Friday, December 16, 2011

Nine Days


mixed feeling
but actually I'm so relaxed
Like wah ini ke perasaan nak kawin?
dia rasa nervous takut preparation tu tak sempat ke
atau hujan time majlis ke
atau senang ke dorang ni nak parking kat umah nanti
kesian kereta dorang
Takda la sangat rasa cam ohhh so lovey dovey
I wanna listen to love songs all day long
and talk about love all the time

but my Surfacing did something really sweet
I just asked him to touch up the paint job in the bedroom
He did the touch up job as well as some paint job in the living room
best best baru la rasa baru sikit
Thank u my dear

Really need to re-work on the signage
I don't think it's visible enough with this font
Talking about printing it on A3 Size for directions

doorgift for VIP sahaja iaitu keluarga my surfacing dan relatives during nikah
Limited jar pulak tu dasar cheapskate
I'm struggling here there's 90 jars to go means another 2 baking sessions
whoaa penat

bulu mata sendiri ye belum palsu lagi
foundation tak melekat kat kulit sebab dry and flaky
so take note siapa yang ada dry skin - GET A MOISTURIZER
in my case, it's oily and dry and the same time
Please do some magic Clinique Moisture Extended Thirst Relief.
I hope it works.

This week we will watch Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol
at the new TGV iMax theatre at Sunway Pyramid
It will be our last date as engaged couple...

Lay down your arms and love me peacefully

Pearl Jam - Soldier of Love

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