Friday, May 27, 2011

Immigrant Song

Source: Yahoo movies

Thor slams into the theater grossing 396 million worldwide
What can i say,
Entertaining just like the Iron Man.

Who can say no to Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman anyway.
I even feel like a 14 years old teenager twilight fan screaming for more Jacob
the moment Chris shirtless for a few frames

My surfacing even get over excited with Hawkeye special appearance
played by Jeremy Renner
What a perfect cast.
Jeremy Renner starred in The Hurt Locker
and was nominated for best actor in Academy Award

Thor by hasbro

We grab this when I got 30 ringgit voucher
after purchasing skincare product at Parkson
My surfacing add another 20 and Thor is mine
We personally feel this Hasbro version is even better than
the pricey 7" Marvel select line

Then we found this at Comic Mart, Mid Valley
Superhero Thor Authentic Hammer, the official marvel license product
Very detail painting compare to lightning hammer from Hasbro
Even though it's very light (plastic construction je)
but the level of detailing is breathtaking

Surfacing's small hand holding the hammer of thor...hahahaha

Comic mart sell it at 200 ringgit
Amazon sell it at only 30 dollar
plus shipping yadayada dalam RM100-120 la
Huge mark up there buddy!

Carry the hammer of Thor, The Mighty Avenger!

The lightning hammer by Hasbro is quite interesting too
Cause it features thunder sounds, flashing lights and missile
OK Sanko terima kasih sanggup webcam kan aku
wajah kau yang bergaya dengan lightning hammer tu
tak jeles


Captain America: The First Avenger teaser poster

Talking about The Avengers
I can't wait for another Marvel film
Captain America - The First Avenger

Chris Evans is Captain America.
For the love of God, this guy has been superhero twice!
He's the Human Torch in Fantastic Four and that film suck.
I don't know about you,
but I don't like the idea of of double superhero.

Whatever it is they probably have reasons of their own
why they choose chris evans to be the ultimate super soldier.
The poster look awesome though.

souce: Superherohype

I guess you all know Ed Norton is not bruce banner/ Hulk anymore
Mark Ruffalo is the new hulk in The Avenger.
I like him in the film "Blindness" with Julianne Moore

Anywho, Here's a fan made poster of The Avengers.
I have to admit, that looks pretty good.

The Avengers - fan made poster

Foo Fighters - Walk

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