Monday, May 30, 2011

Lucky you

18th May 2011 2.20pm

Just got in the car for a meeting when the phone rang
It's my Surfacing
ahh lunch time...gotta tell him I have a meeting
I picked up and heard his voice
He asked me where i am

Before i could answer, he said
"I had an accident"

I was speechless for a moment and the next 5 minutes
I drove all the way to Cyberjaya
and I feel like it's the longest ride ever

Alhamdulillah, he escaped unhurt.
Not even a scratch.
His car hit a waja at a junction, swerved and hit a lamp post.
He's not wearing seat belt.

We lodged a police report and his car towed to the insurance panel workshop.
It will be repaired for a month.
Meaning, he will go to work using public transport for a month.
I've been in an accident before.
So I know how hard it is to travel using the bus+ putra+lrt +taxy
just to get to the office.

It's alright my dear.
Just be patient.
Just two more weeks to go.
The only matters is you are safe and unhurt.
It could be worse and I am grateful everything is fine.

Switchfoot - Meant To Live


Fara Atiqah said...

Kat cyber ni mmg slalu eksiden, nak2 kat sini tak byk kereta, so semua nk laju je. have to be extra careful, and stop at every junction.

glad that he's ok.

pet said...


Thanks kat junction bangunan hasil tu...nampak harmless tapi junction tu besar ok...tak boleh bayangkan kalau malam..even polis tu kata ni kawasan prone accident and dia pun baru kena kat situ seminggu sebelum padahal kompleks polis tu 5min away je...ehheheh