Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Take This Oath

the gorgeous shananeh

We went to shana engagement ceremony
2 days after aidiladha celebration
Neesa came back to KL just to attend this event
shananeh, happy sangat for u & muiz
and so envy too cuz u've taken the big step to committment
I pray all the best & wonderful years to come
for u my dearest!

Getting ready...masih relax lagi...ngeee

Did i tell u babe that u look so gorgeous that day?
nice color scheme
beautiful oldskool kebaya
nicely done make up (loving the eyes)
we are really glad seeing u so happy, sweet & vibrant

even though at first u're really nervous
become the centre of attention
but everything went well
the food is amazingly delicious
roti jala harus ade selalu ok!
but next time make sure u have enough sleep
before the big day lah babe

The crowd

The ring

The soon-become-family

the sweet blood

Congratulations babe...
i'm so happy for both of u
to see how your love grow into something so beautiful
and u guys made it this far
wishing u the best in everything
until the end of time

here's something for u & muiz to ponder...

"to love is to love more
never fails to be there
never know what for sure
but as long as i have you
and you have me
i know nothing else matters"

happy engagement shana & muiz!

King Of Leon- Use somebody

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

thank u pet for this entry :)

Thanks for being a dear fren, being there whenever i need you guys the most. Thanks for listening and sharing wht ever tips.

I love you and neesa so much!

Can't wait for you guys pulak hehehee. Pray for the best for each of us. Amin.