Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Movies with guts

zulfly art

Movies with guts..
so what's ur favourite film of all time?
there's so many great film that want to put
in the list.but still i can't remember much..
so here goes my list (wif no particular oder) :

the shawshank redemption. the crow.
texas chainsaw massacre. se7en,
braveheart. american history x.
natural born killer. session 9.
a perfect world run lola run.
fight club. it.
i am sam. farewell my concubine.
mulholland drive. lockstock&;2 smoking barrels.
lotr trilogy. star wars
american splendour the full monty
titus high fidelity
irreversible malena
american beauty jerry maguire
gang of new york elephant
mallrats shutter
predator zatoichi
a night's tale meet joe black
the last horror movie let him have it
last life in universe taegukgi
the exorcist the omen
the shining joe's apartment
arlington road being john malcovich
monster inc finding nemo
emeperor's new groove pretty woman
simone road to perdition
passion of the crist pet sematary
phone booth the secert garden
the wizard of oz mary poppins
mystic pizza baby's day out
beavis and butt head bedazzled
bend it like beckham blade
blair witch project blood:the last vampire
edward scissorhands Fahrenheit 911
how to make an american quilt shrek
in the mood for love the lion of the desert
the message twilight samurai
hitler-the rise of evil almost famous
this is spinal tap waking life
school of rock million dollar baby
what's eating gilbert grape don juan de marco
the story of us 28 days later
detroit rock city the devil's advocate
audition ichi the killer
heaven and earth a tale of 2 sisters
10 things i hate bout you bonnie and clyde
bowfinger boys dom't cry
steel magnolias clockwork orange
empire record cruel intention
the truman show everybody's famous
monster catch me if you can
memento chocolat
dancer in the dark life is a house
trainspotting help!
kill bill nightmare before christmas
training day house of 1000 corpes
el-mariachi pulp fiction
before sunrise original sin
the langoliers. vulgar
ghost grease
hannibal silence of the lambs
psycho A.i
nobody knows ghandi
shakespeare in love signs
sleeping with the enemy sleepless in seattle
spiderman red violin
resurrection stir of echoes
terminator that thing you do
true romance unbreakable
untamed heart the wedding singer
what woman want ringgit kasorrga
rabun buai laju laju
kami spinning gasing
the big durian sepet
Ali setan
dari jemapoh ke manchestee
perempuan,isteri dan ...
semua Allahyarham P ramlee movies

fiuhh what a list..
enway my surfacing taught me a lot
bout movies..sume pinjam dr die je..
movie freak la katakan..
yeh zulfly?hehehe


zulfly said...

come on...i am not moviefreak..juz a movie junkie..wuts the different anyway???hihihihi

pet said...

still... i don't think we watch the best of our times together..hihihih