Tuesday, December 13, 2011

More Time To Kill

12 days to go...
Last 3 days was really hectic
Looking for barang hantaran from 9am to 11pm
Thank God everything settle
I found my "One" Ring
Thank you my Surfacing
I really love it!

Found this while packing my stuff
Doodle by my Surfacing probably 5,6 years ago

This is where I will set up my dais
I will DIY my pelamin
nothing fancy just hoping it will turn out ok
Good old klippan sofa will be my nikah couch
The best part about DIY is you get to keep everything
That's the reason why I bought sofa instead of chaise lounge
chair that's more suitable for wedding
but what the hell

We really want this TV rack for our small home
When we visited Ikea 2 weeks ago, the price was too good to be true
from 300+ to rm99!
But it was out of stock
They said they will restock in 2 weeks
and there's 3 unit left before they sell the display unit.

Last Sunday memang our rezeki la pergi awal pukul 10am
mula-mula takda stock jugak then one of the staff approached us
when we're about to have our breakfast
He said there's 2 unit buffer, better grab it now.
My surfacing quickly went to the market hall and
we got the mavas rack at RM99!

Berapa banyak tester daa aku amik sebelum decide perfume mana
aku nak untuk hantaran dengan budget yang ala kadar ni
My choice?
none of the above.

Semalam penat gila...
We decided to paint the master bedroom before barang sampai
Sebab ni rumah sewa so beli cat murah blue-i saja ok...hehehe
We opted for vintage white and really love the end result
Its a combination of white and light grey

My husband-to-be gigih mengecat
Aku pun sama-sama buat ok...
Cat dinding aku suka lagi...
siling tu buat rasa nak menangis sakit tengkuk
Start pukul 5pm
Finished around 10pm
But he has to do some touch up work before this thursday

selama 28 tahun hidup
This is my first contact lens
Bought for the wedding
I never wear, afraid to wear and don't know how to wear
So semalam masa trial makeup
dengan tak malunya mintak mua aku ajar
Sorry Anna, nak pakai je dah 20min aku terkial-kial
Mesti kecewa je dia tengok aku

Bloodshot eyes sebab tak reti pakai contact
Anna patiently advise me to get use to it prior to the wedding
Need to practice this week!
Love the eye makeup...
But I'm in big trouble because my skin is very unkind to me
acne break out macam gila
pastu combination skin ada dryness and flaky
so foundation tak melekat

Anna advise me to moisturize or
else memang kecewala wedding makeup aku nanti
She even e-mail me some tips
Thank you so much Anna, I really appreciate it...
sedihnya rasa but I should stop on my medication
especially the exfoliating cream to prevent the skin peeling off.
oh well.

Gambar vain 12 days before the big day :)

Lifehouse - Take Me Away

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