Thursday, April 07, 2011

Face Down

When zana discover the "chronic bitchface" condition and posted it in her tumblr
I feel like screaming...
finally, someone understands the situation

Basically it's a blank facial expression
and i think it's fine but some people perceive it as angry or moody face
It can be anytime, anywhere...

at a best friend wedding and you're the maid of honor
I actually really happy at that time and i think i already smiled

at a restaurant with bestfriends

even at my own engagement

It's by default
because it's how my face looks.

I've been told by people to lighten up...
to smile a bit more

"why are u looking grumpy?"

"ko ni kalau tak kenal rapat memang orang ingat sombong..monconggg je muka"

"asal muke awak masam"- just happened recently, asked by my surfacing
when i had the popeye carnival chicken

see...even my fiancee of all people misjudged my emotion

Now instead of saying "it's my face damn it"
I can also say "I'm affected by chronic bitchface condition and there is no cure."

Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova - Falling Slowly

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