Tuesday, April 19, 2005



Everything was said and done.
But there's something else linger in my mind
trying to get out.
I need to say something to those people
who were there from A-Z while i'm doing my fyp.

So here goes my credits:

First and foremost, Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah SWT,
for making this project a memorable one,
and for the time to finish it.

I would like to say my highest gratitude to all my lecturers,
Mr Khairul Hazrin Mr Kenneth Hiew Mr Fauzan
Mr Nazri Miss Sharon Miss Nana
Mrs Rina Mr Imran
who gave their full attention, consultation and support me
to finish this project.

Thank you to Mr Fajrul Norman for lending me the
sound effect cd and let me and neesa keep it ..
err fer week.teruk kitorang ni kan.hihii

I would like to thank my parents,
Abdul Ghani Ilyas and Sharifah Fatimah Syed Mahmud,
who have been supportive and understanding
about the project morally and financially.
Without them i won't be able to finish this project.
Thank you umi bagi org pakai dapur rumah satu hari suntuk
nak shoot and sume terpaksa makan kedai.
Imagine 3 kali reshoot.:p
to my siblings, Ija,Bai,Ajin and sweetie jasmin
who supports me all the time.Thank you jasmin tak nakal2
mase tgh shoot :)

A high gratitude to my roommates,
Neesa Ameera and Shanida
who always been there and help me a lot
though out the process of completing this project.
Thanks NEESA,
without ur dvcam aku takleh shoot langsung pon.
And helping me mase first buat kat umah ko tu.
And nida for giving me all ur opinion on wut looks good or not.
kirenye private consultation la neh..hehehe
And to Shana who give me moral support and critism.

And i'm saving this credit for someone very special...
A special thanks to my significant other,
Zulkarnain for his best support and encouragement all this while.
Thank you cuz u always there
whenever i need opinion,or to relief my tension.
Thank you for being honest with ur critics which tell me
what's right or wrong.
And tolong saya mase first shoot umah neesa:)

Thank you to my classmate Smekky,Ijat,Acol,anuar,Ili
(for the after effect plugin cd)

and to
ALL who involve in the making of this project.

You know who you are...

Thank You very much


zulkarnain aka zulfly said...

2 thumbs up for u;)

pet said...

thank you my sweetie ;)