Sunday, April 04, 2010

Beautiful Lie

Beauty is pain.
But what is more painful when people use beauty to lie.
to cheat and threaten potential customer
This is based on my experience today at
NY Skin Care,(NYSS).
I bet u've heard or read about their promotion thru newspaper,
tv programme and magazine.

I never fell for their promotion until last thursday
I came across their ad in the star newspaper
"Free 1st trial with free product kit"
So i said to myself ..what the hell
just give it a try la kan..

I called the number
and spoke with one of their consultant, Jay.
I told them my problem and asked
"is there any hidden charges? or it's merely free trial?
Do I have to buy your product after the free trial?"
and she responded
"There's no obligation, it's truly your choice..
just come here for a 3 hours session on Sunday and we can
customized a treatment package for you. but no worry,
there's no obligation"

so i agreed.
Today at 11.30am, I went to NYSS.
and i asked the consultant again about the 1st trial
is it really free, because i just want to try first
and see if it's suitable for my skin
and she said "yes, no obligation"
so she asked for my IC and registered my name
she also asked me to fill up form about my lifestyle habit
and previous dermatologist history and made me signed it...

then she scanned my skin to show my problem
and she said
"today's treatment actually cost rm350,
but for the 1st trial it's free...

but since you never been to any facial before,
i suggest you to do
exfoliating and this is separate package..
this is good to remove
dead cells...just add rm180"
So i said okaylah since the facial is free
so to add exfoliating stuff should be fine
I tried using the debit card machine at their counter
but the machine rejected both maybank & BSN card - 3 times
so I went to the ATM just across the outlet
The consultant accompanied me
Then I made the payment and went to the facial room

It's a 3 hours session of cleansing, masking, exfoliating,
she also did this painful process to remove blackheads
put vitamin E and lastly moisturizer...
The session ends around 2.00pm
and she asked me to go back to the scanning room
scanned my face again and showed the comparison-
the result
I must say it's kinda interesting under the scanning machine
Although red spots clearly visible due to the facial treatment
Then she started "customizing" my facial package
and the horror begins

by credit card - 20 session for 6months = RM7000
by cash - 20 sessions for 6 months =RM5950
signed up as a member today and
I'll get
the home product consist 7 items just for 700++

I was
this is way beyond my budget
so i said to the consultant,
I need to do my financial calculation first
and let you know by next week
whether i want to continue and signed up as a member
This is when she started sketching more "affordable package"
where I can pay by installment
but at the end of the day it's still costly

I keep telling her that i need to re-calculate
and get back to her later
she became even more pushy and asked me to buy
just 4 items of the product at only RM320
I told her again
" i don't even have RM50 right now"
and i can't afford to pay since you said before it's a free trial
I even paid RM180, and that's it.
after 15minutes of saying no,
she said okay and went to get her business card

To my surprise after 10minutes,
she came back with her supervisor!
and her supervisor asked me questions like
"do you have any problem with our consultant?"
"why don't you signed up today because all the customer who
went to the trial will signed up immediately"
she even made a subtle threat to me by saying:
"This is a big company and we usually don't do it this way...
customer usually sign up after free trial"

I am seriously pissed off and feel cheated
so I told the supervisor
"To be honest, I came here to treat my skin,
not just simply want to main-main. That's why i asked first
is there any rules or must i signed up any package .
If i know this will happened, I will not go for this trial session"
The supervisor then asked me
to make a "signed up registration"where i can place RM50
as a deposit just to make sure i'll sign up later...
I mean how desperate was that?
truly, this persuasive manner turn me off.

After 15 minutes, she came with another form
and asked me to sign it
I said i won't sign anything ,
because i am not going to sign up as a member
Then she said
"it's just to acknowledge that you have done
the free
trial session, don't worry about it"
But if they come back to me saying that I already signed up
because i signed the fucking form,
I will make a police report because
i was told differently by the consultant.
mane la tau kan...

I told the consultant that i will get back to her
by tomorrow.
and yes after calculation,
the package is just too ridiculous
I will call her tomorrow
and tell her that i can't afford to sign up.

The 1st reason :
It is too pricey and the package is ridiculous.

The 2nd reason:
The facial treatment is not suitable for my sensitive skin.
Now i have a few red spot around my neck.
(This usually occur when I'm allergic to the product)

The 3rd reason:
NYSS is too pushy and it shows that they just want
my money, not to make my skin better

The 4th reason:
The supervisor is threatening me with
"the big company statement". Their approach is scary.
Too persuasive, too pushy and clearly
the advertisement is very manipulative.
1st free trial means = sign up immediately
even though at first they keep saying "no obligation"

my point is...
I am not suggesting that the product is not good
Because obviously they have numerous testimonial
and a freaking TV Programme
The product must be really good
and probably works out for other customer
But unfortunately, it is not suitable for my skin
and I don't like their aggressive approach
keep persuading and threaten me even i said "No"
and the product is not suitable for my budget
untuk orang kaya-kaya atau bila aku kaya,
yes, maybe aku selamba je sign up kan...
but i don't have that much money
even i have money,
I won't spend that huge amount for a face treatment
I rather seek professional dermatologist advice
which is cheaper and safe

I browsed the internet and found this website
and some suggested it's actually a scam!
read this blog
They had experience just like mine
and I'm glad i am not the only one
I wish they stop publishing
manipulative promotional advertisement.
I believe more people is complaining at the consumer tribunal
about their scary manner and approach
I hope they will not make another threat
when i call them tomorrow.

This experience definitely scares me
It makes me lose faith to try any beautician after this
and remind myself "nothing comes free"
and always consult a doctor or qualified dermatologist.

oh by the way this is my face after "1st free trial"

I know, i know
it's a bloody mess.
That's why i put the picture at the end of this entry


Rubina Yunal said...

omg, pet aku pun kena sama last 2 years.. konon2 free tp last2 dia soh bli gak product berharga RM180. Dia quote utk pulihkan muka aku dlm RM7000 gak.

Mcm sial. Dah la sakit minah tu sental2 muka aku. Dia x tanya pun sait ke, comfortable ke apa ke. Sibuk soh amik product n amik package dia.

Hampeh. Sumpah taknak tertipu lagi. Free konon.. Ngueh.

pet said...

itula babe, aku menyesal gilebabi ni kluar duit utk sental muke bukan2 cani..adei bongok betul aku..heheheh
pasni haram la aku nak pegi2 trial lagi..ngee