Friday, April 22, 2011

This Year

Have you ever visit the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia?

It's located at the National Mosque area.
The first time I went was to recce the area for an event with lady boss
I really don't know about the existence of this Museum until she told me

The map to the museum

My jaw literally drop when I see the building itself; the Islamic architecture...
It is breathtakingly beautiful especially the Kufi art.
Everything at the museum is elegantly designed
The white paint, the glass structure, the inverted dome

The museum restaurant

look at the classy glass wall tiles or whatever they called it...
shine on me crazy diamond....

So my lady boss decided to treat me a birthday lunch at the restaurant museum
I'm so excited because it's a middle eastern restaurant cuisine
I really love the ambiance

I'm the happiest bride in the world if i can get the glass tiles design
at the restaurants' wall for my pelamin
Dream on je la kan

So we ordered
actually nothing much to order because it's a lunch set
Here's the menu

So you can choose 1 main course only
whether you wanna eat beef, lamb, chicken or fish.
aku yang suka lamb ni of course went for Mandi Lahm (roast lamb)

Hairine went for Samak Saiadiah...
sounds so interesting right?
It's deep fried fish in pungent sauce

and we were like what the heck is pungent sauce?
So we asked Eriko and she's having a hard time to explain it in BM
rupanya masam masam pedas manis daaa...
Sebenarnya rasa macam kari ikan pun ada...
tapi versi arab...

This is the appertizer...
bread macam kebab tu
letak condiments veggies such as tomato, capsicum
olive and pickles.

pickles dia bukan macam dalam burger tu ye...
kena gigit sikit2 sebab masam gile
I had two of this bread because it's kinda nice plus memang lapar

Shish Tawook (skewered boneless chicken)

Samak Saiadiah (Deep fried fish with pungent sauce)

When the main course arrived i was like eh sikitnya nasik
but the roast lamb was generous
the white sauce tasted like yogurt + i don't know what but it's really good

Mandi Lahm (Roast lamb)

After a while i knew why they served small portion of rice
because it's so damn fulfilling!
Maybe because we had soup and appertizer

Oh BTW the soup was tasteless...
It's this weird tasting whole grain soup...
macam gandum ayam pun ada

So overall I gave 3/5 rating for the lunch set
but 5/5 because my lady boss belanja...heheeee

Would i go again?
I will if someone treat me :)
However I do recommend if you want a quiet dining with your loved ones
and enjoy the cozy ambiance

Contact :
03-2270 5188 / 5152

my officemate: rozz, eni, hairine and big boss, Encik Razak

Before we left, we visited the museum shop
This is a must visit place if you go to the museum
Sells wide variety of Islamic craft, clothes, books, painting
you name it!

Even the fridge magnet looks so tastefully done with the kufi design
I probably will go here again to buy something for wedding hantaran

I hope it's not too late for me to say
congratulation my sweet eni benny on your pregnancy :)

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