Wednesday, July 29, 2009


me, arwah Yasmin & my surfacing

"dia dah meninggal malam tadi"

Phone call from my Surfacing
left me speechless for a moment
I was at Cameron Highlands for the awareness programme
the loud music from the PA system can't stop my tears

it's just hit me
i went to the back of the tent
sat for almost 30 min
tried to calm myself
but i failed

We are not that close
It's just a few movie screening at Leo Burnett
and that was like 4 years ago...
Didn't get in touch with her for a while
but it's just enough to make me feel her lost

She's one of the greatest person i ever knew my whole life
very humble and kindhearted
i've asked for help at the moment of my weakness
and she helped me like i'm no stranger

I will always remember the day u waved and hugged me
and tell me everything is gonna be fine
I will never forget the warm smile
The soft-spoken motherly figure
tell me not to get melodramatic
because true love will finds a way

I will remember you my dear kak Yasmin...
and you will always be in my prayer.
Ameen Ya Rabbal Alameen.


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