Friday, April 22, 2011


I've been through a lot to find the right facial regime for my face
The first time my skin breakout was when I'm in form 3
Before that,
I never ever care to wash my face everyday at least before I sleep

So being a clueless 15-year old who freaked out about zits
I made a huge mistake by trusting the TV commercial
Instead of seeing a doctor or pharmacist,
I bought clean and clear product as easy as 1,2,3 face wash.

and the next thing I knew,
my face was covered with this horrendous bacteria called acne
and my smooth as baby butt skin became the surface of a planet called the moon

From that moment on,
I've used every skin product there are in the drugstore
Nivea, dove, Biore, clearasil bla bla bla
It's been on and off okay and getting worse
I even tried serious skin care and proactive as advertised in smart shop
Do you still remember "Rancangan ini dibayar siarannya" thingy?
until now I still don't understand why you wanna put that impression
I mean of course you pay to advertise on TV right?

Anywho, all the product just lasted the most for 6 months
and then, it's become comfortable for my skin.
So the zits back on to party like a rock star
(Oh please don't hate me Brian Posehn)

Year 2009,
my skin became very sensitive.
Not just zits, but I suffered itchiness and redness.
Something like rashes and it's beyond terrible
I can't stand it anymore so I made the first move to see dermatologist

This was how bad it gets (June 2009)

I was given a few cream- pimple cream, whole face and face wash
and I had to take antibiotic for 6 months twice a day
after 3 months, it's really showing results
My skin looked better and the pimples gone
but of course the scars still there
But I had to stop my medication because of the following reasons:

1. It's damn expensive...I spend average rm250 -300/month

2. The antibiotic caused my hands darkening, dry chapped lips and eyes a bit yellowish

3. I've read in the internet that after 6 months, you must stop taking antibiotic
to protect your liver and It scares the hell out of me because I have a medical
history concerning my liver.

So I stopped after I achieved this result.

6 months after treatment (December 2009)
The pimples and redness gone, the scars remained.

Then I tried new product such as Sendayu Tinggi
It didn't work for my skin type
I also went to this famous skin specialist for a free facial trial
My skin went crazy again after the facial treatment

Early June 2010- redness and itchy

I knew that I have to see dermatologist again
but the question is...who?
Lucky me, I found out from a blogger...
(I try to remember her name or google her blog but
I can't find it. Whoever you are, Thank you!)

She told me to go to either Ting Skin Clinic or Chang Skin Clinic
I went for Chang because Ting is so famous.
I can't event get an appointment for a consultation

At first my skin rebelled against the medication (2nd week of June 2010)

The doctor asked me to take a blood test cause I have to take this
strong medication called ROaccutance
He also gave me face wash, cleanser milk, pimple cream,
whole face cream and moisturizer
The cost was not too bad except for the ROaccutance
that cost me 90 ringgit for 10 pills!

3rd week of June 2010 - slowly healed

A few days after that, I had this feeling to Google on the RO pill
To my horror,
I found out that the pills is quite strong and it give certain
effect to the patient on long term consumption
(Individual results may vary)

So I stopped immediately.

3 months after treatment : September 2010

After I stopped taking the pills, I've started taking supplement.
According to my doctor,
the reason why I still have acne at this age is not because of hormones anymore.

It is because of my liver and blood circulation
My scarred liver from the old disease fails to handle the increase work
in my body system.
It weakening some function such as blood filtration.
So, the high amount of toxin that are not filtered properly led to breakouts.

March 2011- Still got zits but my skin is much better compared to last year

So I have to do liver cleansing and blood purifying
Not by surgery or such, but by taking the right supplement and balance diet.

I'm trying my best now to eat more veggies and take detox supplement such as
milk thistle and neem extract (bitreen).
So far it's been good and showing positive result.
I still get pimples especially during the time of the month
but at least it's not that bad.

The scars won't go away,
I probably have to do laser when I have the money.

I still use the facial regime from Chang Skin Clinic
because it's suitable for my sensitive skin and affordable.

I recently bought sunblock from Clinique
and I'm so happy because finally I have found the perfect sunblock
that didn't burn my face and cause more pimples.

I will share more info about the supplement and detox tips.
This is definitely not for you who has baby butt egg shell skin,
But it's for whoever out there who share the same experience
just like mine :)

Cheer up and keep healthy!

Holly Brook (Skylar Grey) - Like Blood Like Honey

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LooPing Kwek said...

How long you take the RO before you stop? As i read your post, you take one weeks, there is a lot of improvement.. and you said, after a few days, you google and find it horrible.. haha.. cute..
Anyway, I'm having the same situation as you.. doctor just gave me the RO.. i wonder should i start..