Friday, October 24, 2008


I rarely cry when watching film…
But I’m not that cold
Some films really nail it and there you go...
me sobbing all the way till the end credit
I hate that bloody film.
Tak cool la kan nangis2 tgk cite..ngeee
I totally blame the director.
So here's some film that wasted my tears:

1. A Perfect World (1993)
Director : Clint Eastwood

I watched it when I was in standard six.
A man escapes from prison (Kevin Costner)
and kidnap a boy.
The ending is heartbreaking.
Can’t tell you why but that’s the reason I cried.
Bloody hell john.

2. Lion of the Desert (1981)
Director : Moustapha Akkad

A must see for all Muslim.
This film really touches my heart.
A story about Umar Mukhtar,
the brave rebellion who fought against
Italian's occupation of Libya.
Anthony Quinn is Umar Mukhtar...period.

3. The Story of Us (1999)
Director : Rob Reiner

Bruce willis meet Michelle Pfeiffer.
What a perfect cast.
And perfect soundtrack too – I get lost by Eric Clapton.
This movie is hilarious, romantic, happiness & sadness...
you name it.
You will see the resemblance
of your relationship in this film.
Part sedih time Michelle Pfeiffer
nak get back kat bruce willis tuh.
While she’s talking nonstop...
air mata aku pon menjejeh-jejeh turun.
A big no no to anyone yang baru break up.

4. I Am Sam (2001)
Director : Jessie Nelson

Love is all you need.

Sean Penn is the man.
He blew my mind by being a mentally retarded man
who fight over his daughter custody.
I’m talking bout being mentally retarded
And he loves THE BEATLES so much
that he relates everything with the beatles’s lyric.
Again, Michelle Pfeiffer is phenomenal.
This movie is everything that a powerful film can be.
Great cast, great soundtrack
(You should listen to cover song you’ve got to hide your love away by Eddie vedder of pearl jam)
Too good to be true.
Aku nangis cam orang gile ok!

5. Taegukji (2004)
Director : Je-gyu Kang

One of the best Asian films ever made, to me.
About brothers who forced to fought in Korean war.
Aku pun macam x percaya bleh emosi plak.
Dahla tengok kat GSC MidValley time tu.
Terpaksa fikir mende-mende happy supaya tak over nangis
This movie is about sacrifice to your love one.
Great special effect and production design.

6. *Pan's Labyrinth (2006)
Director : Guillermo del Toro

What happens when make-believe believes it's real?

Menyesal tak tengok wayang!
Tapi bagus gak pasal tengok DVD je pun
merah-merah muka aku nangis.
This is one of the best film ever!
Expect the unexpected cuz the storyline is shocking.
It’s a about a girl who fascinated
with fairy tales as an escapism to her real world,
a brutal post-civil war in spain.
Imagine a little girl create her own
world of imagination to escape from the war.
The lullaby (the soundtrack) is really haunting.
I can’t get it out of my mind for weeks.
And seriously this is not a viewing for kids.
It’s brutal and horrifying.
This film is unbelievable!

* Received 22 minutes of applause at the Cannes Film Festival.

7. The Orphanage (2007)
Director : Juan Antonio Bayona

A tale of love. A story of horror

Close to Pan's Labyrinth...
this movie is killing me.
I thought it’s just another horror movie...
but I was wrong.
Seriously, any mother / woman who watch this
WILL burst in tears.
If not, I think you just lost your maternal instinct.
Do get worried.
Pasal aku yang takde anak ni pon,
masuk je kereta terus menangis
sebab menahan dari dlm wayang lagi.
My surfacing had to wait for 10min for me to calm down.
This movie is a must see to all mothers in the world.
I can’t define it’s a sad or happy ending anymore.
It’s too much for me.
Go watch it and you’ll know.

8. Artificial Intelligence : A.I.(2001)
Director : Steven Spielberg

His love is real. But he is not

Adaptation from Pinocchio…
This film is about a robotic boy who wants to be a real boy
and search for his human mother to win back her love.
Little Boy…check.
Now tell me any bloody reason not to cry
especially the part when he almost
meet his mother in the woods.
It’s about loving your mother for God sake!
Haley Joel Osment is too cute to be sad.
I’ll adopt you, baby!
tapi dah besar skang x comel lah :p

eh 8 film je so far eh.
maka ketahanan mental aku ni not bad gakla.
So what's your saddest movie of all time?


Zana Fauzi said...

'I am Sam' is amazing. The other movie which made me cry is The Patriot.

zuhairy hashim said...

truman show, 51st dates, wicker park, closer, lake house..yang terlintas di kepala sekarang la..

jiwang karat sume..hehhee..oh ya, cinta, kabhi bahtiar..

aefa hainee said...

p.s i love you starring hilary swank n my boyfren gerard butler! 4 kali tgk 4 kali nangis haha.

i am sam, absolutely. weyh pet aku da jadi pembaca setia ko plak sejak post ko on my wedding haha

sanko said...

as far as i remember.... errrr... LION KING (the part when mufasa died... damn!!), BRAVE HART (the ending part.. FREEDUM), ARMAGEDON (u all know witch part)... errr... FAST & FURIOUS TOKYO DRIFT (i don't know why, but when he totally destroy that 1987 fairlady... i cried.. hehehe)

pet said...

to zana:
surfacing suggested me "the green mile".die kate aku akan meraung2 bley tak.

to jeghi:
dari dulu aku nak nengok wicker park tuh.bes sesangat ke.closer memang best tapi x cukup sedih.hihihih

to aefa:
ps i love u lom tgk lagi.
cube tgk feast of love tak silap..
best gak cam sweet la.
ko bile nak wat blog lak ni..
btw aku bace ko tulis
kat facebook tu..
hiba rase hati aku wey..
terus rase nak kawin..hihihihi

to sanko:
ko bukan nangis tengok citer kl drift?muahahahahah

aefa hainee said...

weh aku nak tambah satu lagi - the kite runner, based on a novel by khaled hosseini. tapi movie dia tak best mcm novel dia. novel dia much wayy better la than the acting. haunting, moving, unforgettable, heart-wrenching, truly recommended!