Tuesday, November 01, 2011

More Time To Kill

54 more days to go...
Just recently I posted the 101 days entry
My my...
how time flies

Everything in place so far
should get my cheap wedding card in 3 weeks time
Start sending invitation by end of this month

Here comes the groom...

70% sale bought one for my pelamin buatan sendiri

Ok tipula aku tak makan hari-hari macam ni...ngeee

bought it to store my vintage necklace, dokoh and stuff

Other progress...
haven't started on DIY stuff at all
Gotta work my lazy ass soon
Only this month left to do any of my mengada-ngada deco

It's true, makin dekat wedding makin malas
and makin semua nak simple dan asal ada je
tahap kalau takda pun takpa asal aku kawin
wah gitu!

Having a martha stewart moment here and only one paper flower done

semua putihhhh je "komen" mak aku pasal pilihan color

undecided item, have to see my budget first

la la la la la la....

Collected my nikah legal docs this morning
hoi dah boleh kahwin lah!

err...Slipknot Iowa 10th years anniversary edition cd/dvd out today
Gotta get it this saturday...
and Lamb of God is coming to Singapore again
for their "Resolution" world tour 2012
Why Lamb of God, why?
You gonna rip my soul and torn our heart
and suck the money out of us

Surfacing gonna go again and this time he has a baggage....
takpa, takpa tak payah spend money on honeymoon right after wedding
Tunggu bulan 2 pun takpa...
because now Singapore sounds good for our honeymoon...
Yes, honey?
Ok kena buat passport this month.
**evil laugh

Slipknot - My Plague

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