Monday, February 28, 2005

Million Dollar Baby

Million Dollar Baby by Clint Eastwood is one of the
brilliant movie i've seen this year.
It's about Frankie Dunn(Clint Eastwood) who trained incredible
fighter thru out his life.

The movie start where one of his best fighter leave
him for a famous manager.
Then Maggie Fitzgerald(Hillary Swank),
a wannabe boxer walk into his gym claiming to be a
boxer at age of 31 where Frankie said she is too old to fight
and he doesn't train girls.But Maggie is stubborn for
she said she got nothing to lose,
and she gains an ally: Eddie Dupris (Morgan Freeman),
Frankie's long-time friend and cohort.

At last Dunn agree to train Maggie with a piece of advice
"always protect yourself".And she remains true to her gruff coach,
who spends his free time learning Gaelic and reading Yeats.
Then start all the training and winning part where
u can see how dedicated and bold Maggie is as she won every fight
she into,knockout within seconds.

I can also feel the chemistry between Maggie and Dunn
while the cinematography is very beautiful.
Not until when Maggie competes against an abnormally
chiseled female counterpart (Lucia Rijker) for the title,
this is where the bad dream begin.

Lookin at Maggie remind me of the late christopher reeves.
I can feel the guilty and pain inside Dunn as
he look at his "Ma Cushla" lying on the bed.
Remarkable Swank not only play Maggie to be so calm
but also didn't show any regret for what happen to her.
Wut "Ma Cushla" means enway?
book ur ticket then:)
(Rate : 4 stars )

: ::Hillary Swank,u deserved the oscar baby!::

Nasik ayam HB3 mmu

hari ni aku makan nasik ayam hb3 lagi.aku rase hampir
hari2 aku dok makan nasik ayam ni je.tak tahulah
ape yg di letak tapi aku sgt suke rasenye.
dah lame aku tak makan nasik ayam yg agak balance kalau makan luar.

antara kitorang,aku lah org first yg discover kewujudan
nasi ayam hb3 ni.first2 saje try je memandangkan
nasik lauk die camtu je tiap2 hari.muak lak aku.last2 ..
nah hamik ko..
bukan sahaje jadi peberet aku,tapi peberet budak2 ni gak.

aku rase akak tuh dah naik hapal ape kehendak aku..
"kak saya nak nasik ayam,saya nak kepak ,sambal lebih yeh"..
sebab everytime aku dtg itu aje aku mintak.

tatau la tang mane yg sedap..tang ayam nye kah?
tang nasik kah?tang sambal kah?ntah-ntah die
letak ganja kot sampai aku dok ketagih camni..
hishh nauzubillah..tula org melayu..kalau tak sedap kutuk..

kalau sedap lak mule la syak wasangka..letak ganja la..
letak sluar dlm la (khususnye teh tarik mamak)

walau ape pon teori2 yg terpikir..terima jelah hakikat..

bahawa nasik ayam makcik hb3 tu sedap sebab makcik tu pandai masak.
kan senang crite.

:: aku raser nasik ayam die sedap tang sambal ::

Friday, February 25, 2005


SEPET is a film by Yasmin Ahmad which
successfully touch my heart personally.
i mean the story,the character,the mood..
really put everything in the right track.

After i watch this film, i really feel like it's related to me.
Everything is so natural..tak macam film lain yg selalu
nampak fake,di buat2.I really love this one scene,
Orked and Jason first encounter..
their expression is very's really the thing
dat happen when u met someone and u know
man..this time it's different.

Congratulation Pn Yasmin...
You make a film that is unforgettable to me.
Me and other people who already watch SEPET,
we agree that this is not a malay film..
it's a Malaysian film.
Jom tengok SEPET lagi sekali jom!;)

Sepet : Audience review

me_being_me9: jomjom
me_being_me9: mahu tgk lagiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
psycho_history: hehehe
psycho_history: dah tgk tadi yeh?
psycho_history: best kannnn
me_being_me9: gile tak sangka nak nangiss
me_being_me9: yekk
psycho_history: hihihih tuhlaa
psycho_history: sgt naturall kannn
me_being_me9: termenangis okk
psycho_history: satu lagi part ide nerina tido tuh
psycho_history: hihihihih
psycho_history: kat umah mak aku macam tuhla die tido
me_being_me9: tusall
psycho_history: hihihihih
me_being_me9: gile slambe jek sume
me_being_me9: hahahaha
me_being_me9: mmg aha
me_being_me9: standard mmg in real life camtuh
psycho_history: tuhla sall
me_being_me9: hebatss

bug_pc (9:16:13 PM): best
bug_pc (9:16:16 PM): kelakar plak tu
bug_pc (9:16:18 PM): kihkih
psycho_history (9:16:19 PM): tuhla kan
psycho_history (9:16:26 PM): sgt related same kehidupan kita kan
bug_pc (9:17:00 PM): tu aa tu
bug_pc (9:17:04 PM): kisah masyarakat
psycho_history (9:19:24 PM): ko rase sumthin tak yg related
psycho_history (9:19:30 PM): cthnye mase die cinta pandang pertama tuh
psycho_history (9:19:36 PM): expression muke sgt natyural
psycho_history (9:19:41 PM): macam tuh la kalau baru2 kenal
bug_pc (9:20:34 PM): best sgt recommandable

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The Journey

it's more like a journey.
take it like lord of the ring.
we're walking down the same path with ups and downs
to reach our's such a long way to the top..
be patient,
be strong and wutever happen,
face it and dun ever give up.
we're still at the fellowship of the ring.
just walk,live the experience and haf fun together.
the beginning is the end is the beginning.

stay who we are for we who are not as others:)


ptptn oo ptptn... bile kamu nak mari ni?

Tuesday, February 15, 2005


yes, we see each other my dear surfacing :)

The unforgettable

that's what you are.

though near or far.

Like a song of love that clings to me.
How the thought of you does things to me.
Never before has someone been more

Unforgettable in every way...
And forever more...
that's how you'll stay.
That's why darling,
it's incredible...

That someone so unforgettable...
Thinks that I am unforgettable too ;)