Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dirty Dining

old photo at the restaurant with my hot chocolate in a pot

Dear Mr. xxxxx xxx,

I'm a regular customer at XXX XXXX .
Me and my partner really like the food quality, the ambiance, cleanliness and the service.
I am usually very pleased by the service and hygiene of your fine establishments.
However, on this particular visit
I found that I did not enjoy my experience as I usually would.

Yesterday at around 6.15- 7.30pm,
we had our dinner at your restaurant.
I ordered 2 mushroom soup, 1 hot chocolate, 1 plain water
and 1 char grill lamb shoulder.
When my partner drink the hot chocolate, there's something in his mouth.
To our surprise, it's a dead cockroach!
We called the waiter right away and we asked him to tell the restaurant manager about this.
A few minutes later my char grill lamb arrived with a new hot chocolate.
Your waitress did apologized.
I feel so disgusted but I'm really hungry at that time,
so I finished my meal and paid the bill
= RM 42.80

Both of us is still shocked with what happened,
we didn't managed to take any picture.
We don't want to make a scene at your restaurant
because we think it will affect your business since there's other people having meals.
I email you my complaint because what happened yesterday is VERY UNACCEPTABLE.
A cockroach in my drink?
Now, how do I know my mushroom soup and lamb shoulder not affected as well?

My expectation is very high towards your restaurant quality.
I bring my family and friends because I trust your service.
We are paying the price here,
and hygiene is one of the biggest criteria in food services.
The situation is poorly handled by your management.
It makes me think twice to dine at XXX XXXX again.

I am really concern about this and I hope you will not take this lightly.
I would appreciate if you can do some inspection at your premise
and probably provide training to your staff.
It will be a shame if the same situation happen to other customer.

Thanks and regards,

Nor Lela Abdul Ghani

Let's wait and hope the restaurant manager
has the courtesy to reply my email.
Damage has been done,
but probably an apologize and assurance from the manager
can mend my broken faith towards their restaurant.
Sadly, I already crossed them from my top 10 must dine place.
And you just lost 2 regular customers, Mr. manager.

Today, the manager called me and apologized.
He's really upset with the staff because they failed to notify him about the incident.
He only knew when he received my e-mail.
I really appreciate the fact that the owner personally called me and has taken
an action towards this matter.
He also offer me dinner - on the house as a way to say how sorry he is.
Thank you mister for your kind words.
This is what we call professional and I really appreciate it :)

The Specials - Ghost Town

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