you have what it takes to be a MUNCHSTER?

Get Addicted!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Skin Deep

Recently my surfacing directed a short film
for Berjaya Youth Short Film Competition 2011
It's his first commercial short film with professional film crew

His big boss is one of the judges for the competition and they have to come up
with a short film as a reference to the participants
My surfacing was given the trust to create a story based on certain theme

So he came up with a few story
and finally he picked this one
and I really love it!

The best part is, I was there during the shooting day
since my afro-samurai cousin is one of the cast :)


Appearances can be deceiving. It doesn't matter if you're black,
brown, yellow, white or blue. Follow Andy Lau on his journey
to see beyond and to find the acceptance that was always there.
For we are all the same underneath the color of our skin.

Original idea, script & directed by:
Zulkarnain Azhar

Produced by:
Gayatri Su-Lin Pillai

You can also check out berjaya website if you wanna more about the competition.
Go to
FB Page

You can still submit your entry
Deadline: 29 september 2011.
I want to do so badly,
but I'm too young for this competition...

Anyway, tell me what you think of "SKIN DEEP"

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

More Time To Kill

101 days from now
3 more months to go
major stuff done.
medium and minor stuff, not yet.
Legal stuff soon.

need to do detail checklist badly.
need to do account, check and balance immediately.
need to start hunting for needed material the soonest possible.
need to do house hunting soon.
need to buy more stuff...
need. more. money.

stress level - not that high
emotional level - pretty high
happiness level - the highest :)

I just can't wait sometimes...
I hope everything will fall into place.
I pray everything will be alright.

Everybody calls it love but I'm not really sure if this is love,
at all...
because this is higher than love :)

Travis - More Than Us

Friday, September 09, 2011


10 days of raya holiday is not enough for me
I want more rest...
Thank God we have another cuti next friday

Do you know that last year I can't fit into that kebaya
tak boleh letak brooch pun...
I'm so freaking happy,
walaupun tak kurus tapi dah boleh muat...

I gotta start walking anytime soon
Hopefully the haze will soon be gone
I really need to walk and enjoy my green time :)

I want to share this video clip
I laughed my ass off when I saw it
My Surfacing, thank you for sharing this
you really made my day.

My view towards Metallica will never be the same again.



Metallica - Stress (Rhoma Irama)