Tuesday, December 23, 2008


level 30 menara dbkl

End of the year
so many things to do
ppl going crazy
talking bout closing down account
catching payment & stuff
I can't believe 2009 is coming in 8 days...
it feels like yesterday i posted an entry about new year

dataran merdeka from menara dbkl

carlos show off skill die

I wasn't around cuz of my hectic work schedule
we're appointed to produce a product video for KWSP
5 days shooting
a lot of props & talents involved
1st presentation is today
hopefully they like it
siap je nanti..
dapat la kowang tgk video ni kat
kaunter-kaunter kwsp..ngee

fina (si baju merah) sedare se'cheese' aku

premiere ward, damansara specialist hospital

work it guys!

I would like to wish merry xmas to anyone who celebrate it
I don't know why...
I just love the deco...
it's so merry!
dan semestinye...cuti!

dataran masjid putrajaya

bos pon tak terkecuali jadi talent