Friday, May 06, 2011

I Miss You

fooling around at funfair

Surfacing went to Chennai for a business trip last wednesday
He'll be back home on sunday
I'm gonna pick him up at KLIA, at 6am

Yes, It's just a few days trip but enough for me to feel so lonely
(what a clingy...hahaha)
Yes, I can't wait for his return
Yes, I sleep early every night because I can't call him
Taknak bazir bill pakai roaming...
rindu tapi kedekut...ngeee
Yes, I rather stay at home when he's not around
Yes, I miss him.

But he's not the only one I miss.

Yes, I miss this budak botak jinab jinab too
Sampai termimpi-mimpi semalam
geramm sama badan padat dia

So my dear surfacing,
I bet you also miss him a lot
Can't wait to see you on sunday morning
We're gonna have McD breakfast before I send you home
and hug this baby doll when we get there

Setiap kali tengok gambar ni rasa nak gelak tengok muka jinab

Look at how adorable Rayyan is...
I love baby boy so much.
Ini baru anak orang dah terbayang-bayang
Kalau anak sendiri?

Cream - Sunshine of your love (live circa 1968)

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