Thursday, November 17, 2011

Real Love - Shana & Muizz

The beautiful couple

I'm such a bad bad friend
They got married last year on the 25th of december 2011
and I only blog about the beautiful wedding now...
It took me a year to do so
So sorry shananeh!

I have the pictures and day by day I keep thinking about it
But I guess it's really hard to put into words
about someone you love so dearly
especially about the most important day of her lives
her wedding day...

But come to think of it it's good to blog about it now too
Maybe when she read this entry she will remember all those sweet moments

All these beautiful pictures by G.I. Photoshoot
I'm so glad they will photograph my wedding too..yippiee

24 december 2011

Beautiful ceremony
We were at her house during the makeup session
and she was like
"wey muka aku merahh keee"

ntahla shana aku tengok lawa je
I really don't know why you're too concern about that

Nikah at masjid besi putrajaya
simple and sweet
pretty dress and babe you look so radiant
so get over pasal tudung ke muka merah-merah ke
aku rasa semua alright :)

me and neesa wore the same material bought at kamdar
baru la theme dengan color wedding dia - yellow or grey

25 December 2011

The reception was held the next day at Putrajaya
I just love everything about the wedding
Shana was all dolled up by Kelrina
the perfect white dress
the food
(my mom really loves the food...aku sangat terharu kau pack kan makanan untuk aku)
the favor box yang lawa sangat yang ada kek sedap gile...
menyesal aku tak ambik banyak lagi masa ko offer
Bunga telur yang lawa gila aku simpan sampai sekarang

Me and neesa helped her with the instax
really fun and little did I know instax only good at capturing close up shots
The theme was grey-yellow
we really had fun that day

Too much fun explained why my face was everywhere in the wedding photo

(Fantastic photos by G.I. Photoshoot)

We sticked around during the first half an hour of the photoshoot
Then my 3inch heels was killing me
and it's already 6.00pm at that time
So we decided to go home and let the couple do their thang

When G.I upload the photos on FB
My jaw literally dropped
It was really dark at that time + raining + the location only at the back of the building
nothing fancy
but the outcome...
MasyaAllah lawa nyaaaa

of course la couple nya pun comel
maka gambar berjuta-juta jadi comel

I know I know lawa gila kan
I gotta say again i'm so glad G.I. will be my wedding photographer
Hopefully the photos will turn out wonderful too, InsyaAllah

Now shana is 7 months pregnant
Her due date is somewhere on January 2012
I'm really glad she still get to attend my wedding next month

Oh babe
I really don't know what to say

But know this,
I'm happy to get to know you this far and more wonderful years to come
I'm happy you're part of my life
I'm happy we practically YM each other everyday macam rutin yang tak dapat dielakkan
I will miss you if you're not online
I'm beyond happy Muizz yang sempoi gila ni husband kau
I can't wait to see Shana & Muizz Junior in 2 months!

Love you babe.

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shana said...

auwww thanks so much pet. you & neesa have been very helpful on my wedding dulu.

I hope you are happy with yours too, i'm sure you are. Sorry if i'm not such a helper to you in return :(
But thank god there's Neesa to help you out, but still i feel bad about it.

Alhamdulillah finally your big day pun dah selesai dengan sweetnya, happy ending and beautiful i must say.

Kalau aku rajin nanti, nantikan posting dari aku untuk kau pulak. haha ok thanks again, you and neesa are really the best friend one could ever ask for and I couldn't thank enough. Too many to list out dengan apa yang dah korang tolong. I love you guys 'til the end. XXoo hehe