Wednesday, November 26, 2008


spot the flaws

"wht is the matter with ppl today ek?"
Shana YM me sounded so frustrated...

Apparently Shana just read
a CIMB Islamic Mastercard brochure...
she just wanted to know more bout the product.
But her eyes caught something anyway...
Being a great graphic designer
give her the ability to detect flaws
especially on photography...
She checked on wiki to make sure its true
she e-mailed me the brochure

she was damn right...

What's the matter with people today?
I blame the agency who proposed the artwork
at the first place
and I blame the company or person who approved it.

This is major...
We both agree that things like this wasn't an accident
I mean the agency must had
pick n choose the suitable visuals
before composed it with the design right?
What were they thinking?
I didnt mean to make a big deal out of it
But this is just damn insensitive.

If this brochure meant for CIMB mastercard,
Takde masalah la kan...
So please la...
To all art director/creative team/ client
be careful with ya design n whatnot
and be extra careful when it comes to sensitive issue
especially RELIGION.

Now can you spot the not?

There you go...
The stars of David to portray an Islamic MasterCard.
Maybe too little to notice
but this is Irreversible.


zana fauzi said...

Let's hunt the agency down and see if it's intentional. Sometimes they do.

rusanna said...

yeah pet, thanks for having it posted here. i mean come on, this shouldn't be happening in the first place. there are many stages before it can be approved rite. hence the name Islamic plak tu.

Neesa said...

wah..hebat..i dont know anything about starss! hee hee

pet said...

to zana:
probably big agency like leo burnett or saatchi eh.CIMB ni..heheh

to shana:
yeah, i'm so pissed off bout this matter.

to neesa:
Shana kan mata photography.
mesti nampak details2 ni...ngehehe

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