Wednesday, March 31, 2010


We've been a very good friends since primary school
we went to secondary school together
we're in the same class
in the same group
she's the librarian prefects
i think that's explain her fondness towards blue color...

Though we're not in the same university
and hanging out like we used to be
but deep down i know that she's always in my heart
as one of my bestfriend
that i can talk to about anything
and yes, i'm talking about u fara :)

It's her big day
the first step to happiness
The day u're taken by a knight in shining armour
(ayat terlebih sudah)
It's her engagement day, people!

I say you look beautiful my dear friend
She's so calm and collected
but deep down u're probably nervous eh?
awal-awal pagi kitorang dah datang tengok dia make-up
atau pun sebenarnye sibuk camwhoring
the whole time sama inaz

and i keep saying this but babe,
u are the first person who made me wear pink
the color that i truly despise
but for a bestfriend like you...
bagi lah kaler apa pon wey
oren terang atau kuning raja pon aku boleh pakai...
not that i'm saying the color is hideous
it's just a matter of personal preferences
jangan yg lain-lain nak pekena aku nooo...

the ceremony went well
pihak lelaki punctual gile
Pukul 11 dah berderet-deret kereta datang
siap bagi additional "bonus" kat fara
by 12pm everything dah settle

and the food...
oh dear
it's realllllyyyy nice
minang punye masakan
ayam, ikan, daging sume ada
siap ada ice-cream and moist chocolate cake
gambar seterusnya akan menunjukkan
kesan pemakanan yang terlampau...
terserlah terutamanya di bahagian perut

Then we had an outdoor photography session
Fara made a decision to shoot at my house
shananeh did a good job capturing the moment
berpanas berpeluh-peluh ketiak pon takpa
asalkan gambar terbaikk...

so my dear friend
You will have a great life ahead of you
I wish you all the happiness and joy
in love and life with your partner, mr taufiq
jeng jeng jeng

sorry people
selagi tuan punye tunang tak letak gambar
selagi itu "biar lah rahsia"

Happy engagement Fara & Taufik :)

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1 comment:

.:fara:. said...

oh dear,
u make me wanna cry.
tho we're not as close as we use to be, the bond is still there.
i know that i can still count on my friends which i consider more to family - the crazy nuts.

u definitely make my day. and shooting kt umah ko mmg peluh the outcome is priceless..

who izit going to be next? you or inaz..?

anyway, god bless u, and us..for having this friendship so strong..

lebiu my fren..