Friday, April 29, 2011

Let's Get It On

My surfacing and I have this mutual habit
When we have anything to celebrate
We always do it by eating.
If it's my good news, I will treat him and vice versa

We will go to any fine restaurant
Go for nice western food because our mothers cook so well
There's no point of eating malay food outside when we get the best at home

So recently surfacing receive outstanding for his KPI again
He decided to celebrate it at Tony Roma's
I'm overjoyed because it's free food for me...

So we took a day off and went to Roma's around 11am
and had this wonderful fulfilling lunch

Appertizer - Roma's sampler
Look at the platter...
buffalo wings, keish, half onion load with salsa,
sour cream and Bleu cheeseee dressing...

The Roma's signature sauces
Original, Carolina Honeys, Blue Ridge Smokies and Red Hots
aku campur je semua sauce ni bagi umphhhh

My main course - Bountiful Beef Ribs (Roma Rack)
loaded with mashed potatoes and fresh veggies
Nampak macam kecik but seriously fulfilling
I'm having a hard time to finish off the mashed potatoes

Surfacing's main course - Filet Medallions & Beef Short Ribs
Served with potato jacket and baked beans
To be honest, I hate baked beans and will never eat it.
But Tony Roma's baked beans an exception cause it taste like chillis.
Sedap pulak.
(Shana, I don't think you will like it though..hahaha)

For drinks we just order 1 juice sebab bottomless kan
hamik kau 6x refill air...ngee

We also watched "Love & Other drugs"
Actually we wanted to watch Limitless but the review kinda sucks

Surfacing :
You know, we never watch this kind of movie together

Are u serious? Let me think when was the last time...
What about the curious case of benjamin button? That's a love story for me...

No, it's different genre. This is drama.

What about our first movie date? A knight's tale?

Not that too. Let's watch this and see what i mean.

After 2 hours

I think it's best if we just download this kind of movie lah.

Censorship murdered this film.
What a shame.
So go watch on DVD.

I guess we both agree that "Thor" in 3d at Maxx
is much more exciting and worth it.
Explaining why I already bought the ticket last monday via e-payment
so that we get the ultimate middle seat this Saturday.

Whatever it is, Thank you my dear surfacing for the treat.
I really had a great time with you.
Congrats again my dear :)
Whole lotta love.

Heath Ledger - Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You (10 things I hate about you)

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