Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Friday The 13th

Muddy water

It was March 2009, Friday the 13th
Second day at my new workplace

Ayah called around 3.30pm -
"kalau boleh balik, balik lah...umah banjir ni"

"hah? apaaaa?? alamak..
ayah tolong lah alih komputer orang eh
sama cd-cd ngan dvd tu"
I frantically replied and wondering how the hell
my house can be affected by flood

"aa air tengah naik pon ni...
orang lepas air dam (reservoir) kot"

- ayah replied sounding really calm.

I'm really mad.
sure it was raining heavily a day before
but the first and last time we had flood was 16 years ago...
I was standard 4 that time

I asked permission from my lady boss and rushed back home
I supposed to meet my big boss at 4.00pm
sorry boss, family first!

Arrived around 4.15pm
I had to park 200m away from my house.
it's already flooded up till 2 feet.

I rushed into my room to save whatever i can
but Ayah did a really good job saving all my junks
we're waited for 2 hours to watch the water level.
thank God the water didn't rise more than 2 feet
It slowly decreased by 9pm...

My room filled with water

Umi & ayah still smiling & cracking jokes

living room

The funny thing is, Umi cooked for dinner!

and for the next 2 days we were working our ass off
cleaning the house filled with mud & even small fish!
It's a freaking tiring experience for us
a whole lotta thanks to Neesa & Farez for being there
helping us cleaning the living room.
and it's definitely a month that i'll always remember
for everything bad, sad & mad happened that month!
I can say it's a bit of a downfall for me.

However, wise man said...
behind every cloud there's a silver lining...
well it's quite true cuz we found Jebat during the disaster

Meet Jebat,
the white owl from Hogwarts
get lost in Hulu Langat during flood...ngeee

Isn't he adorable?
well i just name him Jebat since he loves to stare
at people & become defensive if you come closer.
and his feet has this sharp-razor claws or nails
or whatever they call it...
just like keris...

Actually i'm not sure it a he or a she though...
But he's our love & joy during the flood.
The good thing that cheer us all
penat-penat lap rumah,
lari jap tengok jebat tido dalam kotak...

But he's not with us for long
2 weeks after that...
Umi saw 2 owls at our backyard
and that's the last time we see him in the box.

me & jebat

Whatever it is...
It's an outstanding experience i had this year.
Hope I will not experience flood again...
but deep down i wish Jebat will stop by at our house
once in a while..
u know just to say hi.

Bill Withers- Ain't No Sunshine

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shana said...

jebat tu adorable gila. and sorry wei i'm not there masa flood tu. hehe but anyways hope it'll be the last time for u and family to experience it, sian wei nak ngemas tu.