Friday, November 25, 2011

More Time To Kill

30 DAYS...

30 freaking days!
Man, it feels surreal.
In 30 days I will be somebody's wife, InsyaAllah.

Come to think of it, this is the moment I've been waiting for ...
for the past 10 years...
and it's going to happen in 30 days.

The photographer

I pray to Allah SWT to grant us, family and friends with good health
I pray everything will go according to plan, InsyaAllah.

What about the big day progress?
I can say all the big stuff done
But still lots of things to do
especially decoration and favors for my side's reception

specs for my super cheap supplier

The guy who own this wedding card outlet listen to heavy metal

We got a house to stay starting december
Surfacing will move in first
I never move anywhere my whole life
Kinda scary to pack things up
How the hell I'm gonna pack all those stuff

Something crafty and flowery

I'm the kind of person who keep almost everything...
for example I still have the flyers for the first gig I went
or the receipt of the first present to my Surfacing
I guess I have to learn to let go...

Going somewhere?

the 2 weeks leave

Telling myself not to worry too much about it...
Plenty of time
All I have to do is to plan it wisely...

When the sicness finally met surfacing :)

Nat King Cole & Natalie Cole - Unforgettable

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