Friday, October 07, 2011

What's Goin On?

Last Saturday after watching Fright Night,
the remake of course
By the way, I wouldn't know the difference
cause I don't remember watching it back in 1985 or so
All I can say is,
It's pretty ok and entertaining
Don't watch in 3d though

It's barbican, not beer.

Before we headed off,
we decided to have late lunch at Al- Ammar Express
It's right opposite Fahrenheit (used to be KL Plaza)
This is our first time here
I heard from some blog, the pizza is really good
except they don't call it pizza here...
something like Kafta

Surfacing ordered this non-alcoholic beer
Actually it's something like barbican
But the bottle really looks like a beer
Kinda makes me awkward
it taste exactly like zapple.
The drinks range from RM6 (Soft drinks) to RM20
this barbican - RM10

Our appertizer...
I think it cost around RM12-RM16
macam kebab la
We chose lamb, of course...
don't get fooled by the picture
The lamb was small
VERY. small.
But delicious.

Here comes the Pizza, I mean Kafta
Man, I'm so happy with this kafta
RM16 and slightly bigger than Dominos regular pizza...
almost to large size
The topping : Lamb minced, olive, tomato and Lebanese cheese
It tasted really different from other pizza I ever had
worth to try
Really nice and affordable.

What I love most about this place is the environment
I chose the non-smoking area - air conditioned
Laid back and calm

And the best part is to watch people walking around at the sidewalk
Interesting because there's sooo many people with different style
Some really weird and annoying
Some look fashionable enough they should be captured by the sartorialist
I'm just sayin'

And someone decided to say hi to us...

Oh...hey there.
Jason right?
Dude, the mask is okay
But what's up with the hair and the white shirt?

Do some research, man.

Aizat - Emotions (Live)

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