Thursday, June 02, 2011


I officially wear hijab during my 3rd year of MMU (Gamma)
back on June 2003 a week before Friendster became phenomenon.

I actually wanted to wear it during my birthday, 20 march 2003
but I wasn't really ready for it.
I have doubt like what if I don't like wearing it?
I thought I will never wear hijab but what happened was
I kept thinking about it.
I have strong feelings to wear it day by day.


When I finally put on the black shawl covering my hair
Hopped into the bus to go back to MMU...
I never felt so happy and secured
I've made the right decision.

I never turn back.

sicnessurfacing 2005

2004 - with my dear fara

2004- with my dear jasmine

2005 - at genting with MI batch

2005 - with MI Lecturers

2006 - with a4comm families

2006 - with my best buddies

2008 - birthday dinner

2009- eniliana birthday

2010 -amcorp mall

2011 -baju sama...ngee

The Police - Don't Stand So Close To Me


Zana Fauzi said...

Masa MMU dulu suka tengok cara Pet pakai tudung. Masa tu tak kenal nama, kenal muka je, "minah yang kawan dengan Shana." Yelah dulu mana org pakai shawl-shawl, tudung bawal je semua kan.

pet said...

Thanks Zana. Pakai shawl sebab selesa, senang, cepat and tak payah gosok...tak kirala muka nampak bulat ke apa... hihihih.

But dulu memang pakai black pashmina almost all the time...skang ni je berkaler-kaler...

Anyway, i'm glad nowadays there's so many different ways to wear hijab.