Friday, February 25, 2005


SEPET is a film by Yasmin Ahmad which
successfully touch my heart personally.
i mean the story,the character,the mood..
really put everything in the right track.

After i watch this film, i really feel like it's related to me.
Everything is so natural..tak macam film lain yg selalu
nampak fake,di buat2.I really love this one scene,
Orked and Jason first encounter..
their expression is very's really the thing
dat happen when u met someone and u know
man..this time it's different.

Congratulation Pn Yasmin...
You make a film that is unforgettable to me.
Me and other people who already watch SEPET,
we agree that this is not a malay film..
it's a Malaysian film.
Jom tengok SEPET lagi sekali jom!;)

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nard said...

wuuuu..mau tengok Sepet!!!